Your Physical & Digital NFT drops in the Metaverse with Boson Protocol

Hello Team

It’s a real pleasure to write to you today as a NFT collector and lover for many years. My name is Julien Paredes and I am the Metaverse Partnerships Manager at Boson Protocol.

Boson Protocol has built the decentralised network that enables future commerce and we are very excited to apply this to the metaverse with Portal. Portal is a fully customisable brand environment that uses the protocol to enable brands to sell physical items as NFTs from the metaverse.

Metaverse Fashion Week 2022 in Decentraland brought together tens of thousands of users over 4 days. Boson Protocol was a strategic partner allowing brands to sell physical items as NFTs at this event. We worked alongside global brands and leading NFT projects such as Tommy Hilfiger & Deadfellaz to enable the sale of physical and digital items using NFTs in our meta-mall called Portal.

Boson Protocol would like to welcome you to our NFT street in Boson Portal.

Whether it be to connect with your community in new ways, create a presence within these emerging worlds or simply explore new sales channels and emerging markets, we would love to work with you. Boson Protocol services and offers can contribute to your project, your roadmap and your community in the objective of reaching the desired quality standard of any Blue Chip NFT projects!

It would be a pleasure to talk about this further. Please let me know if you would be free for a call in the coming days and I can book us in.

I look forward to welcoming your community and your drops into the Metaverse!

All the best,