Make Nouns Glasses Visible from Space + Part of the Permanent Record (Google Earth & Maps)

After feedback and assistance from Nounders/Nouners like @vapeape, @noun22, @Noun12, I’m working with @brennen.eth and the Events Committee to put a dedicated Nouns events space on the map — literally — making Nouns glasses visible from Earth orbit and adding them to the permanent record. An earlier concept has been trimmed to reflect its biggest Nouns benefit for a reduced ask.

Make Nouns Glasses Visible from Space & Add Them to Google Earth/Maps

This proposal seeks an endorsement from the Events Committee and the support of DAO members for 140 ETH to:

  1. Fund installation of Nouns glasses VISIBLE FROM EARTH ORBIT
  2. Serve as retainer for a dedicated Nouns IRL event venue
  3. Establish Nouns DAO as a champion of a charity event that will utilize the space


  1. Add Nouns glasses to the permanent record on Google Earth, Google Maps, etc.
  2. Stake a claim to two venues for Nouner events in the US Midwest
  3. Reinforce the Nouns ethos by supporting a well-established community-oriented charity event series; raise awareness of the Nouns brand; recruit new individual and/or corporate Nouners

The DAO is sending a Noun to visit the ISS but this proposal will install a pair of Nouns glasses large enough that they’ll be visible FROM space and they’ll remain long enough to be recorded in the next satellite maps update in Google Earth/Maps, etc. Nouns glasses will become part of the permanent record, visible even to normies that don’t frequent NFT social media. The immediate area surrounding the proposed venue has undergone major municipal and private development within the past 12 months and is due for a satellite map update.

Nouns funding of this proposal will serve a threefold purpose, the biggest and most visible being the massive Nouns glasses installed less than 300 yards from the largest stadium in the US (third largest in the world) so they’ll be obvious not only to online navigators but to in-person visitors and to media providing ground & aerial coverage of nearby sporting events. The glasses will be included as part of a synthetic turf upgrade at the site and will align with a North-oriented map display.

Here’s what Nouns glasses would look like on Google Earth…

…bigger even than neighboring buildings.

The same Nouns grant will serve as a two-year retainer for potential IRL events in the US Midwest with easy access to an international airport and city infrastructure accustomed to large gatherings. On dates not previously reserved for charity events, Nouns DAO will have access to the entire 10,000 square foot site PLUS a premium residential venue in the vicinity so that Nouners can visit the site during national sporting events occurring nearby.

Third, Nouns glasses emblazoned at the site will clearly identify the philanthropic support of Nouns DAO as an advocate for community-oriented events in public spaces. Nouns would join two national beverage brands (#2 in hard seltzers and #1 the FMB sector) and a potential cannabis industry sponsor in backing a cancer support community charity beer garden, the largest of it’s kind.

@maty I apologize for not addressing your question on the original proposal some time ago. I spent the last few weeks in conversation with several potential sponsors. One possible backer, a current DAO member, was unfortunately prohibited by internal policy from working with cancer charities :man_shrugging: but two other beverage brands jumped at the opportunity to take their place. I won’t name them publicly but they occupy leading positions in their beverage sectors and fall under the same parent brand portfolio, one that did over $2B in sales last year. There’s also some enthusiasm from the cannabis industry in marketing and educating patrons so close to a prominent venue. Luckily, there’s a solid link for therapeutic/medical benefits in cancer support. In all, there are some powerful brands lining up to be a part of this space and I’m pitching all of them on Nouns ownership.

Let me know if you’d like to hear more background.

Love the proposal (I am not a noun holder, but love the proliferation).
I would be curious to know how much would it cost to put the NOUN glasses on the field? or on the parking lot?

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Thanks for your enthusiasm, @Clubnotaro.eth!

The ask is for 140 ETH, the year-to-date average cost of two Nouns…but less than the average over the past few days. Funds would achieve far more than simply branding the field with giant Nouns glasses. It would cover the installation of synthetic turf to make the site eminently more usable for potential Nouns events (and the charity beer garden) and because it’s not on natural grass it would be permanent enough to remain until the next satellite maps update. The grant would also give Nouns access to two premium venues and tag the space as supported by the leading DAO.

Artificial turf installation including a panel base necessary to support large vehicles — food trucks, busses, multi-tap bar trailers, cars on game days — has been quoted at $180K. As much as I’d like to put the Nouns glasses on the parking lot, it’s not private property.