Welcome to Discourse

Hello and welcome to the Nouns Discourse! Here you’ll find longer form discussions and proposals from around the Nouns ecosystem. The NounsDAO will use this place to discuss proposals, proposal members discuss drafts and project status, and Nouns enthusiasts can discuss the Nouns ecosystem as a whole.

Why Discourse

Nouns has brought together some amazing and enthusiastic people with brilliant ideas and input. We have the Nouns Discord which has been great for real time communications but ideas have grown too large to fit in channels!

Discourse can provide us a venue for longer thought provoking discussions that span several days. Topics ranging from grant proposals, governance models, and the future of DAOs will be discussed here.

We’ll still have the Discord but we’ll be encouraging larger discussions to take place here.


Categories help us organize content so it’s easier to discover new conversations and locate old ones. If you’re unsure which category to post in in these early days, simply submit your post and a community member will help recategorize it as the conversation flows.

  1. Site Feedback – general discussion about the site itself. It’s important and we want to hear from you!
  2. NounsDAO – Longer form NounsDAO discussion will happen here - only NounsDAO members can post here
  3. NounsDAO Proposals create drafts and discuss proposals - anyone can post here, bring your ideas!
  4. Lounge – a perk for users at trust level 3 and higher

Trust Levels

Discourse has a trust system where users can, over time, earn the trust of the community and gain abilities to assist in governing their community.

Discourse is designed to offer safe defaults for public communities, even with no active moderation.

0 (new) → 1 (basic) → 2 (member) → 3 (regular) → 4 (leader)

All new users start out in a sandbox with restrictions for everyone’s safety. Trust level 0 (new) users cannot

  • post more than 2 hyperlinks
  • post any images or file attachments
  • send private messages
  • flag posts or topics
  • have actual links in the “about me” field of their profile
  • @name mention more than 2 users in a post

Virtually every action a user can take is rate limited for safety, and especially so for new users. But don’t worry, new users can transition to trust level 1 in about 15 minutes.

If you feel you should have higher trust score message an Admin on Discord.

Where to go next:

Remember Discourse is a work in progress let us know your suggestions!

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