"PROPOSAL IDEA" NOUNISH hardware device

Descriptive Title:
NFT Phone Unlocker: Empowering Users with Exclusive NFT Avatars and Phone Carrier Unlocking Services

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Our unique DAO-themed device offers phone carrier unlocking services exclusively for specific company phone models. The pocket-sized hardware features USB 3.0 and Type-C connectors, while each phone service provider (T-Mobile, Verizon, ATT, etc.) presents its collection of NFT avatars representing their unique brand. Minted NFTs will have phone model information and randomized trait values, with higher market-rated devices having more valuable NFTs.

Issue/Context (Optional but helpful):
As the mobile phone market continues to diversify with carrier-specific models, users face challenges in switching between phone carriers due to locked devices. Additionally, the growing popularity of NFTs offers an opportunity to create unique and collectible avatars that resonate with users.

Requesting 42 ETH (across 7 months with 19.2% return if all units get purchased).
-Fund the development and production of 420 Artsinal Avatar Noun Dao figure Micro Device

40 units of supply to the DAO + 100% profit/ mint Revenue to the DAO
40 units will be used for gifting, prize raffles , Mini games etc… for marketing purposes
420 units available to mint/ purchase for 0.035ETH
Build website e commerce for selling front end and back end with custom NFT + the smart contracts-Will include all opersource files and development of the nounish projects
Cost for building hardware, designing prototype enclousers, packaging design, firmware dev and liasing with manufacturers to source production deals with suppliers.
-Marketing via YOUTUBE CHANNEL
Audience 99% hardware enthusiasts for mobile phones and creative software engineering (direct marketing/ distribution)
-Show hardware enthusiasts and DIY electronics phone builders that they can deploy and build with Nouns, embody the brands identity and manifest there own artistic creations with Nouns!
Bring new utilities of Nouns and NFT avatars to devices and hardwares developers while implementing firmware flashing and unlocking through a bootable device Symbolizing your own unique Noun avatar Dao asset.
Proposal (The Ask):
Our proposal seeks funding to develop and manufacture the Nounish Phone Unlocker, a compact device equipped with USB 3.0 and Type-C connectors. The device will be programmed to unlock carrier-locked phones of specific company models, providing users with the freedom to switch carriers seamlessly. Simultaneously, we will collaborate with phone service providers to create exclusive NFT avatar collections branded with their logos and other unique traits. Each minted NFT will contain information on the phone model it corresponds to and will possess randomized trait values, making them collectible and exciting for users. The value of these NFTs will be influenced by the market rating of the respective phone devices, adding a gamified element to the experience. Asking price will be $40


North Star Check:
Our proposal aligns with the DAO’s vision of promoting innovative and user-centric products. By combining phone carrier unlocking services with NFT avatars, we aim to revolutionize the way users interact with their devices and phone service providers.


Funding Usage: The funding will be allocated towards the research, development, and manufacturing of the NFT Phone Unlocker device, as well as the creation of NFT avatar collections in collaboration with phone service providers.
Timeline: The project is estimated to be completed within [5-7 months].
Success Metrics: The success of the proposal will be measured by the number of NFT Phone Unlocker devices sold, user satisfaction with the unlocking service, and the popularity and trading value of the minted NFT avatars.
Willingness for Updates and Interaction:
We are fully committed to providing regular updates on the project’s progress and engaging with DAO members to answer questions and gather feedback.

Treasury Impact:

Total Requested: [42ETH]


No conflicts of interest or relevant disclosures exist in connection with this proposal.

Prior Funding and Outcomes:

This is the initial funding proposal for our NFT Noun DAO Phone Unlocker project. No prior funding from the DAO has been received.

The key asks of the proposal are funding and support to build a physical nounish hardware device. The device’s design will feature pixelated avatars representing the Noun DAO, accompanied by colorful LED RGB flashing lights to captivate customers’ imagination and foster a strong connection with the Noun community.

The Ask:
We are asking for funding of [42ETH] to bring our unique nounish hardware device to life. The funds will be utilized for the following purposes:

Hardware Development: A significant portion of the funds will be allocated to research, design, and prototyping of the nounish hardware device. This will involve collaborating with experienced hardware engineers and designers to ensure the device meets quality standards.

Manufacturing: We will use the funds to cover the manufacturing costs of the hardware device. This includes sourcing high-quality materials, conducting small-scale production runs, and ensuring each device meets our specifications.

Noun DAO Pixelated Avatars and LED RGB Lights: The funds will be used to create pixelated avatars representing the Noun DAO, which will be prominently featured in the device’s design. Additionally, we will integrate captivating LED RGB flashing lights to enhance the visual appeal of the device and create an engaging experience for users.

Software Development: Part of the funds will be allocated to developing the software that will power the nounish hardware device. This software will be responsible for managing LED patterns, avatar customization, and any interactive elements.

Marketing and Distribution: To promote the nounish hardware device and grow the Noun DAO community, we will use a portion of the funds for marketing efforts, including social media campaigns, influencer partnerships, and attending relevant events. We will also cover the costs associated with distributing the devices to customers worldwide.

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Execution Plan:

Research and Planning: We will begin by conducting thorough research into the hardware components, design options, and production methods that align with our vision. A detailed plan will be developed, outlining the steps required to execute the project successfully.

Prototyping: With the help of experienced hardware engineers and designers, we will create prototypes of the nounish hardware device. These prototypes will be rigorously tested to ensure functionality, durability, and compliance with safety standards.

Manufacturing and Production: Upon finalizing the prototype design, we will partner with reputable manufacturers to initiate small-scale production runs of the device. Close monitoring and quality control measures will be implemented throughout the manufacturing process.

Software Development: Concurrently, our software development team will work on creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface for the nounish hardware device. The software will allow users to customize their pixelated avatars and LED RGB patterns.

NFT Avatar Integration: We will collaborate with the Noun DAO to incorporate unique NFT avatar collections into the device’s software. Each NFT avatar will be tied to specific functions or features, adding an exclusive and collectible element to the device.

Marketing and Distribution: With the product ready for market, we will launch targeted marketing campaigns to create awareness and attract potential customers. We will explore strategic partnerships to boost visibility, and a seamless distribution network will be set up to ensure efficient delivery to customers worldwide.

Community Engagement: Throughout the process, we will actively engage with the Noun DAO community, seeking feedback, and incorporating suggestions to create a product that resonates with users.

By following this detailed execution plan, we are confident that we can successfully build and deliver the nounish hardware device, creating a captivating experience for customers and fostering a strong bond with the Noun DAO community.

North Star Check:

Our proposal directly aligns with the mission and vision of the DAO by integrating real-life use for Noun DAO projects and providing a tangible, physical representation of the Noun DAO community. The nounish hardware device bridges the gap between the digital and physical realms, offering users a technical use that goes beyond the purely digital experience.

The DAO resources being requested will be utilized to execute the following key elements of the proposal, which further the DAO’s mission and vision:

Integration of Noun DAO Avatars: The funds will be used to create pixelated avatars representing the Noun DAO, which will be an essential component of the nounish hardware device’s design. By featuring the Noun DAO avatars in a tangible form, the device strengthens the connection between the DAO’s digital presence and its physical representation.

Community Engagement and Growth: The marketing efforts funded by the DAO will not only promote the nounish hardware device but also attract new users to the Noun DAO community. The captivating nature of the device with its LED RGB lights and unique avatars will help grow the community’s following and foster a sense of belonging among existing members.

Showcasing Technical Use of NFTs: The proposed device leverages the concept of NFTs by tying unique Noun DAO avatars to specific functions or features. This demonstrates the technical utility of NFTs in real-life applications and expands the understanding of their potential beyond the digital realm.

Strengthening Noun DAO Brand Identity: The nounish hardware device acts as a physical representation of the Noun DAO’s brand identity. By associating the DAO with a tangible and interactive product, the proposal enhances the brand recognition and visibility of the Noun DAO in the broader market.

Enabling Novel Experiences: The execution of the proposal will create a novel and exciting experience for users, allowing them to interact with the Noun DAO in a unique way. This aligns with the DAO’s vision of fostering innovation and exploring new avenues for engagement.

In conclusion, our proposal’s clear alignment with the DAO’s mission and vision is evident through its integration of real-life utility for Noun DAO projects, the tangible representation of the community, and the demonstration of technical applications of NFTs. The requested DAO resources will be effectively utilized to bring this vision to life and further the DAO’s goals of promoting innovative and engaging experiences within the Noun DAO ecosystem.


Budget Breakdown:

Manufacturing Costs: 10 ETH

PCB Circuit Components
Packaging Design
Fees (e.g., certifications, testing)
Shipping and Taxes
Prototyping: 9.8 ETH

Materials and Resources for Prototyping
Design Iterations
Testing and Quality Assurance
Shipping & Delivery Insurance: 10.2 ETH

Covering Costs of Shipping Devices to Customers
Insurance for Safe Delivery
Labor + Time and Travel: 12 ETH

Salaries and Compensation for Team Members Involved in the Project
Time and Travel Expenses for Meetings, Collaboration, and Execution
Total Funding Requested: 42 ETH


We estimate that the proposal will take between 5 to 7 months to complete. The timeline is as follows:

Month 1-2: Research & Planning, Design, and Prototyping

Conduct research on hardware components and manufacturers
Design and create prototypes for the nounish hardware device
Test and iterate the design to ensure functionality and quality
Month 3-4: Manufacturing & Software Development

Finalize the hardware design and initiate small-scale production
Collaborate with Noun DAO to integrate unique NFT avatars into the software
Develop the software interface for avatar customization and LED patterns
Month 5-6: Marketing & Distribution

Launch marketing campaigns to promote the nounish hardware device
Establish partnerships to enhance visibility and attract customers
Set up a distribution network for efficient worldwide delivery
Month 7: Community Engagement & Final Touches

Engage with the Noun DAO community for feedback and improvements
Make any necessary final adjustments to the device and software
Prepare for the official product launch

Estimated Return:
If all units are sold and the proposal is successful, the estimated return will be 19.6%, providing a potential positive outcome for the DAO’s investment in the project.

With this detailed budget breakdown and estimated timeline, we aim to ensure full transparency and accountability in the utilization of the requested funds. We are committed to adhering to the proposed schedule and providing regular updates on the project’s progress to the DAO members.

The success of the proposal will be determined by achieving the following goals and end results:

Sales Targets: The proposal aims to sell a minimum of [420] nounish hardware devices within the first [1-3 months] after the product launch. This metric will measure the market demand and adoption of the device.

Customer Satisfaction: Gather feedback from customers through surveys and reviews to achieve a customer satisfaction rate of at least [90%]. Positive feedback and high satisfaction scores will indicate that the device meets users’ expectations and creates a positive experience.

Community Growth: Measure an increase of at least [40%] in the Noun DAO community membership during the proposal’s execution. This will demonstrate that the device effectively attracts new users and strengthens the bond with existing community members.

NFT Avatars Adoption: Monitor the adoption rate of Noun DAO NFT avatars and aim for at least [60%] of the device users to customize their avatars. A higher adoption rate will validate the integration of NFTs into the device’s functionality.

Financial Performance: The proposal should achieve a return on investment (ROI) of at least [20.1%]. This will be calculated based on the total revenue generated from device sales compared to the initial funding requested.

Ongoing Updates and Community Engagement:

We are fully committed to providing ongoing status updates to the DAO members throughout the project’s duration. Regular updates will be shared, covering milestones achieved, challenges faced, and future plans. These updates will be accessible to all DAO members, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Additionally, we welcome questions and engagement from fellow members and stakeholders. We will allocate time to actively participate in discussions, address concerns, and answer inquiries related to the proposal. By demonstrating respect and good faith, we aim to foster a collaborative and transparent relationship with the DAO community.

Furthermore, we encourage feedback and suggestions from the DAO members. Input from the community is vital in shaping the success of the project and ensuring that it aligns with the expectations and needs of the DAO. We are open to incorporating valuable insights into the proposal’s execution and future iterations.

By maintaining consistent communication and actively engaging with the DAO members, we aim to build trust and demonstrate our commitment to the project’s success.

Authors of the Proposal:
The authors of the proposal are representatives of UnlockThatPhone LLC, a mobile repair shop specializing in unlocking SIM carriers and fixing LCD screens for phones and similar devices. The responsible party for tax reporting is Paul Roman, the owner of UnlockThatPhone LLC, with the Tax Information EIN: 92-1883574.

Optional (Helpful Information):
Paul Roman, the owner of UnlockThatPhone LLC, is an accomplished builder in the web3 ecosystem with a diverse skill set and extensive experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. He holds certificates in mobile development languages such as Python, C++, Linux, and JavaScript. He is also well-versed in blockchain development, including experience with Solidity, EOS development, contract deployment, and API transaction implementations on Web3.

In addition to being a phone technician, Paul Roman is an active crypto investor and moderator of the Reddit community “The Golden Horde of GoldenEThelp” (Reddit - Dive into anything). He has around 12 years of experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity from Full Sail University.

Paul Roman’s commitment to helping others is evident through his YouTube channel, where he has 8.5k subscribers and has uploaded 180 videos dedicated to assisting people in unlocking their phones. His experience, technical expertise, and dedication make him a capable individual to execute the proposal’s vision and objectives successfully.
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Website: https://unlock-that-phone.business.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral
YouTube Channel: [https://www.youtube.com/@Unlockthatphonecom/about]
UnlockThatPhone.com: [Leaving Facebook]

TOKEN ADRESS : 0xc42282014c11e9C9b917dDD208Fe4E44d37D44D1



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