Small grants : Nouns integration to KeyMaker Project

What is the project

This project aims to integrate Nouns DAO into the KeyMaker project, main benefit would be to provide Telegram notifications on new proposals to Nouns DAO members. Those notifications includes :

  • Vote end date
  • One-click Google calendar reminder setup link (by default 2 hours before vote end)
  • Links to complete proposals and vote interface (Nouns interface and Boardroom)
  • A summary of the proposal

Here is an example of notification for a Stargate proposal :

In order to have more informations about the KeyMaker project, feel free to take a look here : CharmVerse - the all-in-one web3 space

** How it will proliferate Nouns**

DAO participation is a major challenge to ensure DAO efficiency and decentralization, increasing the DAO governance experience by allowing members to have notifications when a new vote is beginning along with a summary of the proposal will help every non professional members to vote more regularly.

Improving vote participation will help Nouns DAO to have better decisions made.

** Requested Grant**

It’s hard to put an amount on a grant so i suggest a scale, amoun will be decided by the DAO between 1 and 5 ETH. I suggest a payment after first notification.

This amount represent the integration as well as the maintenance of the tool sending notifications

Nouns DAO has been integrated in the KeyMaker project !

For more informations on how to get telegram notifications, please have a look here :

Additional feature has also been added with daily recap of proposal each day at 5:30 pm (GMT) with new proposals (last 24h) and proposals that are about to end (next 24h). Follow @GuillemontJ to get those alerts.

I remain available if you think it could be useful to integrate other DAO linked to Nouns.