Toadz Acquisition Committee


lets get some toadz. start with 10 and then do a new vote to see if we want more.

  • toads are cool
    -makes our treasury more fun
    -other tbd uses down the road

Workstream mandates
attempt to acquire up to 10 Cryptoadz from secondary market (OS, Looks, etc)
once all Toadz are allocated request funding for acquiring more Toadz if desired

Allocated 40 eth so we have the option (but not mandate) to get Toadz with nouns glasses

Workstream members
Gnosis Safe: 0x9298B97dE93784635900163e582A5D9e570f35a5
vapeape: 0x88f9E324801320A3fC22C8d045A98Ad32a490d8E
noun22: 0x75Ee6eb3d8DAcf41eE2e5307090B197D3E1Cca6E
rumi: 0x1977C4B06a76c160EfF920c67FbC0635124364c8

transfer 40 ETH to 0x9298B97dE93784635900163e582A5D9e570f35a5

Proposed Transactions
  1. 0x9298B97dE93784635900163e582A5D9e570f35a5.transfer(
    40.0 ETH

0x3F58588B59dA010031Dd8A355dCD7De229663ebf at 0xb4531

Serious question - are we allowed to use the treasury this way? I would be fearful of everyone just exploiting it to help sell their own projects, which may or may not be Nouns related at all!