Calling all Solo Stakers!


Solo stakers that are part of the Nouns DAO community to start staking the treasury assets on behalf of Nouns DAO.


  1. Increase decentralisation - Nouns DAO can help improve the decentralisation of staked ETH by staking with small node operators.

  2. Help the community - community node operators can earn revenues from staking treasury capital.

  3. Save costs - Nouns DAO has the potential to save costs compared to other solution, for example, community solo stakers could charge ~5% whereas the staking fee on Rocket Pool is more like 15%.

  4. Greater control - Nouns has more control over staked capital, including the ability to specify certain clients, MEV relays, etc… Nouns DAO also has the ability to unstake capital whenever it desires, force closing the validators of operators if necessary.


StakeWise is about to launch its V3 upgrade that will allow Nouns DAO to delegate its capital into a bespoke staking pool run by solo stakers from its community. The ETH is delegated in a fully trustless and non-custodial manner, just like with other liquid staking solutions.

Nouns DAO creates a StakeWise V3 Vault (staking pool) and onboards a selection of node operators from the community. Nouns DAO simply needs to delegate ETH to the staking pool, the node operators run their validators, and the StakeWise protocol handles/automates everything else.

One thing to think about is operator selection. The more permissionless we can make it the better, however we also must be aware that malicious actors are out there. Nouns DAO will ultimately control who the node operators are and how much capital they get delegated. If people have thoughts on the inclusion criteria then I’d be keen to hear, i.e. historic performance, collateral, proof of Noun ownership, etc… Ideally, the simpler the better

Next Steps

Let me know your thoughts! And if you are a solo staker that wants to take part, comment if you would like to get involved. I have created a pool on the StakeWise testnet to test this out: Nouns Pool

Hopefully, we can get a group of operators up and running on testnet to provide proof of concept :slight_smile:

Extra Thought

The staking pool could be made public and branded as Nouns DAO, allowing anyone to stake into the pool of Nouns DAO’s own staking solution. This could help increase pool TVL, adding more revenues to the community operators and even use some of the staking revenues to help fund grants.