AR Nouns filters

Lets bring the Nouns the possibility to run conference calls on discord while staying anonymous and keeping the nounish vibe ON!

Our aim is to provide the community with some AR Nouns Head camera filters, both desktop and mobile, using the Snapchat Camera.

My initial thought is to select some Nouns heads to make around 50 AR filters . The Heads will be selected based on their ability to cover the face of the subject, and if they have a “mouth” and can show some expressive traits. The app will do head tracking, eye tracking, and mouth tracking. I would also love to be able to change the combination of glasses colors and heads.

Early POC

Additionally, we could provide the glasses models in all colors (21 colors), and make them similar to this tweet.

Project Extension
As a secondary phase, we could create full bodies in AR, similar to some of the works by RTFKT. or this Snapchat example.
full body suit applicable to the 3D nouns
Full body AR suit.

This could be a great way to propagate the nouns on social media or use them in video conference calls on discord. I would offer those filters for free on the snapchat platform. Just like the glasses I made: NounsGlasses by Coral Orca


Snapchat glasses

You would only need to download Snap Camera on your desktop or on your mobile, and then load and enable the filters with Zoom, Discord, Twitch etc. Its fairly easy and you can already test this today with the glasses example above.

Project Scope for V1

  • 50 Nouns heads (more later if we can identify more heads that can be used for this purpose)
  • 21 Glasses

Who is building this?

I will create a POC in the coming week and see how I can scale the process to reach 50 heads.

N/A but probably Lump Sum + Sablier stream.


Looking forward to hear your thoughts. Very open to changes right now. I think it would be a really fun project!


I absolutley adore this idea, we actually made something very similar and it is hilarious especially when you add animation to the eyes that cna track the camera. I cant vote but i vote yes please. =)

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I love this idea as well!

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this is a MUST. vtuber functionality is essential in the metaverse.

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I would like to resurface this in a simpler and smaller form.

Since the nouns memefication with the glasses is all the rage right now on Twitter, I was thinking of providing snapchat filters with all the different nouns glasses colors available (21 colors), similar to the test shown below.

I see two possible applications: Could be fun to hold conference calls while staying anon and be able to drink from your cup and not breaking the face recognition algo!
see tweet

It also does face recognition on videos/gifs which would make it a quick and easy way to propagate more nouns gifs! Could be huge! Using splitcam, you can apply the filter to any videos/gifs on your desktop (see tutorial here)
another tweet to show this

All you need is snapchat on your phone, or snap camera on your desktop, and then look for “coral orca” in filter search if you want to test it.

I was thinking something between 2 to 3 ETH for compensation. The eyes needs to be refined using advanced eye tracking; we need to allow people to use all the nouns glasses colors and potentially pick new colors to match their outfit; implement environment lighting recognition so that it matches as much as possible with the current scene; and resizing the glasses for optimal fit.

The schedule for this can be 1 week for a rough one, and then a few more iterations over the next month to increase the quality and tracking precision.

This can be a test for the more ambitious project described above will all the nouns head as snapchat filters. We can see if the glasses work, then as a second larger step down the line we could do the nouns heads if there is interest and we see applications.

Let me now if any of you nouners is willing to push it on chain, or fund this using the small grants.

Excited about this! I hope you guys are too! (edited for typos)

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When you start the filter, I wonder if it could generate a random noun with the desirable specs (maybe modify the nouns head generator).

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awesome! I have to check with Small Grants, but as a member I’d be fully supportive of funding this at that cost. we are just waiting for the refill from the proposal this week


These are super fun. If you can randomise the nouns heads it would be epic. We made a nounish version of one of my characters and I have to say that i cant stop playing with it!! the eye tracking definitely adds a lot and I think people would totally love Noun masks If you need a hand we may have some bandwidth to assist.


Looks awesome! although the amount requested seems a bit too much to me if its just for the glasses (not heads as well).

Maybe you could update the 3d model so the temples of the glasses curve around the head just like in normal glasses instead of sticking out?

Will these be also available on Instagram?

sorry Svet, im not sure I understand what you mean, and I am a bit intrigued, could you please rephrase? Apologies, I am not a native english speaker. Do you mean specs as in glasses? Thank you : D

Specs as in specifications ie type of head, glasses, etc

What if you generate a new noun each time you apply the filter to the user’s face. Maybe you can use this Nouns DAO but extract only actual heads.

No worries, I’m not a native myself. Also, if you want to collaborate, I’m a developer working on a project to explore the chain.

(sorry for the deleted post below, I just needed to do a bit more research, and test things out)
@svet just dm me on discord and happy to chat some more! Yeah I understood after what you meant. I think it would be possible to have a random filter head show up, and the only attribute would be head and glasses. Im exploring Snapchat filter in depth to see what you can do (a lot of things!)

For the glasses shape themselves, I think the best is to have the temple on the side, without trying to tuck them behind the ears. For few reasons :
A/ because the proportions don’t really match a human head, and we end up having to scale the glasses to a very big size and it doesn’t look good imo.
B/ AR is getting better at “occlusion”, meaning understand what is in front of an AR object and what is behind, and hiding parts of the model accordingly. But with a human face, and ears and taking into consideration hair for example, its just too complicated and occlusion doesnt really work (I have tried yesterday).

Looking at all the gifs made by Goldy and the community, its becoming clear that we want to have the temple visible, and not hidden behind the ear. Now one thing I might try and do is to test folding 90deg like real glasses, but its something we have to test to see if it looks good.

here are some very raw tests with the side temples


Absolutely love the flips based on the head positon.

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Ok frens,
Made an updated version NounsDAO Noggles by Coral Orca here. What do you think?
It now samples the color of the skin to color the eyelids accordingly, and adds several colors to the frames, you can just tap the screen to cycle through them.
I dont have the special models yet (red eyes, rgb, multi colors) but soon. currently working on the eyes moving laterally (either on the right or left of the frame, I dont think they should be in the middle, it looks reptilian hahaha).
Will work on the lighting / ambient occlusion after that.
Will add a tutorial somewhere online to explain how to use it in discord/zoom/hang out calls on desktop.
Comments welcome!

Also to reply to Svet idea, I think we can not possibly load all nouns head within one filter as it would be too heavy, it usually has a maximum size of a few MBs. I think for the nouns heads, we will have to have 1 filter per head and have the ability to change the glasses similar to the current POC.

OK I updated the glasses, you can have a look here NounsDAO Noggles by Coral Orca. Will iimprove on the environment lighting and add the remaining glasses.

And I also created a beer head AR filter here NounsDAO Beer Noun by Coral Orca

Have fun and let me know what you think

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