Vlog Every Kava Bar wearing Noggles [up for vote]

This proposal is already active and up-for-vote in Nouns Prop House. Just want to show that I’m here, and I’m not scared to talk openly and loudly about what I believe in.

I have a prop that would allow me to visit every kava bar in Miami running in Nouns Open Round 16.

I have a prop that would help me visit every kava bar in St. Petersburg [Florida] running in Noggles DAO, under their first funding round “Noggles IRL.”

There is AMPLE information on my Twitter page about the prop, and I will share/link some of that here.

This link goes to a thread I wrote about the drinks sold at kava bars, and why I believe these bars are going to continue growing in popularity.

I see a world where ~ when someone goes to YT to search information about kava, which will be consistently on the rise for 5-10 years ~ they simultaneously learn about Nouns.

This link will take you to a thread where I deep-dive into my YouTube analytics.

My channel is small rn with 537 subscribers, but analytics don’t lie ~ with consistency my channel will grow, and the props I have up for vote will allow me to make 4-6 weeks worth of content, published every Friday. This is a massive runway for me, and would help bridge the gap to getting kava bar sponsorships, as well as monetary support from my viewers.

In summary: People like seeing me in the Noggles! I get an absurd amount of comments on them, and am consistently having to tell people “I didn’t invent these. But if you go to Nouns.wtf you can see what all hype is about.”

Hoping to get as much support on these proposals as possible, so if you have questions or comments I encourage you to reach out! I am accessible and well versed on the subjects of both Kava Bars and Nouns.

Grill me, I can take the heat.

x. Spark Twain

kavabar.eth ENS domain