Space+Nouns Proposal

Imagine – Nouns in Space!

We invite the Nouns community to join us in our astronaut training by embedding the Nouns meme and culture into our Space+5 mission as we prepare to go to space.


It’s literally Nouns in Space. A legitimately historic Nounish astronaut training mission, created as the first to include astronaut trainees with disabilities and the first A.I. robot training as an astronaut. Space+Nouns is a mission to change the culture, future, and definition of humanity–and Nouns!–in space.

20 Million+ impressions worldwide of Space+Nouns–with a permanent place in the history and culture of space and a solid leap forward in leading all other NFT and Web3 projects into space.

Our proposed budget of 235 ETH includes:

  • Expanding the Nouns meme, brand, culture, and assets into space’s history, culture, and industry.
  • Historic Web3 astronaut training–including the first-ever humanoid robot A.I. training as an astronaut.
  • Proliferation of the Nouns meme through the entirety of the Space+5 astronaut training will generate 20 Million+ global impressions [see footnote].
  • First-ever commercial astronaut training to be inclusive of candidates with disabilities.
  • Top NFT artists creating Noun-themed artwork in zero-g to be donated to support and advance disability inclusion in space and astronautics.

The Vision: Space+Nouns

Space+5, the first Web3 astronaut commercial crew, wants to go to space with Nouns.

Embodying the solutions to create a world worth having–art, community, abundance, inspiration, and fun–Space+ and Nouns DAO signify what is possible with Web3.

Advised and encouraged by many dedicated members of the Nouns community, Space+ has come up with a mission to fly to space together: Space+Nouns.

Our goal is for Space+5 to collaborate with Nouns and act as emissaries for Nouns and space to the world. Our space mission is a two-part journey:

Part 1: Astronaut training in zero-gravity and beyond.
Part 2: Going to space with Nouns.

First, this proposal: Part 1.

Space+Nouns: Nouns & Astronauts Training for Space

Space+ is a Web3 Space Program created by Uplift Aerospace, and Space+5 is our first astronaut commercial crew training for space. Space+5 has already secured the first flight to space for Ruben Salinas, one of the Space+5 astronauts-in-training [LINK].

Our proposal includes having famous astronauts and superstar NFT artists–as well as Bina48, the world’s first A.I. robot training as an astronaut–all join the Space+5 commercial crew on a Nouns-centered zero-gravity training flight from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

List of NFT Artists Creating Nouns-Themed Art in ZeroG

The following artists have provided letters of intent or verbal agreement to join the Space+5 astronauts at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to explore the creation of Nouns-themed space art* in weightlessness:

  • Gabe Weis - Creator of Stoics artwork.
  • Dr. Sian Proctor - Artist, geoscientist & 1st black woman spacecraft pilot on Inspiration4 mission.
  • Mike Mongo - NFT artist and OBEY co-founder, and Space+5 astronaut.
  • Parin Heidari -Timepieces artist. Ambidextrous artist who draws with both hands simultaneously through the lens of her synesthesia.
  • Nona Hendryx - Legendary disco-funk-rock recording artist and metaverse creator.
  • Rob Prior - Marvel, DC, Star Wars comic book artist.
  • Kenny Shachter - Artist, curator, writer, and NFT proponent.
  • CosmosAstroArt (Franco Meconi) - Artist, Astrophotographer. Ushering space photography into Web3.
  • MaryLiz Bender - Artist, explorer, and producer of music, shows, and films.
  • Raven Trammell - Los Angeles-based photographer and QuantumNFT artist.

*All art is being donated for auction, with 100% of proceeds going to AstroAccess.

Nouns-themed Art for Auction
While aboard the GoZeroG flight and in microgravity, artists and astronauts will produce Nouns-themed artwork to be turned into exclusive NFTs. The original Nouns-themed NFTs will be auctioned–with all proceeds going to benefit the AstroAccess nonprofit to provide zero-g and astronaut training for people with mobility, hearing, and sight disabilities who have traditionally been barred from space training.

Global Impact

In terms of publicity, Space+Nouns astronaut training will generate awareness for Nouns DAO in the viewership range of 20 Million+ impressions worldwide. The mission will be promoted by Space+5’s media partner, 97th Floor (LINK). We project the mission’s actual flight to space, and the historic nature of A.I. humanoid robot Bina48 becoming an astronaut, will receive an additional 80 Million impressions. This projection is based on data from the case study provided by Inspiration4, which received 135 Billion global impressions [see footnote].

Space+Nouns is an experience. Gabe Weis and other acclaimed NFT artists [curated list above], astronaut Dr. Sian Proctor, and Bina48 will float weightlessly on the GoZeroG flight wearing Noggles and creating Nouns art. With the artwork, photos, and videos produced onboard the flight at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center event, Space+Nouns will kickstart the proliferation and embedding of Nouns and the Nouns meme into the culture, industry, and history of space exploration.


Impact for Good

The philanthropic directive of the mission is to support a J.E.D.I. multiplanetary future (Just, Equitable, Diverse, Inclusive – Credit: Space+5 advisor Astronaut Dr. Sian Proctor):

  • As part of the astronaut training, Space+ is collaborating with the nonprofit AstroAccess and the University of Arizona’s Center for Human Space Exploration (CHaSE) to create the first-ever astronaut training program for astronaut candidates with disabilities* [see links].
  • The Space+5 astronaut training allows 3 ambassadors from AstroAccess to join the first commercial astronaut training specifically developed to include people with disabilities to undergo astronaut training and prepare for space flight.
  • The GoZeroG flight will include 10 artists who will create physical and digital artwork in a weightless environment, which will later be auctioned off with 100% of the proceeds benefiting AstroAccess.

Space+Nouns Opportunity

  • Mission Branding & Storytelling.
    • Co-branded Space+Nouns mission patch (physical & animated digital).
    • Nouns branding on Space+5 astronaut flight suits.
    • Nouns featured in all phases of the Space+5 astronaut training through 2023–including photo opps, podcasts, video interviews, television, newspapers, audio rooms, magazines, speaking engagements, and all special events. The mission will be promoted by Space+5’s media partner, 97th Floor (LINK).
  • Space+ Documentary. The Nouns DAO and Nouns community members will be featured in a documentary about the Space+Nouns mission. Space+ is working with the same team who filmed the Inspiration4 documentary that was later picked up by Netflix (LINK).
  • Nouns Astronaut Training. Two seats for the Nouns community to join astronaut training events–including GoZeroG weightlessness training by NASA astronauts and spacesuit and spacecraft training at the Biosphere2 in conjunction with the Center for Human Space Exploration.
  • Historical Milestone: Nouns DAO will be the first project to enable a Web3-focused astronaut training program, the first A.I. humanoid robot (Bina48) to train as a commercial astronaut, and the first NFT community to receive significant coverage and exposure as being essential to the foundation of an actual space mission.

BONUS: Historic Research

The Space+Nouns mission will empower a multiplanetary future by furthering research on the value of A.I. technology for space exploration:

  • Assessing & documenting A.I. Bina48’s spaceflight readiness level and mission value.
  • Inquiry into A.I. algorithms that support future long-term human-crewed space missions.
  • Developing Bina48’s locomotive and sensory abilities in space environments.

The Mission (Long Version)

  • Space+Nouns Zero-G Training & Mission Kick-Off (October 22, 2022 - AM): Space+5 Nounified crew–Mike Mongo, Sydney Hamilton, Joan Melendez-Misner, Trent Tresch, and Ruben Salinas, along with A.I. humanoid robot Bina48, Inspiration4 Astronaut Dr. Sian Proctor, Gabe Weis, and other world-renowned NFT artists, as well as several AstroAccess ambassador astronaut trainees. All will embark on weightlessness training together from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, FL, aboard a parabolic flight with our contracted partner, GoZeroG. Nouns-themed art will be created by the artists during the microgravity training flight–with all art created during the flight being made into NFTs to be auctioned off and all proceeds being donated to the AstroAccess nonprofit. Space+ advisor, Kyle Schember’s Subtractive, raised $420,000 for the Inspiration4 with a similar auction during the Inspiration4 mission, September 15-18, 2021.
  • Space+Nouns Auction Kick-off Event at Kennedy Space Center’s Hall of Astronauts (October 22, 2022 - PM): Space+5, Nouns, NFT artists, Dr. Sian Proctor, and a myriad of NFT and space community guests will be present for a high-profile event outlining the Space+Nouns collaboration, NFT auction, and documentary filming. Includes unveiling the official Space+Nouns mission patch & the astronaut class’ call signs.
  • Space+Nouns human spaceflight training at University of Arizona’s Center for Human Space Exploration (November 17-21, 2022): Nouns, the Space+5 crew, AI humanoid robot Bina48, Dr. Sian Proctor, and AstroAccess ambassadors will head to the University of Arizona’s Center for Human Space Exploration. The training will be held at the legendary Biosphere2 (think Brendan Fraser and Pauly Shore’s Bio-Dome–with Noggles). Our mission goal for this historic training will be the first commercial astronaut training created to include individuals with disabilities to further disability inclusion in space and the first training astronaut who is humanoid robot A.I.
  • NOUNS IN SPACE (2023): One seat for Ruben Salinas is already contracted and paid for to go to space aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard spaceship–a similar flight profile as the original NASA Mercury space missions. Space+ is presently working on flying all five members of Space+5 to space.

About the Space+5

Space+5 is a five-person astronaut class pioneering culture in space through historic activations focusing on 3 key pillars: Science, Art, and Philanthropy. The Space+5 includes Ruben Salinas, Sydney Hamilton, Mike Mongo, Trent Tresch, and Joan Melendez-Misner. Ruben Salinas is the first Space+5 astronaut candidate selected for our upcoming spaceflight with Blue Origin.

The five individuals that form the Space+5 astronaut class are a diverse group from the Web3 community, who each uniquely represent the essential belief that space is for everyone. The Space+5 are training as commercial astronauts to accompany an A.I. to space while exploring the limits of human creative and technological capabilities.

For the Space+5 philanthropic mission directive, the mission is to raise funds for a phenomenal non-profit called AstroAccess, advancing disability inclusion opportunities in space. 100% of donations raised, both artwork and cryptocurrency, will be donated to AstroAccess.

The Space+5 mission follows in the footsteps of the Inspiration4 all-civilian astronaut mission and aims to generate awareness around the benefits of Web3 and A.I. for space exploration. The Space+5 mission started by launching an NFT project to fund the mission, which was initially going to send just one astronaut to space. The community selected five astronaut candidates and lobbied to send all five to space. With the support of Nouns DAO and other sponsors, we can make this vision a reality.

Meet the Space+5 Astronaut Class

MIKE MONGO: NFT artist and co-founder of OBEY Mike Mongo is the author of The Astronaut Instruction Manual, host of Mike Mongo’s Astronaut Adventures on YouTube, and founder of Astronaut Job Camp at SaxaVord Spaceport.

RUBEN SALINAS: Ruben “Lightyear” Salinas is a Latino medtech serial entrepreneur, government advisor, and activist supporting underrepresented leaders in life sciences.

JOAN MELENDEZ-MISNER: Joan is a noted TikTok and Instagram space STEAM advocate and an Integration Engineer at NASA working on space & asteroid planetary defense missions.

SYDNEY HAMILTON: Sydney is a rocket scientist with Boeing and the first African-American to win the Space & Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) Promise Award.

TRENT TRESCH: Trent is a founder of the University of Arizona’s Center for Human Space Exploration who flight-tests hardware, builds spacesuits, and trains others in spacecraft egress.

Space+ Mission Control

Josh Hanes - CEO
Emily Higgins - Director of Space+
Caroline Geraghty - Director of Astronaut Experiences
Jeffrey Johnson - Director of Operations
Eric Willeitner - Director of Engineering

Space+ Advisors

Dr. Sian Proctor - Astronaut, First Black woman to pilot a spacecraft, and NFT artist.
Kyle Schember (aka Subtractive) - film producer, Muttniks co-creator, led Inspiration4’s St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital NFT auction raising $420K to defeat cancer in children.
CL7 - Art Dealer, Collector, Investor.
Chris Bennett - Investor, collector, founder of 97th Floor.

University of Arizona Collaboration for Astronaut Training
First A.I. Robot Training as an Astronaut
Astronaut Training for People with Disabilities

Our Ask & Budget Breakdown

To produce Space+Nous, we are asking for a total of 235 ETH.

Included in the Ask:

  • Career NASA and commercial astronauts proliferating the meme in zero-g and into space culture at the NASA Kennedy Space Center. 3ETH
  • Noggles floating in zero-g with A.I. humanoid robot and the Space+5 astronaut class: Free (Nods and thanks to BigShotKlim)
  • Accommodations for Bina48 team & Web3 artists creating Nounish artwork in zero-g, with 100% of the profits from the artwork donated to AstroAccess: 15ETH
  • Nounish Noggle prop/banner for the private dinner at the Kennedy Space Center introducing the Space+5 mission patch and astronaut’s call signs: 1ETH
  • Training an astronaut who is A.I. in a zero-g environment. Assessing readiness levels for space flight. Includes chartered zero-g flight for Bina48, Bina48 tech team, Space+5 AstroAccess Ambassadors: 107.6ETH
  • Customized spacesuit & astronaut training program for people with disabilities. Co-sponsored by the University of Arizona’s Center for Human Space Exploration: 92.95ETH
  • Digital marketing campaign for “Space+Nouns” (managed by 97th Floor and advised by Chris Bennett): 15.45ETH

*Global Impressions Footnotes

These are the numbers used to support our estimated 20 Million+ impressions projection:

  1. The Inspiration4 space mission received over 135 Billion impressions throughout its mission–from announcement to training and spaceflight (LINK). Space+’s goal for the entire Space+5 mission is to generate at least .074% or 100 Million of that number–with 20% of impressions generated during the GoZeroG weightlessness training at NASA Kennedy Space Center.
  2. The inclusion of Bina48, history’s first A.I. training as an astronaut, as well as the addition of noted NFT artists and astronauts amplifying the Space+Noun’s mission, reinforces that the 20 Million+ impressions are readily attainable through the combination of social media, press, interviews, and video and documentary inclusion.
  3. Space+5 crew members and team members are influencers on Twitter and Instagram (particularly Mike Mongo, Joan Melendez-Misner, and astronaut Dr. Sian Proctor). For example, Joan has multiple posts on TikTok & Instagram that have received millions of views (@yourfemaleengineer). The promotion of the astronaut training through the individual members, Space+, and participating Web3 and space industry communities will further amplify the global impression reach for the Space+Nouns mission.
  4. Cross-promotion from participating NFT artists at the zero-g event will build significant awareness for the Space+Nouns mission and philanthropic cause.
  5. The astronaut training will also benefit from cross-promotion from our project collaborators, including Lenovo, Coinbase NFT, and the University of Arizona.

Social Media Reference: For comparable social media promotions, the Space+ cost per impression on Twitter was approximately $0.003.* For Space+ to do a direct social media campaign in October and November to achieve 20 Million+ impressions, the cost would be roughly $60k. As mentioned briefly, Space+ is contracting 97th Floor, a top digital marketing company, to run social media and comms. We are confident that the highly-engaging media produced during astronaut training will lead to a cost per impression lower than the $0.003 above.

*Space+ does very little social media promotion and focuses on organic impressions, and this section provides a reference point for the effectiveness of Space+’s promotional engagements.

Thank You, Nouns Friends and Nouns Community

Nouns_Mike Mongo

Benbodhi - For inspiring the initial Space+Nouns vision between Mike Mongo, Toady, and Noun53 in the Nouns Town Hall 24-hour Twitter Spaces.

Noun53 - For believing in the Space+ vision of bringing and proliferating Nouns in space.

Noun22 - For powerful proposal feedback, guidance, and support during the process.

BigshotKlim ( - For creating and sending the incredible custom-Mike Mongo Noggles for the Space+5 for astronaut training and to bring to space.

Toady - For feedback and support of our proposal and the fantastic Mike Mongo Noun artwork!


Outstanding initiative with IRL utility that has the potential to change the world! Let’s gooooooooo….


I got to read through this and I really like the idea. It’s very unique, provides cool proliferation that feels on-brand for Nouns. Hope to see it on chain someday soon.


Thank you Andrew! Really appreciate your feedback and support. :rocket:


I am so excited to partner with the NounsDAO community. What better way to reach for new heights for Web3 :rocket:


Thank you for the support! As Mike Mongo said today, this proposal will genuinely change the history, culture, and industry of space :rocket:


It’s astounding to me that these are the types of projects we get to build as a community. We have the chance to impact science, art and history like never before! How exciting!!


I can not think of a more NOUNish thing for the Dao to fund. Besides the enormous potential for global proliferation, the level of inclusivity and public good this project would align with NOUNs is out of this world. The journey and stories of these heroes will live on longer than any of us and I think that having the Dao be a part of it is an amazing opportunity.


We live in an incredible time! Can’t wait to see Noggles in zero-g!


:saluting_face: :rocket: :sparkles:

Thank you for the support BigshotKlim!


Ask and you shall receive fellow Space Traveler :rocket:


I’ve been working with the Space+ team on this proposal and have spoken extensively with them about their plans for their space mission. I believe they are sincere and determined in making this mission a success and that there is no better sponsor and partner to do it with them than Nouns DAO. I previously tried to get a Noun figurine to space and ended up scrapping the mission, but this proposal is way more impactful and meaningful. This is a chance to make history and to do something unique and Nounish for the space industry and for the world!


Love this. Grateful for your support throughout the process @noun53. Also excited to have this be the symbolic completion of the initial noun community vision of getting the Noun figurine in space.

Additional: We need someone to send us the Noun figurine so we can bring it to the astronaut training at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and have it be the zero gravity indicator. @BigshotKlim maybe you can help with this?


I am more than happy to help with the development, fiel prep and execution of a 1/1 figure or possibly a small run, but we would need to get the timing dialed in. TO expedite I can get some basic quotes and then get retrofunding or something similar. Whatever you guys decide I am in.


This feels like a stunt.

While i think space, and space research/development, is very nounish, I’m not sure how nounish it is to play around in zero-G. Nounish != lavish.

For example: Even if the funding would only amount to initial baby steps, I would rather spend 200e on a team who did meaningful work towards establishing a moon base or such.

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@krel baby steps is the way. When I started in the space industry 15 years ago, these steps did not even exist. Today, the opportunity to on-ramp and begin a Nouns commitment to being part of the history, culture, and future of space is available to all of us in this way.

I agree 100%: this could certainly have the potential to be a stunt. Which is the entire point of choosing to partner with the five of us and Space+.

By partnering with the five career space professionals who all have established legitimacy in the space industry, and a group of people willing to commit with intelligence, compassion, and integrity to Nouns DAO, we can side-step any shenanigans and insure that this mission does a phenomenal job of representing Nouns, Nouns Dao, and the entire global Nouns community in its first genuine space mission.

What I can promise is that Space+Nouns will deliver a fun and high-value ride to space before, during, and following this mission, introducing Nouns to the space community worldwide, and most importantly integrating Nouns in the fabric of space culture in a way that has ongoing value and integrity.

We are working with my friend Dava Newman at MIT, for instance, the director of MIT’s Media Lab to test experimental wearable tech on our mission. The outreach and penetration of Space+Nouns as a proposal is such that our goal is to communicate its guaranteed value, short-term (space!) and long-term (Nouns relationship with space now having real foundation) and the integrity of everyone involved, as well as the integrity of the mission itself.

That’s the best I can offer, our reputation as space professionals and all our good standing in the global space community as well as Web3 and art. This is the core of what is being offered here in proposing we unite in bringing Nouns to space–for the FIRST time!–and in doing so showcase and model how something both important and relevant also gets to be fun.

Also: We get to encourage kids to send art to space! Imagine all the kids who will now think Noun thoughts when thinking of space! That thought alone makes me all happy again–kids doing space art with Nouns! Pow pow pow!


Team work makes the dream work!

We’re building Space+ not only for our holders but for every future astronaut and space enthusiast in the galaxy so they can see a version of themselves in our shared mission for a better Earth through space. What’s more nounish than that?


@krel, we make dreams come true. Uplift Aerospace is exactly the team you’re looking for and Space+ is just the first step to exactly what you’re talking about.

Learn more about Luna-Crete here:
TL;DR: Uplift is pioneering technology capable of manufacturing concrete on the lunar surface.
So we’re not just here for a good time, we will also be here for a long time.

What sets our project apart is our established partnerships and collaborations in the aerospace industry.

This proposal will set the foundation for a longer-term relationship with Uplift Aerospace and other private/government space programs to pioneer blockchain infrastructure in space.

We’ve got incredibly BIG plans, Nounish some would say.


I just love this!
I never dreamed of this becoming such an impactful initiative when I first linked our back to back guests on The Noun Square 24hr Nouniversary space back on 8/8/2022. I did however feel very strongly about Nounish representation in the space community as it is something that captures the wonder and imagination of all ages and anything impactful that happens is a lifetime memory.

This proposal has the potential to really show off Nouns in a way that I don’t think we’ve seen before, encompassing modern tech, modern thinking and space itself. What a wild ride it will be.

Having spoken with key members of the team multiple times, I feel like it’s a great crew of passionate professionals who will represent Nouns in one of the best ways possible.

this prop covers the original space prop from @noun53 and much more. I’m so ecstatic that it is coming to fruition and look forward to seeing all of this unfold.

Great work frens!

As @MikeMongo would say, POW POW POW!


I don’t feel strong about this prop. It reads more that some people want to have fun in an airplane and had the idea to put noggles on.

What I like about the prop:

  • First time heard about AstroAccess. I would be happy to support AstroAccess directly.

  • very diverse team.

What I don’t like about the prop:

  • I don’t think we should buy impressions for social media just to have 20M (bot) views or whatever. If we want to buy impressions I would rather invest in making a big NOUNS advertisement in the NYT.

  • It seems that BINA48 is a bit decommissioned as it’s wikipedia page states that the last public appearance was in 2020 and the last media appearance was in 2019. I feel strong about supporting science, I don’t feel strong about supporting a chatbot system from 2010. This seems more that the chatbot needs an update and nouns shall pay for it. I would rather support AI research projects directly than having a robot head and shoulder floating around.

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