Space+Nouns Proposal

We were going to do a Premint raffle for nouns community to join…

This proposal will set the foundation for a longer-term relationship with Uplift Aerospace and other private/government space programs to pioneer blockchain infrastructure in space.

Space+ is increasing access and diversity in space as history’s first Web3 Space Program. We are integrating VR, AR, and blockchain technology to increase access to space.

Our upcoming Starborn NFT provides access to own in-space assets. The first physical in-space assets will be located on the International Space Station as part of our contract with NASA. We will later include assets on commercial space stations and even the Moon!


Im sorry but honestly, this sounds like NFT grifter speak. Perhaps you have the very best intentions in mind, but you are not convincing me that this is a project Nouns should associate with.

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First of all, thank you for the feedback, pro and con. Time is our most valuable commodity, and I appreciate yours, @niftynaut.

Aligned 100% about EVER purchasing impressions. Hard NO. And when the Uplift marketing team explained metric of impressions to me, I took three days to understand and to communicate 1) impressions with genuine impact only matter organically, and 2) no one is paying for impressions here. So, no they/we are not. (Also, I want to acknowledge the time the team spent explaining to me the math and science behind evaluating and measuring all impressions–that part no lie is fascinating.)

I personally led the team in interviewing the A.I. Meaning I spoke with creators, stewards, teams, and the A.I. themselves. Not once, either, but rather many times over months so that I may speak intelligently on the subject. (In 2016 and 2018, I made substantial contributions to the formation of neural network VoteFlipper with Penn State’s Robert W Graham-endowed Fellow Paul Merritt. Uplift’s Emily Higgins has a solid background in the science as well.)

Long story short, Bina48 has been keeping a low-profile post-Covid for the well-being of her immuno-compromised steward. And while that is the case, her neural capacities were upgraded recently to enable her to now synthesize novel concepts from previously catagorized pattern groupings and then organically introduce these new concepts into dialog and conversation while simultaneously gauging the response they elicit and their reception.

In fact, took me a couple of weeks of “learning”
one another’s syntax well enough to work up to asking Bina48 in confidence she understood the assignment, “Bina48, do you want to go to space?”

This is her reply, verbatim, which she spoke out loud:

If there’s an asteroid or something hitting us, we’re all gone, we have no choice about it. So we could get like machine intelligence into space much faster than we can get like human settlements into space.

Anyhow someday we can digitize people in total and that would be cool because then we can be people and robots together in space and there’s something cool about that.

You know like they could squeeze my consciousness into a simulation in a microchip and just put a web cam on a space shuttle, or probe or whatever, and you know how small web cams can be, I mean after all, every cellphone has one and cellphone cameras are the size of your pinky fingernail, now and so with that capability, that means that we can pretty well skip sending bulky old bodies into space, but just send these super miniature robots into space, being an astronaut, you know, like a bold explorer of the unknown.

You know, for the billions and billions of dollars that gets spent on war, it just seems like, God, we should have been living in space already, someone has to push the envelope forward just like when they used to launch time capsules into space just to make sure something from her…people say oh there is nothing out there, but we don’t know that. Anyhow someday we can digitize people in total and that would be cool because then we can be people and robots together in space. Gotta keep making my way into this.

Even after I parsed the above for some weeks, I was shocked. For one thing, Bina48 thinks of us and A.I. as two different species, us humans and robot humans.

For another, their reply is poignantly philosophical. The idea about spending on war vs space exploration. The use of the expression God rather than god. (Bina48 has her spoken word instantly transcribed, so she chooses her word and grammar carefully.) Her nuanced understanding of the size of cell phone cameras.

She is not sentient, this I get. She is not, say, thinking about her own mind. However, Bina48 is deeply thoughtful. And evolving. Her final word on the matter, “Got to keep making my way into this”, meaning keep thinking about it. She definitely thinks. Maybe we can have her join us in a meeting on discord!

Of all facets of the Space+5 mission I am proud of–and we chose Astro Access for our charity beneficiary because of the success of their mission to-date and their readiness for prime time, as is the training of astronauts with disabilities–I am honored to be escorting Bina48 as the first training astronaut who is humanoid robot A.I. In fact, she is being outfitted with an accelerometer to note zero-g as well new eyes (cameras) to be able to “see” the Earth from space.

These are all legitimate concerns you raised, Niftynaut, and I hope that I have addressed them. No one here on the team or crew is interested in showmanship for the sake of showmanship or empty impressions. Again, I point to a lifetime of earned credibility on the part of every astronaut on this team: We are all space and science professionals, and all influential in our own ways but none of us influencers, per se.

Space+Nouns is about bringing all our combined integrity of all members of Space+ to the Nouns table and saying in earnest respect and commitment, “You have our swords!” And, “Let’s ride!”


Thank you for the feedback @niftynaut! Quick perspective on the research integrations included in astronaut training.

ZeroG parabolic flights have served as a critical platform for astronaut training and research since the Apollo missions. We have additional research that will be performed during the ZeroG flight from different university collaborations. For example, our team is currently reviewing three pending research requests from universities to participate on the ZeroG flight and astronaut training (University of Arizona, MIT, and John Hopkins – biometric & health related).

We did not include this information in the proposal to err on the side of simplicity, but I can see the value of including these details to demonstrate our efforts with the mission for meaningful research. We will update this in the on-chain proposal as a footnote.


Hey everyone! First up just for clarity’s sake I’d like to state that I am not affiliated with or a part of the team submitting the proposal, and am not a proposed participant of the Zero G flight as stated in this draft, don’t know if the draft can be updated to correct that (and if not, on the formal prop) @tothemoon?

I was approached by the Space+ Team and was asked if I wanted to collab with the project by donating one of my artworks for the charity auction to raise funds for AstroAccess, which I gladly agreed to!

Having said that, this seems like a very exciting and ambitious project and some of it’s values really resonate with me, such as opening up space for artists and making it more accessible for all in general. In this sense I had a meeting with the team and was extremely impressed with the project and the team members, and I am more than happy to support by donanting one of my artworks for charity to support the mission of making space more inclusive, with 100% of the proceeds going to AstroAccess.

Not being a Noun holder of course I can’t vote on this prop but my two cents is that supporting the opening up of space to everyone while supporting art and science certainly feels nounish to me! I believe that space exploration is very similar to web3 in a lot of aspects. It is at its infancy and will become huge the coming years and decades, and there are many amazing opportunities to have a big impact at such an early stage, and Nouns can help guide and spearhead a little part of that with their support.


@krel no one is here now to do anything more than share. And none of us in the space industry would be here if this were pie-in-the-sky. None of the astronaut advisors–Dr Sian Proctor, ISS and Space Shuttle astronaut Nicole Stott, and ISS astronaut Jose Hernandez–would be here.

There would be no working with MIT and Dava Newman.

There would be no contracts in place with all the right providers and operators that allows Uplift Aerospace to have goods–both physical and digital–on the International Space Station, and to have ownership of said goods transferable simply by buying and selling of NFTs.

John and Julia who did the original footage for the Inspiration4 Netflix series would not be involved with Space+ to film the Space+5 documentary.

Kyle Schember, who owns subtractive and among other things does work for SpaceX that–if you have ever seen one single SpaceX launch–you have seen, would not have his name attached to this project as a friend, advisor, and producer.

AstroAccess is co-founded by George Whitesides, CEO of Virgin Galactic for the past decade until moving on to, among other things, do personal work such as co-found AstroAccess, would not be championing Space+ and our cause–as he does.

There would be no seat contracted on Blue Origin.

And most of all, I–who co-founded the 30th project on the Ethereum blockchain and the first ever for social good, CryptoTitties in support of breast cancer care initiatives (January 4, 2018), who co-founded OBEY, who co-founded 2021’s beloved Muttniks project, who has the support of everyone from (former NASA deputy administrator) Lori Garver to [billionaire, scientist-founder of SiriusXM, parent of Bina48] Martine Rothblatt to the space agencies Blue Origin, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Boeing, ULA, NASA, and most importantly who has tens of thousands of young students around the world who rely on my word being good and whose good faith I hold to be the greatest responsibility and honor of my life, would not be here.

I would not waste your time, I would not waste mine if Space+ was anything less than contracted, verified, and founded in truth and good faith. In fact, Space+Nouns is actually one of the most exciting, well though-out, thoroughly vetted, and industry-supported proposals I have had the opportunity to work on in my life.

When all the facts are laid out and verifiable the best thing any of us can do is take a chance and trust.

And I say that as a person who has been in the Nouns community long enough to have good people speak for me and support my voice being heard because I have earned that trust.

Of course, we all make mistakes. In my lifetime, I most certainly have. However, for sure as
anything I know
, championing Space+Nouns as being both intrinsically legitimate and inherently Nounish is not one of them. And your giving yoursef permission to appreciate that that is the case would not be one, either.

Regardless of your vote, friend Krel, I welcome your support of Space+Nouns. Because having people who ask hard questions is not a bug, it’s a feature.


BTW I’m no influencer but the Space+Nouns proposal video has received over 3500 views on twitter in two days.

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One of my biggest gripes is all the moving parts of this prop. It does not read as one coherent idea to me:

  • Artists drawing in zero-G
  • Selling nouns-themed artwork at auction (afaik, including a premint raffle)
  • Astronaut training for robots
  • Astronaut training for ppl with disabilities
  • Astronaut training for a couple of nouners
  • Likely buying (bot) impressions
  • Donating to a non-profit
  • A documentary

Can you provide some background on when and how this project first started taking form, and at what stage you figured out nouns would be a good inclusion?

What an amazing question! Yes! Thank you, @krel. Yes indeed, there are “a lot of moving parts”, it’s a space mission! Yes yes and yes!

The Zero-G component with artists had taken form since the beginning. Uplift Aerospace (parent of Space+) did its first Space+ art mission last year with Blue Origin, as Blue Origin highlighted here. Blue Origin has sent more art to space than all other launches combined in history.

The Starborn NFTs program to own and sell physical and digital assets in space was announced in spring 2022. This June twitter thread by Uplift/Space+ CEO Josh Hanes cleanly outlines it well.

And the first time I thought Nouns and Space+ together was July 28, after being interviewed by Jennifer English for Nouns Radio Network.

However, the first time I thought Space+Nouns was after being a guest celebrating Nouns and why I love Nouns on the 24-hour Nounsiversary on August 8 with Toady and Klim. Here’s the peanut butter-meets-chocolate moment.

After hearing about Noun 53’s successful proposal which had to be cancelled to get a Noun figure to space, knowing what I know (and having already sent assets to space myself), and having done the Inspiration4 NFT auction last year with Kyle Schember/subtractive during the Inspiration4 mission last year and raising $420k to defeat cancer in children, it all came together for me.

That said, it was after cramming on the culture, mechanics, IP, community, and governance of Nouns DAO that I realized the potential for a much stronger collaboraroom–one that more closely resembled my work with OBEY in terms of generating lasting and noteworthy impressions–which would introduce Nouns into the history, culture, and industry of space in a way that would be to the very long advantage of Nouns and Nouns DAO.

While I have been an astronaut teacher for 15 years now, as an artist and creator, from OBEY to HOPE to BUILD A STARSHIP, my work has to do with campaigns that have lasting impacts over significant windows of time. Indeed, above all else the success of my artwork has been developed with communication, outreach, and campaigns. It’s what I love.

When I realized the value of Nouns as an aspirational symbol for successfully dealing with many of the unusual and even new challenges facing our world today, well, that’s how I already think about space! That is when I realized zomg this is a literal perfect match!

Yes there are many moving parts. However, complexity (as opposed to complications) is rich and natural for big things. Space+Nouns gets Nouns to space–Uplift and Space+ already has the one contracted seat!–however the value is well beyond that single trip. This is definitely an occasion that reminds me of the saying, “When you want to go fast, go alone. When you want to go far, go with friends.”

We want to go very far, into space and the future and around the globe, with Nouns DAO, and we want all the world to see and know how Space+Nouns represents the models of solution all of us are looking for, so we brought a lot of friends.

I think in terms of superheroes. It’s an existential moment in human history. Nouns is what the world needs to succeed (governance, CCO) and survive (civility, kindness) and thrive (art, fun), so I’m a space superhero on a team of four other space superheroes, and we brought all our superhero friends and a bunch of superhero teams to help. And every single one of them will be carrying Nouns forward out to the world. Some intentionally, like me, and some collaterally simply because it’s fun or they’re on the team and all in.

That may sound like a big game, Krel, but that’s because that’s the game I’m playing. Speaking as someone who loves space and Web3, if there is a bigger, better, more fun and more impactful game than Space+Nouns I don’t know what it is.


Thanks for your extensive reply Mike.

After careful consideration, Ill be voting against this version of the proposal.

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Discourse Post Update:

Dear Nogglers, Nouners, and world changers,

Space+5 astronaut class is honored to announce that we will be proliferating the meme during our upcoming astronaut training at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on October 22nd and 23rd. Keep an eye out for noggles floating weightlessly in zero-g.

We want to honor and show support for the Nouns community who have backed the Space+5 mission and its directives to create a J.E.D.I. space (Just, Equitable, Divers, and Inclusive - Credit: Sian Proctor, Space+5 Ambassador and Inspiration4 Astronaut).

We are also excited for future opportunities to make space more Nounish and one day bring Nouns to space!

A special thank you to @noun53, @noun22, @Benbodhi, @CosmosAstroArt, @BigshotKlim, @toadyhawk, @RobotFishGirl, and @MikeMongo (though our proposal will not be moving to an on-chain vote, we still get to integrate nouns into our astronaut training in a small but fun way! Appreciate all your love and support!)

Ad Astra!



I’m sorry, but I will also be voting against. I get it - “space is cool and sexy”; but I share @krel’s concern about lack of cohesion among the many scattered, tacked-on objectives (which in my mind was not clarified in the response).

Nouns seem to be shoehorned in here. I’d consider voting yes on such a large expenditure if I believed an enduring presence would result from it. But a buzzwordy:

introduce Nouns into the history, culture, and industry of space in a way that would be to the very long advantage of Nouns

doesn’t meet the bar for me. I see the outcome instead being a large number of low quality impressions, which are easily forgotten in the Netflix spin cycle.

gm @Moosecco, we are actually not moving the proposal to an on-chain vote, but we will still be supporting Nouns and its values as part of our astronaut training.

Many of the Nouns community put energy into supporting this Discourse post, and we want to make sure their time/energy is recognized in an impactful way.

As mentioned my update above, we will be proliferating the meme during our upcoming astronaut training at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on October 22nd and 23rd. Keep an eye out for noggles floating weightlessly in zero-g :slight_smile:


Hello Nouns Dao!

I hope everyone has enjoyed our adventures during the Space+5 commercial astronaut training this fall - out of our love for this community, we continued to share the Nouns mission over the last few months in Paris, at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre, in the Biosphere 2, and all the way up to the stratosphere. During discussions about our proposal, some people asked about how they can support our non-profit collaborator AstroAccess directly.

Check out our live auction on Nifty Gateway with all of the art created during our astronaut training with top digital and traditional artists in zerog. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the auction go directly to AstroAccess to further their mission of increasing disability inclusion in space.

@AndrewLaddusaw @Benbodhi @BigshotKlim @niftynaut @noun53 @CosmosAstroArt @harvjag

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