Discussion: 1-Click Nouns DAO Builder

DAO + NFT + Auction = ⌐◨-◨

Like you, we believe that Nouns DAO is a significant form factor innovation for NFTs and DAOs. Instead of giving all power and capital solely to a project’s founders, the Nouns model enables communities to emerge progressively, and to be active participants in how their brand and community evolves.

We believe that more Nouns forks should exist - so we’re building a tool anyone can use to build them. And we want your help.

The 1-Click Nouns Builder is a product and protocol that will allow anyone, in just a few clicks and with 0 code, to deploy a fully functional Nouns DAO fork with 3 key elements:

Auction House Contracts

Enables a recurring Nouns-style auction based on whatever parameters the creator sets

Example Customizations:

  • Auction Frequency
  • Auction Buffer Time
  • Auction Minimum Increment
  • Frequency of Units Allocated to the Founders
  • Max Units Allocated to the Founders
  • NFT Mint Limit
  • Auction Fee Allocation

NFT Contract

Build a fully functional NFT generating contract - just upload your traits and we’ll do the rest of the work!

Governance Contracts

Enables a fully functional DAO, with delegation, proposal, voting, empowering the DAO to send funds or change any parameters.

Example Customizations:

  • Quorum Requirements
  • Proposal Requirements
  • Voting Period

Other Details

Ownership of the contracts will be given to whatever the creator sets as the founder address, and will be upgradeable through gates down the line, as we build out more features into the contracts.

Additionally, you won’t need to do any front-end work - everything (auction, NFTs, governance) will be hosted for you on the site. Of course, you can build your own front-end if you want.

Feedback & Discussion

We’re in the early stages and want to build alongside the community, so please share all thoughts, ideas, concerns with our approach. Particularly, if you are interested in building your own Nouns fork please reach out to me on Discord at mrtn#7388 or in the #1-click-nounsdao channel - I’ve got a ton of questions that will help us tailor the Builder just for you.

We will be hosting a walk-through tomorrow (June 8th) - let me know if you’re interested and I’ll invite you!


incredibly excited about this proposal :fire:

let a thousand noun forks bloom :seedling:


glorious, can’t wait to see all the experiments


Absolutely love this and will be following closely.
Will be a cool way to launch experimental ideas without the dev overhead.

Amazing work so far!


do you mean june 10th?

this is so dope btw

Yes, june 10th - today! Sorry about that

I’m very interested in this. Please let me know how I can help test with a project that I’m wanting to try.

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super cool. did the walkthrough already happen? sad to have missed

This is basically low code/no code nouns yeah?!? I’m in.

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Love this idea, could be super influential for spreading the mechanics of Nouns.

this is nounism - love it

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Definitely interested. Would like invite to walk through