The Noun Slot Machine

What is it?

An NFT slot machine that uses Nouns as the slot images. If the user wins (winning condition is when all 3 reel slots have the same Noun image) they will get a listed Noun from floor.

Basically, A user pays a small fee to play and try their luck, if they win, they get an NFT. The NFT will be bought by all the funds collected from fees from past losses.


  • Give users a chance to win a listed Noun, at a fraction of the floor price.
  • Spread the Nouns meme.
  • Provide liquidity to floor Nouns.

User Experience.

  • Token gated approach to playing ($SLOT).
  • Concepts of “Session” and “Plays”
    • Plays are a subset of a Session.
    • Buttons on UI : “Start session”, “End session”
  • A Session ends automatically when a user wins.
  • User can either end the Session or keep on using their Plays.
  • Aim to make the cost of a Play = 50%+ less than the floor.
  • $SLOT can 2x plays, User can only use 5 $SLOT for each game (i.e. 10x max). If a user buys 2 plays and inserts 2 $SLOT they will 4x and get 8 plays.
  • When the user wins , they will be awarded the airdropped a Noun from floor.

Rules of the Game.

  • To win, all the slots of the middle row of the three reels should have the same Noun image.
  • The number of slots (x) in each reel will be 5.
  • The number of winning (duplicate) Nouns in each reel (y) be 2.
  • Remaining slots in each reel will all have different Nouns.
  • The total number of configurations of the slot machine will be 5x5x5 = 125.
  • The total number of winning configurations will be 2x2x2 = 8.
  • The probability of winning will be 8/125 (6.4%), which is reasonable for the user given the lower cost of each play.
  • The Price of one Play is inversely proportional to the probability (this function is such that when y=x, then Price for a Play = Floor price).
  • Therefore, Price for one Play = (2/5) x Floor price.

$SLOT Tokenomics

  • To incentivise early adoption, and get around the cold start problem - $SLOT will be introduced.
  • $SLOT will be distributed proportionally every 24 hours to users based on their number of Plays in that period (eg if there were 100 Plays and a single user played 50 times, they would receive 50% of the tokens distributed that day).
  • Fixed supply of 69,000. 1,000 tokens released every day. 69 days for all the tokens to be released (i.e for “Season 1”).
  • Only “natural Plays” (Plays that are NOT from $SLOT multipliers) count for reward of the token after 24 hours.
  • No pre-mine or team allocation of $SLOT will occur.

Timeline and Budget

  • Build everything outlined (2 months).
  • Tweak the algorithm to make the game fairer and more efficient (4 weeks).
  • Amount: 10 ETH

Future Possibilities

  • Incorporate into and/or support other collections.
  • Collected fees flow into the Treasury.


Development -

Product & Design -

A Word on Gambling

In this game, a user can take a small risk to gain a much bigger reward. With the chances of winning being 100% transparent. I also believe that $SLOT as a mechanism, makes certain that users do not walk away empty handed. When designing the incentives we set out to make a game of chance that’s fun, rewarding and does not exploit users.

Any feedback from the community is welcome.

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Interesting idea, but there is a large uncertainty by sweeping floor.
How can players be motivated to participate when they are sure that the treasury cannot afford the fp at the moment?
What if 2 winners are born in a short time but the treasury can’t afford?

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