Nouns DAO Arb Game

Hello everyone, my name is Beetle and I am a research analyst at The Block.

Based off the Verbs’ article on the arbitrage game (The Nouns Arb Game — verbs), I created a Dune dashboard ( which helps to show how specific DAO parameter changes can affect arbitrage in Nouns DAO auctions and help get the DAO to a place that attracts long term members.

Here is a list of the data I am tracking:

  1. Treasury Value
  2. Circulating Supply
  3. Book Value
  4. Auction Price
  5. RFV %
  6. Daily Average Spend

Then, with that data, I am compiling the following data points to track how an arbitrageur may think about this trade:

  1. Expected Treasury Value @ Time of Fork
  2. Expected Book Value @ Time of Fork
  3. Expected Nouns Supply @ Time of Fork

I have attached images of what the current dashboard looks like. Would love to get some suggestions on other things to include. Have a good one!

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