“The beginning“ Synthetic

Traveling the world, being free, and working with art, photography, and adrenaline is already something that our group does, connecting it with the Nouns community is an amazing experience, some tests are still being done, but here’s a little tldr.

The unexpected, the surprise, being free, and being self-sustaining are something we prioritize a lot.

Synthetic is a very diverse group, LifeStyle is something we take to the top of, travel the world, have amazing experiences, and also create amazing things, as well as capture amazing moments. “The beginning” is the summary of all this, a crazy group, which prioritizes today, and has a strong conviction that IRL content has an incredible power to influence people, taking them out of their routine reality even if it is for small fractions of a second. , leading them to ask themselves

“what if I did that? “.


This is “The beginning”. our edits give us the freedom to bring unexpected and random projects to the Nouns community without always having to create a proposal to execute them, that’s what makes us self-sufficient, insane vibes coming.

“The beginning” 100/100 editions

Tuesday - limited edition @ .071 Ξ. Minted on OurZora. ⌐◨-◨

What have we done so far?

Some projects are also running in secret. :eyes: