Sponsor Tata Patagonia - Argentina sailing Champions

Sponsor Tata Patagonia - Argentinean J/24 sailing champions


We ask Nouns to Support the Argentine sailing team Tata Patagonia on its way to compete at the J/24 World Championship in Greece

IG TataPatagonia


  • All the sails and the boat will feature Nouns iconic Noggles
  • Social network visibility for Nouns
  • Branding to impact also in the main regional events between May to September to prepare for the World Championship
  • Representation of Nouns at J/24 World Championship in Greece
  • Pirates were very good traders so in a true pirate spirit, we will make local items such as Mate, Mate cups, and Chocolate and deliver them to the first nouners and nounish friends we meet at one of the nft/blockchain events, perhaps ETH Global New York


  • To promote NounsDAO in Argentina, a region where blockchain technologies are constantly growing
  • To promote sailing, sustainability, and green environment in our community
  • To get Nouns covered by national media

Filming Location

  • Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina
  • Thessaloniki, Greece


  • J/24 is a sailboat and one of the most famous throughout history due to its popularity around the world with more than 5500 boats built. Tata Patagonia is a team from Bariloche, Argentina. Our members run a sailing school for kids. We see ourselves on a mission to help grow the sport of sailing, make it accessible to the younger generation, and use it to educate people about the importance of preserving the environment. Sailing is more than a sport, it is a way of living in harmony with nature. With the support of NounsDAO, we would have a bigger megaphone.
  • For Nouns it’s a great opportunity to generate visibility in Argentina. Due to the economic difficulties in our country, more and more people are getting into the blockchain and NFT universe. We would like to show Argentineans a positive organization such as NounsDAO where you don’t need to buy anything and still be part of it and enjoy the amazing content. We will be honored to use our boat and team uniform as a canvas for Nouns pixel arts. We already have one of the spinnakers from prop102. It is the most vibrant and noticeable sail in the region with Noggles and link to nouns.wtf.
  • Since 2021 we have been putting our souls to improve our skills by competing in Argentina. The team has put in a lot of effort and has managed to get outstanding results. This year, we already won 3 out of 7 regattas in Argentina. As true sportsmen, our dream is to go to this year’s J/24 World Championship. We want to win the Championship and we are confident to be in the top 10 finishers among 70 participating teams. Until now, we have used Nouns Spinnaker from prop102, given to us by Fiveoceans. The new sail was a great help and has already raised a lot of questions from teams and people of Bariloche. We want to keep spreading this curiosity to get more and more people to recognize the nous symbol and eventually get into NounsDAO.

The team

We are the TataPatagonia J24 Sailing Team! We are a group of five young sailors who share a deep passion for sailing, a love of the Patagonian waters, and a commitment to excellence both on and off the water.

Our team sails in the J24 boat class, which is known for its popularity, being the second largest class in the world, and it’s competitive spirit. We train hard every day to hone our skills and prepare for the ultimate challenge, the J/24 World Championship.

But sailing is not just about competition for us. It is also about a deep connection to the environment, and a commitment to preserving the beauty and purity of the seas, lakes, and waterfronts where we sail and live. We are proud to be part of a community of sailors who share this commitment, and we do everything we can to keep our waters clean and healthy for generations to come.

Finally, we are deeply committed to sharing our love of sailing with others, particularly with local sailing schools and young sailors who are just starting out. We believe that sailing is not just a sport, but a way of life, and we want to help as many people as possible discover the joy and excitement of sailing. We hope that you will join us on our journey as we pursue our dreams of excellence, environmental stewardship, and community engagement.

2023 Calendar and Results

  • [1st Place] 18~th January - Coldwell Bankers Cup - Villa la Angostura
  • [1st Place] 18~20th February - Southern Championship - Bariloche
  • [1st Place] 25~26th February - Round the lake 100 Nm non stop Regatta - Bariloche
  • 24~26th March - Mid-country Championship - Cordoba
  • 6th May - Autumn Championship - Cordoba
  • 13th May - Blest Creek Regatta - Bariloche
  • 9~16th September - J24 World Championship - Greece
  • 18~20th November J24 Argentina Nationals - Cordoba

Sails and Clothes Design

We’ve already shown you our spinnaker, yet we would also like to plot our Main sail and our boat with Nouns’s characteristic Glasses and website. to generate a visual impact even better. You also have to consider that Spinnakers are only used half of the regatta duration, when you sail downwind. Including these new plots we could guarantee visibility during the whole competition.

Since our presence in every event not only limits the sailing time, and there’s a lot of post and previous time where we are on the shore, preparing for the regatta, we are also proposing to re-design our team uniform including Nouns characteristics. Here are some of the designs we’ve been evaluating.

Gauchos figure:

A gaucho is a skilled horseman, reputed to be brave and unruly. The figure of the gaucho is a folk symbol of Argentina, and the south of Chilean Patagonia. He lives off the land. He sleeps under the stars. He knows everything there is to know about horses and cattle. He likes to drink, hunt, dance, but he’ll never be tamed.

So, why a Gaucho ? because a gaucho knows his land, walk his land, and carry it on in his mind and heart, if someone try to attack his land or his identity, he would defend it until dead

Media coverage (social & News)

In these years of campaigns we have created a new identity, they call as “ the patagonia ambassadors” and we feel so proud and fully with this, because we fill that we are carrying our land and our flag with us when we go fighting in our boat throw regattas all over the world.
The first time this nickname appears was about one year ago in this local newspaper

full article:

Another news about our team

Support to Local sailing schools, New generation

Our project aims to reach outstanding results for the first time in history for a Patagonian Sailing team.

A big part of our mission is to leave a message for future generations: why not try dreaming with something big ? Patagonian sailors are skilled and hard to beat opponents, mainly due to being habituated to sailing with cold waters, and hard wind conditions. There’s an old saying in our sport that goes “A smooth Sea and soft breeze never made a skilled sailor”.

One of the main categories around the world in which kids sail is Optimist International as we explained before most of our team is or has been a sailing coach in the region main schools, so at the end of our adventure we would like to host and event in Bariloche, for all the kids sailing in Patagonia region .

The plan is hosting a Sailing Campus in wich we will dictate a regatta clinic on our expense, and do some talks telling about our experience and how NounsDAO helped to make the dream come true.

For this event we’ll be buying 10 Optimist sails with a Nouns design, bellow there are some ideas


We aim to host an inspiring sailing event in Bariloche, where our team will share our love of sailing with the future sailors of the region. We are committed to hosting an event that will inspire young people to pursue their dreams and learn to sail, while also promoting environmental sustainability and community engagement. We will organize the event entirely on a pro-bono basis, and we hope that you will join us in this exciting initiative.

Event description:

Our event will take place over a weekend in December and will feature a range of activities designed to inspire and educate young sailors. We will host open talks about our experience as sailors, sharing our stories and insights with the attendees. We will also invite each sailing club from Patagonia to send their top two Optimist sailors to compete in a regatta, where they will have the chance to showcase their skills and learn from each other.

In addition to the regatta, we will host a J24 sailing experience for the kids, where they will have the opportunity to sail with us and experience the thrill of racing firsthand. As a gift to the competitors, we will provide ten new Optimist sails, each branded with our Nouns logos, so that the competitors can compete at their best. These sails will be used not only during the event but also in the main sailing cities of Patagonia were they will be distributed by the sailors of the event, helping to promote Nouns brand across the region.

We are committed to promoting environmental sustainability and community engagement, and we believe that this event will have a lasting impact on the future of sailing in the region, inspiring young people to pursue their passion for the sport and fostering a sense of community and collaboration among the sailing clubs of Patagonia.


We believe that this event will have a lasting impact on the future of sailing in the region, inspiring young people to pursue their passion for the sport and fostering a sense of community and collaboration among the sailing clubs of Patagonia. Nouns will benefit from exposure to a large and engaged audience of sailing enthusiasts, both at the event and through our marketing efforts. Nouns logo will be prominently displayed on the Optimist sails provided to the competitors, ensuring high visibility for the brand both on and off the water.

We are committed to making this event a success.

Nouns Branding

As part of the hole project we’ll be designing Nouns branded products to give away to participants of the different activities that we’ll be participating in. We’ll be providing branded products such as T-shirts, hats, Argentinian Mates and Chocolate, yes Nouns chocolate! creating a sense of unity and belonging among the event participants, while also ensuring that Nouns logo and message is visible to a wider audience.

Pirates spirit - Mate & Mate cups

Mate is a traditional South American drink that is particularly popular in Argentina. It is made from the dried leaves of the yerba mate plant, which is native to the region. Mate is typically prepared in a gourd or mate cup and sipped through a metal straw, known as a bombilla.

Mate is an important part of Argentine culture and is deeply ingrained in the social fabric of the country. It is often shared among friends and family during social gatherings, and many Argentines drink mate on a daily basis, either alone or with others. The ritual of sharing mate has become a symbol of friendship, hospitality, and camaraderie, and is an important aspect of Argentine identity.

In addition to its social significance, mate is also known for its health benefits. It is high in antioxidants and contains several vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium. Mate is also said to have energizing and mood-enhancing effects, and is sometimes used as a natural alternative to coffee.

Overall, mate is an important part of Argentine culture and has become a symbol of community and shared experience. Such as Nouns Community proposes, that’s why as part of the proposal We’ll be making 100 Mates such as the ones shown above (of which we’ve already made some prototypes).


One of our first sponsors was Mamuschka chocolates, one of the highest quality chocolate factories in the country, and like us, it is originally from Bariloche. That is why we want to produce a special edition chocolate for Nouns in partnership with Mamuschka. One hundred top quality bars will be made for this project all numbered and unique each with a different Nouns traits. This bars will be traded with every Nounish member we run across on our activities.

Road map

20 May - 10 June

  • Presenting Proposal to Nouns getting voted, and hopefully funded.

10 June - 30 June

  • Getting sails and clothes and equipment themed as Nouns.
  • Getting tickets and accommodation.
  • Making the Nouns Mates

1 July - 30 of July

  • Booking the boat we´ll be renting for greece.
  • Getting our new Nouns Clothes designed and done.
  • Making te Nouns Chocolate Bars.

1 August - 4 September

  • Training and getting all the details ready for Greece.

5 September - 18 September

  • Travelling to Greece and getting the boat ready and training in Greek Waters (5-8)
  • Competing in the World Championship and generating Nouns Content (9 - 15)
  • Dismantle the boat and returning to Argentina.

20 September - 1 December

  • Preparing the Nouns Patagonia Sailing Campus.

1 December - 15 December

  • Hosting the event in at the Club Nautico Bariloche.

This Road map does not include all the previus regattas we’ll be participating in mencioned above


$10,000 Flights Tickets and accommodation costs in Greece
$6,000 Boat rental
$2,000 Getting our sails and boat plotted with Nouns design
$2,000 Team uniform with Nouns design (racing t-shirts, after race shirts, racing shorts, and racing vests)
$2,000 Small souvenirs to proliferate Nouns (matte cups, burgee flags, etc)
$4,000 Help local kids with new sails for optimist dinghies

Total: $26,000

TataPatagonia eth: 0xd09328022cd9f02c6e6a8ccfc8d5342b9ce57fc6


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