Replace weed noun with a new trait


I propose to replace weed trait with a new fun trait. Since NounsDAO expands into multiple directions and mediums. In the future, there might be situations were minors will be pulled to website via nouns’ funded or inspired items such as toy, cartoon, wet wipes, or coloring book and questing parents about noun traits. It might be better to avoid situations were parents have ti explain children a weed noun trait.


I propose to start initiative process to replace weed noun trait in the nounsdao descriptor contract. The reason is to avoid creating uncomfortable situations where parents have to explain a child a weed noun trait.

I identify following three steps required to accomplish this this goal as a DAO.

  • Get vote from nouners whether they support to replace the weed trait.
  • Commission a new noun trait either via a round on or find an artist (maybe a nounder)
  • Reach out to weed noun holders and get their consensus
  • In the case, some weed noun holders are unreachable or unwilling to change then we might try to allocate some ETH to buy weed nouns from the holders and later sending nouns with new traits to acquisition fund.

Statistics on Weed Nouns

There are total 6 weed nouns minted. The auction and second sales data listed bellow.

Noun Auction Price Secondary sale
noun 94 Ξ 104.20
noun 220 N/A
noun 354 Ξ 92.00 25.25
noun 422 Ξ 63.30
noun 583 Ξ 33.33
noun 655 Ξ 26.54

What’s next?

In order to proceed further, we might need following:

  1. Volunteers who would reach out to weed noun holders

  2. Scouters who would lead on deciding the best way to commission a new trait

  3. Multi sig signers who would be responsible to negotiate and send compensation to weed - noun holders or an artist

What do you think? please leave comment bellow