Web3 more trustfully together. A collaboration proposal between Nouns and TrustArmy

I want to present a Trust Army, public goods project powered by TOP3 leading crypto cyber security company. Trust Army is a DAO, a research platform that collects and provides reliable information on blockchain projects.
We transform Wild West Web3 into a Transparent and Secure Environment
Our contributors earn rewards for performing analysis starting from the first. Also, we are planning to reward the participants with a soulbound NFT for achievements. They become professionals in the analytics sphere.
You have a great big community and I would be pleased to discuss cross-marketing collaboration.
Also, our Expert Speakers can share live our blockchain analytics educational topics that are covered in the Academy course with your community as well.
We want to share with your community the Opportunity to be part of the public goods project of the process the making web3 more trustfully, to obtain new skills in web3, perform research and receive rewards.

I see opportunities to partner in the co-creation of Twitter spaces, or joint AMA by inviting our both active and passionate in web3 communities. Please share contact for a person to go further with.