for mandates


setting up a prop house for mandates / residence programs. The infrastructure is ready by now and we can finally experiment with this kind of funding rounds for work that needs to be done.

in short: for mandates. define a need (e.g. community lead, front end maintenance etc.), get applicants, vote. payment of funds can be done either ahead of time to keep it simple or as it is currently done through a stream via a multisig.

why we need it:

with a prop house for mandates, work to be done stays competitive, brings in new ideas, new talent, and is open to the pool of people out there. We could try this for residence programs or any mandate we feel a need for.

  • We lost some touch with reality in terms of pricing work that needs to be done.

  • We have an unhealthy and unsustainable delta what we pay builders for their proposals compared to what residents get.

  • Currently the residence program is opaque, does not really allow outsiders in, and is a continuation of the status quo.


  • Opens the work to be done to a pool of people

  • Makes the salary competitive

  • Sets some benchmarks for the salary (also for builders).

  • Residence programs are not meant to last forever or just to be extended

  • New residents bring in new ideas

  • Good talent does not immediately mean out of this world salary


  1. Take say $15k/month for 3 months ($45k ~ 45ETH) get it into a multisig wallet

  2. Ask @seneca to create a new prop house for this :yellow_heart:

  3. Create an open call for a mandate needed

  4. send the ETH to the winner of the prophouse


45 ETH (might change when put on chain)

What this proposal is not about:

Addressing continuity concerns.

  • People need continuity, residence programs / prop house mandates might not be a fit for that. For the future I suggest creating some longer lasting “contracts” which allow people to have a better planning. BUT this is out of scope of the current idea and therefore not part of it.

so far the only feedback/reply to this has been by @seneca in discord.

i think it’s a great experiment. while it is not proven out yet that this method will indeed work, nouns clients makes me optimistic. i think mandates will do a lot better than open funding rounds.

other feedback:

  • for this sort of thing to work, someone has to lead the effort such that the round gets sufficient exposure and thus makes the round competitive. i did it for nouns clients. this point is crucial
  • my initial thinking was that really unique builders simply don’t have the time / are too busy already to consider applying. i may be wrong here as we’ve seen some top talent show up for combinator + nouns clients.
  • it may be the case that prop house merely formalizes what both builders and the dao wants: to do the work. to that extent, v bullish on real talent coming in through mandate specifc rounds (especially w bigger eth amounts where it makes it worth their time)