Two biggest Nouns DAO delegates are also two biggest DAO "earners"

In this report I will show that the two biggest Nouns delegates are also the two biggest DAO “earners”. I post this to show the misuse of delegation powers at the DAO. All the data is on-chain or publicly available via spreadsheets from TNS, Prop House and Nouncil.

The biggest earner is Noun 22, who earns a very big 360 ETH salary a year from the DAO

This information is easy to find as it is in Prop 111.

Noun 22 controls 19 delegates at the DAO.

The second biggest earner is Toady Hawk, who earns ~148 ETH salary a year from the DAO.

This information was harder to find, as I had to look at different sources to find the official DAO income for Mr. Toady. Here is how I added this together, please correct me if I am wrong @toadyhawk

The Nouns Square - ~6 ETH a month x 12 = 72 ETH annual
Lil Nouns - 4 ETH every 3 months x 4 = 16 ETH annual
Nouncil - 5 ETH every 6 months x 2 = 10 ETH annual
NSFW - 7 ETH in last 6 months x 2 - 14 ETH annual
Prop House - 3 ETH a month to do a weekly Twitter spaces x 12 = 36 ETH annual

Toady Hawk controls 23 delegates at the DAO.

I will post all the links to the data in the thread below.

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Just wanted to chime in as lil nouns DAO resident to refute these numbers. We piloted Toady for twitter spaces in which we paid 1 eth per space for 4 spaces. This has been discontinued as we have a group of lil nouners who have founded the lil nouns show. Lil Nouns DAO

I find it kinda funny that the most involved folks in the DAO are getting put in the spotlight recently for being compensated for their work. 22 has directly passed proposals requesting the funding he’s getting. Toady operates/helps lead NOC and puts a ton of time and effort into it. He is heavily involved in Nouncil as well. Is it not obvious why he has also received a bunch of delegates? How would you argue this is a miss use of the delegations? Is that not up to the delegates themselves who trust these individuals to vote on their behalf?


The Noun Square spreadsheet showing how much each of the 20 contributors earn every 2 weeks: Noun o' Clock - Noun Square Planning - Google Sheets

Lil Noun payments can be seen on Toady Hawk wallet, signed by Al204 and vsvs:

Nouncil spreadsheet: Nouncil 2022 - Q1 RR Allocation - Google Sheets

NSFW spreadsheet: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Prop House: Prop House - Google Sheets

Please be aware that I have been banned from the Noun Square Discord server for sharing this post. If any of the information is wrong, I will work on correcting, I was simply using the data that was given to me.

@toadyhawk has been asked several times to be transparent with his payments, and he has refused. The data I have may be imperfect, but it is the best the public has.

Please work with me to get clear data, do not shut down my efforts because they are uncomfortable. Transparency is key to DAO governance.

Thank you for the transparency, we will update the report with this information.

Bruh even web3 Devs during eth ATH and peak bull run werent earning this much per year wtf

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These are absolutely fine salaries for high level personnel. I have been working on a daily basis with Toady for many months now, and if i had to delegate a Noun, it would be him.

@Evil we would be looking at the salary of an experienced and loved media personality AND executive producer, rather than that of a dev. His understanding of everything Nouns allows him to answer almost any question, and to point any builder in the right direction. He is the go to guy for Nouns. Plus, what I experience personally only relates to TNS. He is just as busy with various other nounish pursuits, which also dictate compensation.

I think we would all like to see more and more people reaching this level of compensation! So… where do we start?


I recently joined the community (bought nounses) and I’m surprised by some things (yes, I bought it first, and then I went deeper into the details). First of all, we are talking about the terrible use of treasure without any visible ROI. Now I look at previous grants and see events like Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases., where an account with 4k subscribers receives 500k$ for six months. And yes, the name @toadyhawk appears there again.
It looks “amazing”, or rather, it looks like money laundering from the Treasury. I try to find these daily shows on twitter and youtube, but instead I see accounts with 100 followers. I repeat that I am a beginner who is confused in the links, because some of the proposals are similar to the famous picture with scheme of interaction of legal entities in FTX. And I really lack understanding of what activities are carried out for each grant.
Let me remind you that the DAO has already spent almost 1/3 of the treasurie since the day of its foundation, while the nonces do not receive any profit from third-party grants + are little recognizable in the crypto community. So that all this does not look like “withdrawing money from treasure through proposals”, the community needs clear accounting and at least some digital analysis of investments (to sum up grants)


Yes of course, I understand that -

Thank you for reading my post @ProfessorSamovar, I am glad it is clear as day to see the corruption at Nouns with Toady Hawk and his friends.

where an account with 4k subscribers receives 500k$ for six months. And yes, the name @toadyhawk appears there again.

It looks “amazing”, or rather, it looks like money laundering from the Treasury. I try to find these daily shows on twitter and youtube, but instead I see accounts with 100 followers.

I hope other Nouners continue to ask questions. @4156, you are the head of Nouns, will you finally review this fraud?

lol pogger!
Do keep in mind that you are automatically been blacklisted by some delegates and will be targeted since you’ve said these things here ser.
But yeh Noun’s treasury is to be used to spread the words about nouns, what they say “nounifying " things. I had a full plan to have nouns Gym irl and already talked with the people regarding this such as gym owners, trainers and those who make gym equipment. A test trial would have proved that if this concept of mine " Nouns Gym” would be a success or not via just giving out gym merch. Which the owners and trainers accepted that we’ll happily promote it for me. Founding a gym would have easily created ROI within first year itself but for these same group of people it wasnt "nounish " enough. What they are focusing on is basically marketing where only they are benefiting in the name of value creation. Half a million for twitter spaces and podcast… if you think thats messed up then take a look at what me and few others discovered lately ( Plot twist: same group of people involved )
P.S. The person accused has not once come forward to answer these but others came and provided answers for themselves. I think thats nice tho. I raised some questions and was quickly pointed out for accusing them, I provided proof to my accusation and they went quite lol

We do know that when it comes to web3 salaries are often high. Not coz its web3 but the number of people ready to take those work are not much. But half a damn million for this? Misusing delegations and what not?