Sunny Pires – HAWAII Project Jan – Feb _ 23

Sunny Pires – HAWAII Project Jan – Feb / 23


Sponsoring the Pro-surfer Sunny Pires during his training in Hawaii.

Who is Sunny Pires?

Sunny Pires is a 17-year-old Pro-Surfer who grew up in Búzios, Rio de Janeiro- BR. Sunny’s dad, Charles, is the local lifeguard and has taught him all about Surf since he was a little kid, even naming him after the legendary Hawaiian surfing champion of the 1970s, Sunny Garcia.

  • 3x champion Hang Loose Surf Attack
  • 2x Champion Rip Curl Grom Search
  • Vice-champion Brazilian tour under 14
  • Champion Pena Little Monster under 12
  • Top 9 Carioca Professional of 2022
  • 6x time Champion Rio de Janeiro State under 18

Sunny Pires and Nouns Waves

Rickyday, a member of NounsBR community, introduced Sunny to Nouns DAO and submitted a sponsorship proposal to NounsBR. NounsBR funded Sunny with 2 ETH and Nouns Waves has started. The money was used to travel to competitions in Brazil. Sunny comes from a humble background, and his parents struggle to fund his travels to compete. Most of the time, they give up on certain championships because of the cost. Sunny trainer is his dad and Rickyday is helping him with all nounish social media and marketing strategies for a better Nouns Culture delivery. We all believe in his potential to be on top of the world surf league!

Please, see below some of the media coverage and results during the NounsBR sponsorship.

  1. Announcement of sponsorship - Video


  1. First championship with NounsBr noggles at Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro.

  2. Second and third championships at Quisamã and Saquarema beach, Rio de Janeiro. Video

  3. Official recognition by the Mayor of Búzios as a new prodigy! And noggles hat!


  1. Six time champion of the state of Rio de Janeiro under 18 years old.


  2. Retweets and some posts about Sunny on Twitter.

  3. Sunny Pires surfing video with Nouns branding. This video is for global viewers. It has English subtitles and QRcode at the end leading viewers to NounsBR website. We aim to bring more web2 people to the web3 ecosystem.
    Official Video

Why is it important to fund Sunny’s trip to Hawaii during Jan-Feb 2023?

Sunny is being trained to travel and compete in international events after finishing high school. For this purpose, Sunny needs to surf all waves and improve his network with professional surfers, photographers, and potential sponsorships. Hawaii is the surf’s Mecca worldwide. All the best surfers from around the world are there during this Jan-Feb season. Additionally, there are no waves like the Hawaiian waves in Brazil. So all the best Brazilian surfers under 18 years old go to Hawaii on their way to professionalization.

The main goal for Sunny is to know better the Hawaiian waves and have the chance to participate in local championships to compete with great Hawaiian athletes. Sunny’s name will get bigger if he achieves good positions in those championships. And the brand that is with him, too.

Nouns visibility

  • Stories on Instagram about his day-by-day trip.
  • Post on Instagram Feeds weekly (Reels or photos).
  • Nounish video of his season in Hawaii.

Sunny already has two hats and two t-shirts, and we will make more t-shirts. The art was created by ilustradora.eth .



A trip to Hawaii is expensive even for Americans and if we consider the Dollar/Real differences (5,3x), and the cost of living in Brazil, the disparities would be even bigger for a Brazilian surfer.

One of his sponsors, Bar do Zé, a famous restaurant in Buzios, had already paid for the airplane ticket, but Sunny still has to maintain himself in Hawaii.

Budget breakdown

Sunny will be hosted by a friend and surf photographer costing 1.300,00 USD / month.

  • Food: three meals / day in cheap places, around 60,00 USD / day (1800 USD / month).
  • Photographer and filmmaker for Sunny’s Hawaiian season 1.500,00 USD
  • Rickyday management for Nouns brand – 1 ETH

Total 1 month = 4.84 ETH
Total 2 month = 7.41 ETH
(ETH = 1.200,00 USD)

1,5 month is the minimum ideal to stay there - 6 ETH

Go Sunny!


Sunny is a true champion and has proliferated the meme in many top competitions. Ricky, a member of NounsBR and the Nouns ecosystem is a friend of Sunny who helped a lot by introducing him in a way that helped him a lot in his career. All without asking anything in return. The requested amounts seem even small to me in the face of such an event. In addition to being of great importance at this time to allow Sunny to take a step forward in his career, it will certainly be an excellent opportunity for the proliferation of Nouns in a very positive way. Go Sunny!


Any reason you’re not posting to Gnars? Seems like it’s right in their wheelhouse.

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To mutch grants asking for them, I will make other proposal in gnars community in the future for him. But for know, in this particularly proposal it wouldn’t pass. Thats why I’m trying to submit it in small grants.

The usual ask is 3 eth for a athlete, and 6 month sponsor. This is a unique case that will demand more grants


Nice. I saw the convo happening in NSFW. I hope you get your funding. This seems like a really cool opportunity.


Hello Everyone!!

What happened during does month with Sunny Pires at hawaii.

First, please follow his medias, Instagram and Twitter, we are posting everything there, day by day at Instagram and we are twitting the same post of instagram at twitter.

Well, It has been 45 days with Sunny in Hawaii, he came back 8 of march to Brazil.
Here it is his thank you for the support of Nouns family!
Portuguese and English

We are Tagging in all ours post @nounsDAO and @Nounsbr, His main followers are Brazilian, so it is importante to tag a portugueses channel to make easy the curiosity and onboarding new people from web2.

We Hire a professional surf Film maker to make the Teaser and the film of his Hawaii Season, with a focus on Nouns Brand.

I would love to send thoose videos so Nouns can post/twit and share his name as the First Professional Surfer in nouns family, helping a kid to follow his dream and helping things to grow in his path.

He struggled all year to travel every month to compete and this was an amazing opportunity for him thank you Nouns!!

We are going to lounch the teaser today at his medias! will share the link here.

And during the week we are going to post the full video 3 min of his season!

After he post I would love to send the videos so y’all can post it to!

Here are the links of his post and twitter during his season.

IG SUNNY PIRES • SURFER on Instagram: "Hawaii 2023"
SUNNY PIRES • SURFER on Instagram: "#raw OTW @alex777miranda 🙏🏾"
SUNNY PIRES • SURFER on Instagram: "@mattahyah 🥷 HI 808. WS 🙏🏾"
SUNNY PIRES • SURFER on Instagram: "Hawaii season video coming soon!🙏🏾"
SUNNY PIRES • SURFER on Instagram: "Hi 808! @mattahyah 🥷"
SUNNY PIRES • SURFER on Instagram: "45 dias aqui no Hawaii, experiência incrível, altas ondas nesse paraíso! Obrigado @nounsdao @nounsbr por ter me proporcionado essa experiência, sempre bom estar aqui e poder ver grandes nomes do surf de perto. @nounish @gnarsdao 45 days here in Hawaii, was soo fast, what an experience. Amazing waves in this paradise! Thank you @nounsdao @nounsbr for giving me the opportunity, always good to be here and be able to see big names in surfing up close. @nounish @gnarsdao"


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Later I will send tke link of his teaser!
We are lounching today!

And thoose videos are CC0, so would love to send it to nouners and nounders to use it

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Hey @AndrewLaddusaw see the preview of his Hawaii Season!

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Link for the Teaser of his Hawaii season!!
Send the vibe on comments!

98 Likes, 22 Comments - SUNNY PIRES • SURFER (@sunnypires_oficial) on Instagram: "Teaser Hawaii 2023 , the film is coming soon ! 🔥
@mattahyah 🙏🏾🎥"


Great report @Rickyday. I loved the video.

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Here is the Official video !!
Lets comment and support him!

Thanks my friend!!
It wasn’t easy, but we are trying our best!

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I took some time away, so I’m just seeing this now. This turned out so good! What a talent.

I hope you’re doing well friend.