Weekly Discord Community Calls / Ask Us Anything Events (Trial Extension)

Trial Month Report: Community Discord Calls Hosted by Aubtoshi and Toady Hawk (with assistance from 9999)

Over the past 4 weeks, Aubtoshi and Toady have hosted 4 Nouns Community Discord Calls / ‘Ask Us Anything’ events on Tuesday afternoons in Nouns Discord Public Voice Channel.

The first, held on August 2, was accompanied by a slide show, and with the topic “So I can just use Nouns Art however I want?” It was meant to be an accessible exploration of cc0 in the context of how builders and artists can leverage Nouns art to explore their own creativity and ideas. We invited David Horvath also as a Special Guest to share some insights on the topic. You can view the slide show here. You can also listen to a recording of the entire event here.

The second AUA event was held on August 9 and was a general interest “Ask Us Anything” with guest Nounder 9999, who had suggested we try an open topic style to see if it garnered more questions from the crowd. It did take some time for the attendees to loosen up and start asking questions but once they did, some great conversations were had. A highlight from this event was when a community member “Psychdre” asked how he could get more involved with Nouns, as a 3D artist. We suggested that he join Nouncil and maybe start doing some 3D art based on the daily Nouns. From this suggestion, he did indeed apply to join Nouncil and started doing a daily series of 3D art called “Walking Nouns” based on the NOTD. You can see some examples here on his Twitter.

Here is a clip from The Noun Square Noun O’ Clock Spaces, where PsychDre (who came on as a guest a week after his initial question in the AUA) talked about how this event inspired him to get more involved in Nouns and produce more Nounish art: https://twitter.com/noun_o_clock/status/1560815756748660738?s=20&t=vTM4uh2XJlV667TIveD2jA

You can listen to a recording of the Second Ask Us Anything event here.

Our third AUA event was a live walk-through deep dive of Nouns.center with guest CDT, followed by a Q & A. You can listen to the full recording here.

For our fourth and final AUA from this initial funding period, we invited Nounder Seneca to join us for a deep dive on Prop House, including an explanation of all the various Houses, guidelines for proposal writing and general information about this funding avenue. You can listen to the entire event here.

Addtionally, we were approached by the team working on Roko, and provided recordings of the 3rd and 4th AUA events to them, which were then transcribed and summarized by the AI. Those summaries can be read here and here.

So far, we have noticed a decent core attendance of about 30-50 people in the Discord for these events, including many people from nouns adjacent communities such as Lil Nouns, Goop, Shark DAO etc. If Nouns Strategic Funding Works elects to extend funding for another month, we will continue to produce engaging content on a weekly basis, and will work to improve our offering in the following ways also:

  • Experiment with running events concurrently on Discord and Twitter Spaces to bring in more outside eyeballs.
  • Have the weekly AUA posted in Discord Events (Maty has this permission and will do it for us.)
  • Post invites to the AUA in even more Nouns community discords.
  • Continue to post transcription summaries and recordings publicly for access later as needed.
  • Experiment with posting recorded AUA events to Youtube as well.

Other topics we hope to cover would be: How to get funded by NSFW and How to get a proposal on chain (forming a 3 part miniseries with our Prop House episode), What is Nouncil?, Nouns glossary of terms (defining jargon), etc.

We would like to thank Noun 22 and NSFW for funding this initial trial and hope to be able to experiment and grow this program as a helpful educational on-boarding resource for new and more experienced Nounsfolk alike. Requesting 2ETH apiece (4ETH total), the same ask as trial month. Thank you

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Thanks for the update! Let’s keep this going and do 4 ETH for another trial month

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I love this idea. Discord is cozy but I’m I wondering if it might not reach more people if you were to integrate a daily 5min segment in noun o clock twitter spaces with say 2 or 3 one min questions (or else you get the buzzer sound effect).
It is good to let the community jump into these spaces and interact with the hosts, it gives the feeling of an open room where we listen to the audience.
Just an idea, but I like to the fact that you have a structure within the chaos of NOC (first fomo, then contest, then POAP etc). Might be able to squeeze AMA in there.

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