[ subDAO Nouns ] 1908 DAO experimental meme incubation


1908 DAO is like Nouns but Animated and with an additional ecosystem, an experimental meme incubation studio.

A DAO expansion based on Nouns DAO and TungstenDAO. 1908 DAO works to create a new, closer communication between art, and the noun ecosystem; Art is the noblest and purest way for the Nouns meme to proliferate. By expanding the ecosystem, 1908 DAO aims to efficiently proliferate the Nouns meme and consequently invite great artists to participate.


• One Animated Noun is trustlessly auctioned every 12 hours, forever.

• 100% of Animated Noun auction proceeds are trustlessly sent to the treasury.

• Settlement of one auction kicks off the next.

• All Animated Nouns are members of 1908 DAO.

• One animated Noun is equal to one vote.

• The treasury is controlled exclusively by Animated Nouns via governance.

• Every 7 days an artwork/meme is auctioned.

• The meme auction is exclusive to Animated Nouns.

• Artists are encouraged through the ecosystem to create new artwork/meme inspired by Nouns.

• A minimum of 1 Animated Noun and a 1/1 Noun meme is required to submit proposals.

Meme Incubation Nouns

1908 DAO in its ecosystem is an artist incubator for artists with special memetic talents.

1908 DAO will have an open process for submitting original memes inspired by nouns, as well as inviting great artists to collaborate with the ecosystem.

( Consider that a large list of highly regarded artists has already been made, and the support of these artists has already been confirmed. )

Consider the above information as a trailer for a great work, new information will be added in the coming days, as well as the reveal of the team and its advisors.

Additional Information :

Why 1908?

The first animation in history appeared in the year 1908.

The short of just over 1 minute was made in 1908 and is the work of Frenchman Émile Cohl, known as the father of animation. The story begins with the artist’s own hand drawing a doll that goes through a series of crazy transformations, from clown to knight.

A DAO for memes related to nouns can be very interesting! Especially when great artists are invited. Curious to see new memes and how far the engine can be pushed.