Proposal: NounsDAO Code Review

NounsDAO Code Review


Improve the development learning curve to accelerate and increase the NounsDAO ecosystem evolution.

Proposal 388


My proposal is to review the code of NounsDao in the nouns-monorepo in order to apply clean-code methodology, improve code documentation and the code building and testing scripts.

With this code review, I hope to improve the learning curve to new developers as to increase the development pace to new projects on top of NounsDAO.

I am a software engineer with almost 30 years of experience. I have been coding in many languages, using many APIs, Frameworks and Platforms.

My interest here is to have the NounsDAO concepts and stuff reaching all possible places in the physical/digital world and also to build my own noun project wich proposal are almost done.

This fund will permit me a full-time working on it which I think I will use about 1 month to finish the review.

This is my first proposal among many others I have which need my full understanding on NounsDAO concepts and codes and my full integration with the nouns community.

Thank you frens for your attention.


Are you just trying to make sure we have seen the prop house request? It appears to be in the lil nouns house and they have their own Discourse as well where you should put this proposal if you’re looking for votes from them.

Or do you have a more full budget that you’d like to try and get on-chain with NounsDAO for your work? If so, What is the entire cost that you project for the work?

Hi fren,

My objective posting it here is to get feedbacks about it.

I am new in the nouns ecosystem and I am loving all the fantastic vibe existent so this post is one more way to learn about it and to participate and colaborate the best I can.

I didn’t see a place for discussion in the prop house but I like the way they are dealing with all the process.

Thanks for your attention on my topic fren
I am here to learn and collaborate :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok great! The prop house is for a flat 2 ETH. Do you believe that would be sufficient payment to complete the code review?

Yes, I do. That amount is sufficient to allows me work full-time on it with diary report to the community.

Last couple questions I have. Have to begun to look at the code and verified the need for this review? Have you reached out to any other projects, such as those putting together the ‘1-click’ proposal?

Yes, I forked the nouns-monorepo repository to analyze the project structure wich was very well done using yarn to manage the nouns source code packages.

The languages and frameworks used are high-level languages like typescript for example. Languages like that are simple to code and to understand the other’s codes.

The smart contracts are from openzeppelin wich ensures the security and are well documented.

I worked for a long time coding with low-level languages like C for example. It improves a lot the logic which enable us to deal with any new common tecnology.

As I use to say “a programmer does not need to know the syntax but the logic needed”

I saw the project resume you reffered. Seems something good but I did not feel so much interest on it just because after that code review I want to build a mobile app that I think will be very helpful for all nouns community.

Thank you very much for your attention and questions. If you have any other doubts feel confortable to ask ok?

I want very much to be able to work full-time for the nouns community so hope to have the chance.

Always bullish :slight_smile:

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