Data: Fear and Greed Index

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The following topic follows the “Fear and Greed” index play out over the span of, almost, 4 months hence the launch of Nouns (08.08.21) on both crypto (BTC and ETH) and Nouns’ monetary value. The following data was gathered to get a better understanding of Nouns’ price in comparison to other assets and if those assets (and the greed index) had any impact of how Nouns’ auctions are closing out ~ this is purely informative.

You can find the database altogether here ~ I would try and update this bi-weekly/monthly. All the data in the database is public information and you will find a detailed description of each source below:

  1. ~ Date, Noun #, Price in ETH, Unique wallet addresses participating in each auction
  2. ~ ETH/USD historical data
  3. ~ Ethereum Fear and Greed Index
  4. ~ Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index

Key Charts

1. BTC Fear/ETH Fear: While Fear and Greed is not an accurate metric, it provides us with some key information on what the general consensus of the market is. Despite being inaccurate, it is interesting to see that while ETH used to almost be a complete replicate of BTC, now there are multiple points over this timeframe that ETH has gone rogue. Flippening perhaps?

2. Nouns Priced in USD: It is very interesting to see that each batch of Nouns (x1-x9) is affected by different factors. While Post+100 Nouns have sold for less in comparison to Pre-100, we need to appreciate the fact that there are multiple factors effecting the price which makes the distribution a fair one. While this method has not been adapted by many, it still showcases the multi-factor sides of Nouns in an open market. Certain Nouns’ token ID, memes, ETH price, aesthetics, timing in different parts of the world, etc. have all had effects on how each auction has played out.

3. Unique Wallets Bidding/ETH Fear and Unique Wallets Bidding/ETH Price: These charts don’t necessarily provide us with any vital information, but it’s important to note that we’ve had a steady average rise of bidders and participants in the auctions over Nouns 60 to 105ish which is also very well apparent in the ETH fear chart, but as fear has outgrown greed post Noun 105 ~ the amount of average bidders have gotten affected.
The bidders have gone up and down because of different factors. Overall increase of ETH price, the fear factor, Nouns POAPs’ and the fact that NFTs are in a cold state at the moment could’ve have caused these up and down movements.

4. Average Data: Not a chart, but the average data of some key metrics since the launch of Nouns.

Feel free to make a copy of the Excel file, dig into the metrics and play around with your favorite pairs of data. If you feel like I missed something ~ don’t hesitate to mention it and I’ll try to update the file to the best of my abilities.

Have a Nounish rest of your day! o7


the flippening is programmed