Which steps would you take to build a SubDAO from zero?

I have a really cool idea for a proposal that I’ve been thinking on for years, it’s all fully fledged and fits perfectly with the nouns criteria, however it’s costly and involves the creation of a SubDAO and some people with specific skills on different areas. My question is: what would you guys do to find people to work on your idea? make a prophouse first to hire personnel? Find a noun and show the proposal to him? or go some other, more organic way? I know there is a place to send your idea but really don’t think It would be the best place to start…

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Hi blueguy, I would say jump in full steam into the community, find people you resonate with, who do things related to your idea and start engaging with them. People are so talented and smart and very open to ideas and building. If you are genuine and jump in you’ll likely find your people.

Jump into some Nounish Discords and add value and engage, listen to the NounSquare daily show and soapboxes to see what’s going on and who’s doing it, and I bet in a month you’ll have a much better sense of who your people are, where they hang out, and along the way starting chatting with folks.

Hope that helps…