Let's research HashConfucius and Karl's data falsification and financial deceit

HashConfucius and Karl consistently present themselves as reputable individuals, often citing endorsements from friends.

However, they systematically avoid addressing the actual issue at hand—their involvement in financial fraud and data fabrication.

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This is the survey report

Proposal 211 indicates completion. In the NounsCN Grant application for a budget of $5,500, materials for only two grants were found on Twitter and Weibo.

The data presented shows that the first event allocated 3000 CNY to creators, and the second event allocated 2900 CNY to creators, amounting to a total expenditure of approximately $800.

However, the total NounsCN Grant application was for $5,500, with only 16% of the total budget allocated to creators in China.

The 4-5k community that NounCN pledged to establish consists of fake users (merely traffic-seeking speculators, behind whose metrics lie meaningless numbers without real souls or people). It lacks any engaging vibe and merely leverages the high prices associated with NounsCN to foster speculative expectations. This attracts speculative parties interested in hype and speculation, resulting in the formation of a ‘degen airdrop hunter’ community around Nouns.

This is the community members’ evaluation of HashConfucius, the operator of the Nouns Chinese community.

This is the English translation

The project owner seems arrogant and dismissive, playing a double game. They promised to add us to a VIP group, but it turns out entry is selective and insiders get priority, leaving others to chance. They talk about rights and benefits, but then they close the doors, denying access. Fortunately, they’re not committed to managing it well, otherwise it would be infuriating. This lack of effort actually gives me some relief

This screenshot captures a casual snapshot of the chat history from the last three days. In fact, if one were to examine records from a more extended period, a broader spectrum of criticism from users would be evident—accusations of hypocrisy, absence of management, and betraying users’ expectations.

Regarding their financial fraud, there is still plenty of evidence available. Thanks to their unreserved display of fraudulent activities, ample evidence can be gathered from the Chinese community.

The magnitude of their financial fraud in these locations is substantial enough to warrant criminal charges and imprisonment.

Whether pursuing legal action against HashConfucius in Hong Kong or suing Karl in Singapore, the legal costs are lower compared to those in the United States.

The executors of Proposal 489 and Proposal 211 are both Karl and HashConfucius. There is ample evidence of their financial fraud risks, which could poison the public spirit of NounsDAO.

Request for Nounders @4156 @devcarrot @seneca to Exercise Veto Power Against Proposal 489

The purpose of the $200,000 allocation for Proposal 211 is to energize the extensive Chinese-speaking community. Proposal 211 was slated for delivery in July 2023.

However, it’s certain that Nounders have not heard about any issues related to Proposal 211’s failure to energize the community over the past year.Nounders would only see the various positive developments disclosed on English-language Twitter.

But for Chinese speakers, they would notice that the operation of NounsCN on Chinese social media is nonexistent, and the activation of the Chinese-speaking community is virtually zero (or even has a negative reputation).

We understand a fundamental principle of community management: if you’re operating a local community, you should communicate in the local language.

For instance, Japanese communities communicate almost entirely in Japanese, speaking directly to Japanese people. However, the Nouns China community has been exclusively using English for the past three months, with no Chinese. They are not addressing Chinese people but performing for English-speaking Nouners.

The significant failure of Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter) has led to silence; even on Twitter, there’s no communication in Chinese, only a performance for Nouners.

Perhaps every nouner is astonished by the achievements they see on NounsCN’s Twitter. But why not delve deeper and question why they can understand the social media of a local community and why the nouns chinese community don’t post in Chinese?

Because this is a performance aimed at the investors.

HashConfucius and Karl wrote a lengthy letter, available at this link. Essentially, they are reverting to their usual tactics concerning their financial fraud issues.

They obscure the actual situation, focus on recent highlights, and offer what appears to be a sincere but essentially uninformative clarification.

HashConfucius and Karl claim that 20% of the funds were allocated for open competition (similar to a prop house) while the remainder was used for personal sponsorship of the animator Yubo. However, Yubo was first mentioned by Nounscn on December 28, 2023, four months after the conclusion of Proposal 211 and during the intensive usage of the Grant in May and June 2023.

A significant time had elapsed since the announcement of the conclusion of Proposal 211, and in November, a new Proposal 408 was submitted, requesting additional funds. Up until the posting of this message, they continue to use new things to deflect attention from the old financial fraud issues.

HashConfucius and Karl have been deliberately ambiguous in their budget allocation strategy. For instance, Proposal 211 pertains to video production and involves Content & Media Production, NounsCN Grant, and Team Remuneration.

Their approach is to maintain sincerity in attitude while being vague about the facts.

Financial fraud, Concealing data, Deceiving nounsdao trust. This allows them to apply for larger-scale funding (Proposal 408,430).

The most crucial point, however, is that all nouners should recognize Proposal 211 as a complete failure in activating the Chinese market.

Skilled at packaging oneself, sincere towards key players; insincere towards users, never concerned with what the users truly want.

If HashConfucius and Karl wish to continue engaging in public endeavors, the first step should be to write a letter addressing the activation of the Chinese market – why it failed, the challenges encountered, and to share their experiences and reflections with the community.

This is preferable to writing a letter that shirks responsibility, conceals past issues, and proceeds to initiate proposals for nounsdao.