The YOLK (getting Nouns in rural areas and global)

the YOLK Proposal


a satire media company, creating content that could create a broader discussion for NFTs, Web3 and Nouns


Creating satirical news articles of NFTs and real world events, we will get partners to attach ads that generate revenue from clicks! (examples below)

We will have the team traveling from state to state scouting locations in towns that will make great funny videos! We will host auditions once we have locations and look to advertise by; flyers, ad space in the paper, local radio, maybe even billboards! We will create a buzz within the community as we create NFT related videos(subtle or over the top) and talk about NFTs, Web3 and the Nouns with everyone! Once we create the content in that town we would move on to the next, making a great case for why NFTs and Web3 are the future and something that can be trusted, especially showing them Nouns and what NFTs can truly do! We plan to post the content EVERYWHERE from Tik-Tok to YouTube, and will purchase on site promotions to really broaden the reach of the content and maximize the chances of going viral!


{everything is an estimate and not final) -(calculated for 1 month about 1 filming location, for no more than 4 people)

We are asking for 100ETH or exactly $170,000! That will go to:

car rental — $1000-$4000 1 month

equipment — $12000(big one time purchase)

food — $6000

place to stay — $2000-$6000

gas — $200-$400

people we film — $200-$2000(depends how many people and how many videos we shoot)

clothing and props — $1000

in town advertising — $2000-$3000

online ads/promotions — $3000

lawyers — base 4ETH set aside

we will travel to a few towns while calling around and working on getting partners who will run ads on our content (videos and articles) this will generate revenue for the company! We plan on using the 100ETH to pay the team we think around 12ETH (ESTIMATE)

purchasing the equipment with 3 months of filming and traveling would cost about $137,501 we think this would cover 4 locations, and about 60 videos! This would leave us about $32,499 that would be used towards “the YOLK” headquarters!

(please give feedback, what else should we add? also looking for a Noun to help with submitting our prop)

we hope to work with a Noun to bring this to life! - thank you for your time

we plan to start in Kentucky with the goal of linking with @greg16676935420

I’m a fan of satire magazines, (Babylon Bee FTW!) so I’d love to see it happen. That being said, I don’t see how this is nounish and what the benefit for the DAO would be if they passed this proposal. I think you’d have a lot of trouble selling this to the voters on-chain as is. A couple questions:

Is the branding for this already set in stone, or would it be possible for it to be changed to be made more nounish?

What other ideas do you have to proliferate Nouns with this proposal?

What amount of personal investment do you have set aside for this venture?

I think that’s it for now and maybe more follow ups from there.

thank you so much for the feedback!

we plan to do 3 months straight of traveling, to the towns doing auditions, talking about nouns!

the idea is not set in stone and we would love to hear some ideas if this seems to little!

the main goal was to get a billboard in a small town (they can be like $250) get some news papers ads, put up a ton of flyers! Tell everyone who comes to the auditions about NFTs starting with showing them Nouns and why NFTs are so amazing! Then ofc we would shoot the funny videos and pay people! In our minds this would create the whole town talking about Nouns and what we are doing! @AndrewLaddusaw

I don’t think you answered my questions. :grinning: I love your passion though! I’m just not sure this has been entirely thought out yet.

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