Tennis Champs X 3D Nouns Collab: NFT Mobile Game (UPDATED!)


Tldr 2022 is the year of blockchain gaming, and it is time to see some nounish action! Lets integrate Nouns in Joyride’s upcoming NFT players ecosystem.


Joyride is a games company of 50+ employees with backgrounds at Disney, Electronic Arts etc and backed by Coinbase, Animoca, Solana Ventures, and other top blockchain investors. Their past projects include 7+ Top 25 Grossing Games with hundreds of millions of players.

Joyride is now building out the Champs Universe, featuring action and sports games built around playable NFT avatars. Tennis Champs is the first game of a series, and will be followed by Battle Champs and many more. The team wants to integrate blue chip NFT projects like BAYC and Nouns in their gameplay.


Tennis Champs is a Collection of 3333 unique ERC-721 NFTs avatars starting the Champs Universe. It was sold out at the end of March in under 30 seconds and is currently trading at 2x mint price. The Champs are getting ready for intense tennis battles in an NFT-powered Play and Earn mobile game with a beta release coming soon! Learn more at Tennis Champs | Joyride Games 1


3D Nouns is the first community project that submitted a proposal to the nounsDAO back in September 2021 (Proposal #2). Coral Orca and 0xFloyd built a 3D generator similar to the Nouns playground, where you can choose traits and animate your own 3D Noun. Try


Joyride and Coral Orca will collaborate to adapt the work from to the Champs Universe, starting with Tennis Champs. We want to:

  • Let Nouns owners access the equivalent of their noun in the game, and unlock play and earn features. This could get very interesting with delegation around nouns and the creation of guilds.

  • Create some specific in game assets, like tennis uniforms and nounish rackets for example.

  • If there is demand from the community, spin off a 3D Nouns Tennis Edition to unlock play and earn features at a smaller cost.

  • Advertise this CC0 collaboration between a game studio and a DAO.


Delivery August 2022, on the one year anniversary mark of the Nouns project.


On release, we could launch a marketing campaign to feature Nouns playing against BAYC for example.
Some ideas:

  • Produce a nounish animation clip around a Tennis match story (<1min). Could share on social media, and also create a TV ad. A 30-second trailer would be $60-$80k based on quotes we’ve received from several high quality providers.
  • Have an installation at the Digital Art Fair in HK in October 2022 where people can build and play their Tennis Nouns using a set of Wii (Could be part of a larger project featuring Nouns X HK Digital Art Fair).
  • Book some Media facades in major cities to feature the game in high traffic public spaces.


  • 8 ETH for Coral Orca:

    • Nounish direction: liaising with Joyride and the Nouns community to find the right product fit, from inception to release.
    • Preparing the 234 heads assets to make sure they are compatible with the game engine and responding to 3D team requests.
    • Preparing/Optimizing the 167 accessory + 30 body textures.
    • Optimizing the body rigs.
    • Creating additional assets (Tennis rackets, animations, sneakers, headbands etc).a
  • 24 ETH for a joint marketing event NOUNS X TENNIS CHAMPS TBD


This proposal is a work in progress and I will update this post regularly.

Any input welcome! Many thanks


The game looks fun and the gaming sector is definitely something Nouns should have more presence in.

(1) If I understand it correctly, the game can only be played if you hold their NFT? So you will buy them and delegate them to whoever wants to play?
Would this be the first case of NounsDAO acquiring NFTs from other projects? Not sure how I feel about that. Maybe it would be better to just make the assets available in-game and have everyone who wants to play buy their own NFT?

(2) What is the scope of your work in this proposal, “contribution and time spent” is very ambiguous.


Hey Maty, thanks for your comments.

  1. It is true that having the DAO buy external NFTS might set a precedent that would lead a lot of other projects lining up and requesting the same, I agree that it might not be the best way. And yes, we might want to have Nouns traits available in game instead, but from my understanding this game is running with NFTs only. Will talk with Joyride about it. In the end I’m not sure the nouners are the demographics that would spend a lot of time playing the game. Maybe we should just skip that and whoever wants to play his or her noun can purchase a Tennis Champ NFT. Or, we create a 3D nouns tennis derivative that integrates the costs of a Tennis Champ (just thinking out loud here). Would be cool if the Nouncil can play with its delegated nouns.

2.My time is spent:

  • Liaising with the Joyride Team on Slack and with the nouns community on discord and discourse to find a good product fit for everyone.
  • Preparing the 234 heads assets to make sure they are compatible with the game engine and responding to artists requests
  • Preparing/Optimising the textures
  • Optimising the body rigs
  • Creating additional assets if needed
  • Since we are really early in the process I am accounting for unknowns that could show up down the line. If I need to modify a detail 234 time it can become very time consuming. So yes, I include a margin for planning.

If this attracts other games, or if this game is a big success and creates a lot of visibility, it could have great ripple effects on the DAO. 16 ETH (a 1/4 of a daily noun) seems to be a trivial amount compared to the upside.

I am completely fine making this a retro fund with @noun22 and leaving the compensation be defined after the fact by the DAO depending on how much impact it had, and how much work was involved in the end.

We are already working on it to deliver this ASAP. To me this could be a great first step in mobile gaming with a proven game studio and would lead to more proposals in this direction.

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The outcome of Prop 2 is fully rigged customizable 3D nouns models and since this prop was compensated by 28 ETH and built by two people, the 8 ETH for funding this project seems really high to me.

The sneak peeks you posted looked awesome, I’m just worried about how much traction this game will generate as there are many P2E games popping up.

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We are a team of 8 working on this Tennis Champs integration and I spend a lot of time preparing files and chatting with the joyride team about new ideas and thinking how to integrate nouns in a way that is aligned with both projects. Its not an easy task. You should come on our slack channel, you can see that we are not slacking off!

Many P2E games popping up, but not one with Nouns yet (and not many using CC0 to my knowledge, maybe HyperLoot). We need to change this. Joyride and I will keep working on this to deliver some example of CC0 integration.

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I love your work and I love the look of this, but my main issue is what @maty hit on, which is the idea that someone needs to a separate NFT to play as a Noun, just seems off.

A Tennis (or any game) game wherein anyone can play as any existent Noun, pre-made, or from a Nouns playground like tool, yes, that works and I would love to normalize games vacuuming up CC0 characters, and we can grease the skids where it makes sense. But otherwise this seems like a very narrow proliferation of Nouns. The ETH isn’t the issue to me fwiw, and I know how hard you guys are working. I look forward to seeing if your marination with Joyride leads to something that fits better.



Hi Noun 12,

Thanks for your comments! I updated my first post and replaced what @maty maty mentioned in 1) with some other ideas about joint marketing event(s) that we could develop. We continue to work on this and we will see how to open the gameplay for a few nouns owners first.

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Ok I made an edit to the first post. I appreciate any feed back! Thanks

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this is a super cool idea, but on the topic of proliferation… will there only ever be 3333 NFTs that allow people to play this game at any given time?

if they also add BAYC feels like the demand / price / accessibility to one of the 3333 game tokens to experience could get even more expensive

On compensation side, I think only thing that jumps out is 24E for marketing event would need a more detailed breakdown to justify

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The 3333 make their Genesis collection. They… :
… get you access to all future Champs drops
… are required for collectors to play using their blue-chip NFT characters (Nouns, Bored Apes etc)
… get boosted token rewards from VIP tournaments
… have more usable slots in the “breeding” system
The Benefits of Tennis Champs Ownership this this Joyride post for more details.
My understanding is that the number of NFTs will grow from that initial Genesis drop, as player breed more NFTs/ recruit more players.
Regarding the marketing event, 'Im in touch with their storyteller and contractors to provide a more detailed view on the costs. Any nounish party is welcome to join. if you are interested, lmk.

I just thought Id give a little update: Joyride decided to remove the marketing event to avoid any operational friction with the prop. Since Nouns is CC0, and 3D Nouns is CC0, they are moving forward with it. I am spending time talking with them and sending them files as a nouns advocate to make sure their project is aligned with what I feel is the nounish brand, but in the end this is Joyride’s call. Currently, I do not really see the need for a proposal. Let the CC0 flywheel spin!