Sponsor Sunny Pires Nouns Pro Surfer 2023 Championship

Sunny Pires Nouns Waves Pro Surfer 2023 Championship


Sponsoring the Pro-surfer Sunny Pires during his Competing year.

Who is Sunny Pires?

Sunny Pires is a 17-year-old Pro-Surfer who grew up in Búzios, Rio de Janeiro- BR. Sunny’s dad, Charles, is the local lifeguard and has taught him all about Surf since he was a little kid, even naming him after the legendary Hawaiian surfing champion of the 1970s, Sunny Garcia.

3x champion Hang Loose Surf Attack

2x Champion Rip Curl Grom Search

Vice-champion Brazilian tour under 14

Champion Pena Little Monster under 12

Top 9 Carioca Professional of 2022

6x time Champion Rio de Janeiro State under 18

Sunny Pires and Nouns Waves

Rickyday, a member of NounsBR community and Gnars Community, introduced Sunny to Nouns DAO and submitted a sponsorship proposal to NounsBR. NounsBR funded Sunny with 2 ETH and Nouns Waves has started. The money was used to travel to competitions in Brazil.
NSFW Sponsored Sunny with 6 ETH to go to Hawaii for 2 month training.

Sunny comes from a humble background, and his parents struggle to fund his travels to compete. Most of the time, they give up on certain championships because of the cost. Sunny’s coach is his dad and Rickyday is helping him with all nounish social media and marketing strategies for a better Nouns Culture delivery. We all believe in his potential to be on top of the world surf league!

Please, see below some of the media coverage and results during the NounsBR sponsorship and Hawaii Season.

  1. Announcement of sponsorship https://www.instagram.com/p/CillnidNsqH/

  2. First championship with NounsBr noggles at Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro. https://www.instagram.com/p/CjRBF0TM31q/

  3. Second and third championships at Quisamã and Saquarema beach, Rio de Janeiro. https://www.instagram.com/p/CkMO-LlMw3f/

  4. Official recognition by the Mayor of Búzios as a new prodigy! And noggles hat!



  1. Six time champion of the state of Rio de Janeiro under 18 years old.


  2. Sunny Pires surfing video with Nouns branding. This video is for global viewers. It has English subtitles and QRcode at the end leading viewers to NounsBR website. We aim to bring more web2 people to the web3 ecosystem.
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CmuoNMmKgTK/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

NSFW Sponsored Hawaii Season!

What happened during does month with Sunny Pires at Hawaii.

First, please follow his medias, Instagram and Twitter:

IG https://www.instagram.com/sunnypires_oficial/
twt: https://twitter.com/SunnyPires

It was 45 days with Sunny in Hawaii, he came back 8 of march to Brazil.
Here it is his thanks for the support of Nouns family!
Portuguese and English

We were Tagging in all our media @nounsDAO and @Nounsbr, His main followers are Brazilian, so it is important to tag a portuguese channel to make easy the curiosity and onboarding new people from web2.

We Hired a professional surf Film maker to make the Teaser and the film of his Hawaii Season, with a focus on Nouns Brand.

He struggled all year to travel every month to compete and this was an amazing opportunity for him thank you Nouns!!

His Teaser from Hawaii

https://www.instagram.com/p/CpvkuAjOed2/ 1

Official Video is Out

NounsBR Posted at their Youtube Channel!

The complete feedback of his trip is here is at his last discourse proposal

2023 Championships Brazil and Chile.

Sunny has a Lot of championship this year and is Difficult and expensive to travel and compete for the important ones.

Would Nouns be Interested Sponsoring him again for 1 year?

Media Plan

Life style and training daily at Instragram Story.

All championship Posting at feed Video/Photo for Nouns and twitter.

We will Tag @NounsBR @NounsDAO @Nounish @Thenounsquare and @thenounsquareBR
Share all post at Discord Communities.


He will Travel with his dad/coach for all championship, His dad will do Professional Filming and Rickyday will edit/manage his medias and branding him for Nouns.
Grants asked is for him and Charles for travel competing.

Every Pro Junior is 100 USD for register.

Every WQS (world Qualifying Series) 240 USD for register.

Brazil Championship we are calculating 7 days/ championship

And 10 days for Chile.

All expenses are for 2 people Sunny and Coach/dad Charles.

Brazil Expenses:

Food 60 USD/day for 2 people.

Driving go to expenses – 200 USD / Championship.

Stay/hotel/surf camp 600 USD / Championship

Three Championship throw Brazil will need Flying Tickets: 800 USD/2 people x 3 = 2.400 USD

Chile - Iquique Expenses

Flying Tickets – 1400 USD / 2 people

Hotel expenses - 1400 USD / 10 days

Food - 1200 USD / 10 days / 2 people

Go to expenses – 300 USD/10 days

Total Cost / Championship

Surf festival Saquarema Pro Junior: 24 - 30 April – 1.220 USD

Iquique Chile Quiksilver Pro Junior: 16 - 21 May – 4.300 USD

Layback Pro Rio WQS: 6 - 11 June - 1.220 USD

Brazil Pro 1 : 10 - 13 August – 2.020 USD

Brazil Pro 2 : 24 - 27 August - 2.020 USD

Brazil Pro 3: 13 - 17 September - 2.020 USD

HD Guarujá WQS: 7 - 12 November -1.220 USD

Total Cost/ year – 14.700 USD or 8,16 ETH (1.800 USD/ ETH)

Rickyday Management/ year – 3 ETH

total Grants: 11,16 ETH

Lets Help This Kid Grow professionally !! write down his name, he will be at World Surf League Soon and Nouns can be with him!


This is nice proposal!

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Thanks!! Glad you liked!!

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Sounds fair! Is is a big opportunity to reach out pro surf events in Brazil and mainstream media.

Would love to see a bigger noggles in his surfboards tho. Sunny is a legend. Keep goin’


Great prop. Looks promising!!! I’m wondering how many people he has already spread the Nouns word, and it will be eternalized for all his life in his photos, videos, and friends. Good luck with the proposal and championships. I hope we fund this.


Thanks my friend!!
One think for sure, is that all surfer get curious about the noggles on his board and videos!
His friends circle are all professional and the noggles got their attention, just because is a new thing for them, all brands on their boards are known already, soo a new brand get their curiosity
Sunny explain the project, and people are following in!
We are getting world wide with nouns in professional surf environment!
Hope it pass!


Thanks for the feedback brother!

Lets see if this pass, I will talk with the shaper to paint an noogles at his next surfboards!


Sunny is an amazing guy and very talented.
It is a great opportunity to maintain and improve the proliferation of Nouns through sport.

We are very happy at NounsBR for having had the opportunity to participate in the beginning of this “relationship”!

Sunny is great at surfing and will definitely represent nouns very well on pro surf events!


Hi everyone!
Our schedule are getting shorter, as first championships coming at the end of april!
Would love some fedbacks…


I’d love to see it funded. You guys are doing such a great job and in the end, that’s all Nouns are about!


Great proposal, glad to see you building, Ricky!

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Hy everyone!
Next week is the first championship, we will start doing our part with medias and stuff, lets hope these prop pass so we can go to chile and do a great job there and for the rest of the year!
Go Nouns Go Sunny

Hi everyone!!
Well Sunny Pires the Pro Surfer of Nouns DAO is going to compete Live at World Surf Ligue in 2hrs from now!

Would be awesome to see the Nouns community comment and give him the vibe!
At the youtube link you can comment anytime! just send your vibe there!
It will be 12hrs Brazil time.

Go Sunny

Link at youtube for comment lets support him!

Link of wsl (world Surf League) Official

Link of his proposal for at discourse for sponsor his year! Would be nice your support there!

Gnars and Nouns BR meet at World Surf League Championship at Saquarema!

He went until Round 3, almost got it!
Well Internatinal surf championship with lot of quality surfers. lets see next time!
Here is his post with noggles and about the Heat.

The event of Iquique was canceled in Chile, soo I wil rewrite the proposal with new ideas and new agenda Thanks Everyone