Weekly Discord Community Calls / Ask Us Anything Events (Extension)

Thank you to 22 and NSFW committee for funding Aubtoshi and I to experiment with a series of weekly Ask Us Anything / Community Calls. Since our initial funding on August 30, we completed the slated 4 weeks of calls (+ two additional sessions.)

In addition to running these calls together in Nouns Discord every Tuesday during this period, we also set up simulcast streams on The Noun Square Twitter for each one, and edited polished screen recordings of the Discord calls to post to The Noun Square YouTube, for posterity and future reference. These initiatives have doubled the total reach of the calls.

Here is a list of the community calls we have done with their dates and the recordings:

Aug 30 TNS SoapBox: What the Heck is Nouncil? (Nouns Discord Community Call) - YouTube

Sep 7 TNS SoapBox: Nouns Dao Weekly Discord Community Call + Ask Us Anything Sep 7 2022 - YouTube

Sep 13 https://twitter.com/thenounsquare/status/1569748009386233859?s=20&t=QhJz-0koTAT8CGP9bxHpBg

Sep 20 TNS SoapBox: Nouns Dao Weekly Discord Community Call + Ask Us Anything Sep 7 2022 - YouTube

Sep 27 TNS SoapBox: Nouns Dao Weekly Discord Community Call + Ask Us Anything Sep 27 2022 - YouTube

Oct 4 TNS SoapBox: Nouns Dao Weekly Discord Community Call + Ask Us Anything Oct 4 2022 - YouTube

After 6 weeks of experimentation and iteration with this format, we think we are really filling a very specific need within the DAO-- both as a weekly touchpoint for the community, to share news from various projects and proposals, and a safe space to ask questions about anything nounish.

Every single week, we have had at least one (and usually more than one) individual saying it was their very first interaction in nouns. We have also been able to tangibly help many builders seeking guidance, like, for example, PsychDre. He came to our call on Sep 7 after seeing us post in Lil Nouns discord, and asked for advice on getting more involved in Nouns. Aubtoshi and I gave him some advice (join nouncil, start posting nounish art daily on twitter, and more.)

A few weeks later, he came back on the call to say that he had taken our advice to heart and was finding real success. He had joined nouncil, parlayed his daily art posts into a gig making POAPs and successfully won a Nouns Launchpad Prop House to build Nouns LatAm.

There are several other examples of individuals who attended the AUAs to seek clarity and feedback on ideas, and then later posted props on Discourse and Prop House. The conversations on these calls have been so free-flowing and interesting that most of them have actually gone nearly 2 hours long instead of the committed 1 hour session.

In summary, we believe these Community Calls are a powerful Top-of-funnel / Middle-of-funnel communication tool, and we would like to ask NSFW to retro fund the Calls on Sep 27/Oct 4, plus another 4 weeks of calls. If funded, we will continue to demonstrate consistency, grow the reach of the weekly calls and help people navigate the corridors of nouns. And speaking of nounish corridors, we have also been given an official channel in Nouns discord to better field questions between our calls going forward, and make sure recordings are easily accessible within discord.

Asking for 3ETH each (1 ETH retro for two additional calls completed + 2 ETH each for 4 more weeks. 6 ETH total.) Thank you for your consideration.


I support the extension and would share that over the period since Nouniversary I have through AUA distilled down my unbridled ethusiasm to run head long into a Nounish project and narrowed my focus and approach to a future Prop through the dialogue had in the AUA. It’s a comfortable format to ask what might otherwise feel like silly or daunting questions and the feedback and information provided has be invaiuable to me thus far. it’s also an avenue to connect with other builders and entusiasts that may help mutually advance our efforts. A++ I will continue to frequent the weekly as long as it runs.


I’m a Nouncillor and have been on most of these AUA calls. I think they are very valuable to the community and hope to see them grow and continue. Here are a couple of supporting thoughts:

  1. It will be no surprise to say Toady and Aubtoshi do a great job, but they actually complement each other really well and create a casual/inviting atmosphere. You can tell from the crowd that people feel more willing to talk than other community calls. I haven’t been on 1 call where there was awkward silence or Toady and Aubtoshi had to monologue to keep things going.

  2. Some weeks, there is at least 1 Nouner on the call which is cool. For a top level/mid level entry into Nouns to have a Nouner there is really great for people. I would like to suggest, if possible, that going forward maybe you could schedule 1 or 2 Nouners to be there each call and let them answer questions or introduce themselves to the crowd. I feel like I’ve gotten to know a little bit about 3 Nouners through these calls.

  3. Toady mentioned the Psychdre story in the prop. There are others and will be more. Last week there was a person going down the rabbit hole and said he wants to own a Noun for whom the call was (I think) his first real interaction with the Nounish community. There will be more stories like that.

Keep it up…great work. Love to see it get spread to the Nounish and outside the Nounish community in more captivating ways so more can benefit.


The weekly discords calls created by Toadyhawk and Aubtoshi have been incredible, awesome and informative !
When I began as a complete noob in the Nouniverse, I decided to join one of the calls on a whim.

I learned so much about Nouncil, about the Discord, about proposals and about what it means to be nounish.

Aubtoshi and Toady both provided an immense amount of support and information on how to navigate the space.

All of the help and feedback that the team provided led to the creation of NounsLATAM !

Thank you ! Giving this team all my support !