Is Nouns Dao ready for Mr Beast?

This is the question everyone should be asking themselves when the Mr Beast prop goes live. Simply because:

  1. $250 000 is A LOT of money for any person or group of individuals to receive for a competition as such.

  2. Is giving 340 Eth to charity really the best way for the treasury to be spent?

  3. If you look at this Discourse subjectively there are more than 30 projects that need support, and 500 Eth could be used here.

  4. The individuals that have put time and effort into these props have not been remunerated and are supporting the Nouns project right now, more than someone that has a chance to win $250 000 and never heard of Nouns before.

  5. There are numerous proposals that don’t get any feedback and are ignored by core members.

  6. Nouns being featured on Mr Beast will only bring more people to this table and currently, this platform is struggling to manage itself.

  7. 1000 Eth to Zora, another questionable amount that could go towards numerous projects already in proposal mode in Discourse. The world doesn’t need more Dao’s the world needs Nouns Dao to fund Discourse supporters that are interested in proliferating Nouns across the world.

  8. With Zora executed & Mr Beast in the pipeline, what is everyone really doing here, is it a race to blow Nouns up faster than it can keep up with itself?

  9. Think about that question again…

  10. Support the proposals that are already in the system, and nurture these ideas and the people in it for the long haul. Don’t they deserve it?

  11. And remember, Nouns DAO could just tweet @MrBeast with an idea, and everyone in Web3 & Web2 would be behind it for FREE instead of giving $250 000 away for the fun of it…


The perspective here is one that I wish more people had. DAOs don’t do well when they go after these huge marketing bumps, paying influencers who don’t need the money instead of focusing on the tons of worthy builders who haven’t had their shot yet.

And remember, Nouns DAO could just tweet @MrBeast with an idea, and everyone in Web3 & Web2 would be behind it for FREE instead of giving $250 000 away for the fun of it…

This is the most salient point for me. Like, we can have different opinions about Mr. Beast personally, but the numbers here don’t lie… why spend a quarter mil when web3 is known for doing stuff like this for free?

I’m with ya, @RGB-NOUN even if no one else is. Great opinion.

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I mean… people go head over heals for nouns proposal its kinda more like just promotion, but in different places.
P.S. Kinda agree with the 6th point. New people find it very difficult to navigate through various discord and twitter accounts. Like one specific thing for every topic and its discord. Imagine you ask a question and someone drops the link and say join that server and ask there. People struggling anyway to get a nouner to sponsor their proposal whereas people who have already been funded before get a chance and visibility again to do it time and again. Entry for new people is becoming difficult week by week.

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Let’s change this. It’s a fundamental problem in DAOs. I’ll start.

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