All-women League of Legends team ⌐◨-◨

All-women League of Legends team ⌐◨-◨


Build an all-women League of Legends team and fund its participation in the qualifiers of the IGNIS Cup, the first official championship of the category in Brazil ⌐◨-◨


On September 20, 2022, Riot Games announced the Ignis Cup, Brazil’s first professional women’s League of Legends (LoL) circuit. Santander ( and Heineken ( are partners, and in-person finals were announced. The championship continues the LoL Game Changers project, which included initiatives for women looking to play professional tournaments, and act as casters or MOBA analysts. The action will take place between October 13 and November 12, and will have its grand finale played at Riot Games studios in Brazil.


League of Legends is the most popular esports in Brazil, with thousands of fans who follow the teams on major streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Unfortunately, the current esports landscape offers notably few opportunities for women. In collaboration with NounsBR, Nouns Esports Pod recently funded a women’s Valorant team in Brazil to participate in national competitions. Now our brand could be at the forefront of women’s teams, first with Valorant and now with LoL.


Project managers have chosen two coaches with vast experience with LoL and women’s training to promote a trial with 14 players and select the best among them to build a team. The team formed will be supported during the Goddess qualifiers of the Ignis Cup. Goddess Cups one and two, operated by Gamers Club, will occur from the 13th-16th and the 20th-23rd of October, respectively. The action will be streamed through Gamers Club channels on Twitch. The average number of concurrent views in male LoL disputes is 40.000, with finals around 200.000 views.

Team / Players

Coach - POSITIONAL COACH - focused on providing the help needed for the tryout. - HEAD COACH - Experience as Head Coach at Botafogo esports, FinalBoss esports, and Gamercraft. He has worked with many of the girls who today play at a high competitive level.


A total of 14 high-level women players were contacted. They will undergo a tryout led by coaches to select five players to form the team. As the players are chosen, information will be updated on discourse.

TOPLANER - Great competitive potential. - Three-time goddess cup champion (main female category championship that gave rise to Ignis Cup) - Great bet on the competitive female scene and disputed by other great teams. - Toplaner, with impeccable lane performance, could be an asset against the strongest teams.

JUNGLER - Playing since season 4, she is a challenger and remains at the highest link of the competition in every patch. - Player well known on in-house platforms for presenting a lot of prominence in a short time. - New player with a lot of potential.

SUPPORT - Streamer partner at Twitch TV with a large audience that follows her. Great competitive potential. - Good player, has a large fan base and worked for great teams such as Flamengo esports, LOUD, RedCanids, and Pain gaming, revealed by Ultimate legends training. - Relatively new to the scene but shows a lot of potential.

ADCARRY - Great in-house performance. - A great promise, known for her competitive performance. - Streamer partner of Fanatic, passages on great teams.

MIDLANER - Finalist of the Goddess Cup, vast experience in competitions made by in-house platforms, top one among the girls of the Brazilian scene, with passages on several teams.


8.15 ETH, to be sent to: 0xfffC9F45f22256580014c72a883671e61Ec0C08b

If the proposal gets funded and the team reaches the finals, NounsBR will give 2ETH to cover further expenses on bootcamp and travel to Riot Games studios.

Budget breakdown

  • Bootcamp on INTZ esport for 7 people and 20 days - 3.9 ETH (5200 USD)
  • Payment of two coaches and five players - 2.25 ETH (3000 USD).

Around 430 USD per person.

  • Project management and media - 1ETH
  • Audiovisual content and uniforms - 1ETH

Total: 8.15 ETH


Ramon ⌐◨-◨#6247 - leader and project executor (Member of NounsBR, Gnars and Lil Nouns)

Royale#0003 - leader and project executor (Member of NounsBR, content creator of WildRift by INTZ/ ex supercell partner by brawl stars/ Youtube creator partner over 500mil subscribers/ NFT influencer and builder.

Kome#9649 - advisor and prop writer (NounsBR founder, Member of Lil Nouns, Gnars and Goop Troop)

thebeautyandthepunk#8285 - advisor and supporter (NounsBR founder, Member of Nouns, Lil Nouns, Gnars and Goop Troop)


Should get in contact with nouns esports about this. There are some issues with Riot and Nouns that have not been resolved yet


I came to say this very thing. They are already specialized in this and can much better gauge the market value of such a sponsorship. @maty is involved I believe. He is a super helpful person.

yep, I am in the pod actually. and we were talking about this very issue and that’s why we’re not pursuing this prop.
looking forward to other esports props with NFT-friendly communities (looking at you, Riot).

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me too, actually. the team thought it was a big ask again from us from the pod. would ask for the second round of funding (that could otherwise come from NounsBR) from the pod, and see how they’d feel about funding that part. in any case… looking forward to other opportunities where we (web3/NFTs) are welcomed :purple_heart:

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Definitely trust your insights on this.

Is this being supported by nounsesports? and don’t you think the time is too short to test 14 players for a championship that happens in 11 days? Me and P12 are running a prop of valorant in brazil and we had 1 month of training and we think it was too rushed, maybe this training time would not be ideal.