The Nouniverse - Nouns AR/Mixed Reality IRL feature installation with Verse Immersive

The Nouniverse - Nouns AR/Mixed Reality IRL feature installation with Verse Immersive


Visualize the Nouniverse with Nouns in augmented reality. We want to take you on a journey through the Nouniverse! We would like to bring an exclusive Nouniverse exhibit to Verse Immersive located in Denver and San Fransisco. Verse is an immersive exhibition that lives at the intersection of art and technology. It comprises a collection of augmented reality holograms and artwork by top-selling artists from this burgeoning space. The experience uses the Microsoft HoloLens 2, a powerful mixed reality headset that allows you to see your surroundings and fellow guests, while cool augmented art comes to life around you. Like a silent disco for holograms, guests will comfortably share a common activation area but will each experience their own nounish reality.


This would be a three month exhibit at Verse Immersive’s two locations simultaneously, in Denver and San Francisco. The Denver location is in the heart of the city, in the 16th street mall at the Denver Pavilions. While the iconic San Fransisco Building is located in the Marina District, originally constructed for the 1915 Panama–Pacific International Exposition to exhibit works of art. Both space’s will be transformed into the Nouniverse to fully bring Nouns to life.
The exhibit could have the versatility to be brought on the road to different events for on the spot activations.


Once all the legalities are handled and contracts signed, the Exhibit will take around 10-12 weeks to take shape and become a reality.

How does this benefit Nouns
To announce the opening of the exhibit, we will host a launch party at the Denver location. Guests that attend the launch party will leave with a gift bag full of different nounish merch!
Noun holders will always receive free entry with a +1 and 2 customized gift bags.
Guests will learn all about the Nouniverse and the brilliant minds making it happen.
This project will present a large amount of opportunity throughout the Nouns/Lil Nouns ecosystem. From artists creating the assets to build the Nouniverse. To developers bringing in web3 integrations that can purchase a Noun within the headset. Even merchandise creators to fill the merch shop!
Once the headsets are owned, we will be able to bring the Nouniverse to life wherever we see fit (Expos, Concerts, Festivals, Art Basel, etc). Upon completion of the 3 month, fully branded exhibit, the business will be evaluated for success metrics. If everything goes well, the profits made and if needed, another prop, will be used to create a permanent Nouniverse location!


  • Thirty Hololens 2 headsets to own for events well into the future: $105,000

  • Artwork by various different artists within the nounish community: $40,000

  • Three months of heavily marketing the Nouniverse Exhibit: $60,000

  • Merchandise to sell inside the exhibit from the community: $40,000

  • Commercial software licensing. $45,000

  • Team compensation over 6 months : $96,000

Total: $386,000


Hey everybody just wanting to bump this to the top for some discussion! :pray:t2:

this is a lot of eth for a pretty unclear “proliferation ROI”

i think you need to hook me on why Verse Immersive is important/interesting before I can understand the impact on nouns prolif

I agree the ROI is not clear here. It might help to start smaller with a proof of concept? Maybe even creating the content first and then can figure out how to proliferate into IRL events etc?

Hey guys sorry have been out of town for a bit! I have a meeting with the owner of Verse immersive tommorow to discuss things a bit further. I will get back to you with a better description for how this will provide great “proliferatation ROI” for Nouns well into the future of the DAO! I’m also going to discuss with him potentially coming up with a teaser for some proof of concept material. I will let you know how that goes.

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I have drawn up a slide show with some more detail about the verse immersive experience. Here is the link to the slideshow Nouniverse - Google Slides

As recommended, for a proof of concept , I have been working on a scaled down prop with the team to be able to start with a traveling exhibit. We are hoping to have the launch of the first exhibit at Art Basel in December. This prop will be a fraction of the one above with licensing for 6 months of travel exhibits included.