Verbs Brainstorm: Governance suggestions for the near-term

Hi :wave:
We’ve collected some near-term ideas for governance improvements in a GDoc. We’re hoping to get your feedback and learn:

  • Which ideas do you think should be built first?
  • Which ideas you disagree with?

We’re hoping to compile everyone’s feedback into a new proposal in coming weeks.

Feel free to DM me if you’d like to hop on a voice chat


Amending proposals seems very needed & probably has a strong majority of support. I think the conditions for an amendment in the doc seem reasonable & well thought out

  • Amending proposals would be a win
  • Ability to delegate a vote to someone else for only one specific proposal would also be useful. In a future world where there are many live proposals, delegating your vote (to help initiate a new proposal) will mean you cannot vote on others in the meantime. That will increase friction to proposal velocity.