[Small Grants Request]: PocketNouns Shopify Store

GM to the Nouns Community from the Rat Pack :rat: (metamonk & soondooboop)!

This is our first small grants request (and Discourse post) and are excited to dive right in.

Mission: Kickstart Nounish Shopify store selling pocket tees. Explore memeability of pockets + Nouns to create clothing products with a little extra Nounishness.
Budget: 2.5Ξ

What We Are Requesting
We are requesting a Small Grant of 2.5 ETH to kickstart the funding of a digital storefront that sells pocket tees with Nouns printed inside the pocket, broadly referred to as PocketNouns (@PocketNouns). The first iteration of this format feature OffNouns (@OffNouns), “offul” Nouns that have a bit of an attitude problem.

You can say that Offul Nouns are like normal Nouns that are just, well…off:

Some examples of Offul Nouns

Each one features a Noun giving you “the bird” or middle finger represented with 7 additional pixels forming the hand (inspired by OG Gnars from GnarsDAO).

“Creation of aDamn”

These Offul Nouns will only be visible from the head up when placed inside the pocket of a tee (to avoid being Offensive :wink: ) since most of the artwork will be underneath the fabric of the pocket. Here is part of the meme format as it was posted on Twitter:

@PocketNoun PFP

Why We are Requesting
The biggest bottleneck in terms of production is cutting out each individual OffNoun from the heat transfer paper by hand (lots of tiny right-angles). We hope to start producing these more efficiently through the usage of tools and equipment better suited to this process.

In addition to the production inefficiencies, we aim to set up a self-sustaining storefront that will require no additional funding from the DAO to operate. Later, we also plan to pilot Nounable with similar products.

We believe that this is an appropriate place to start for this type project and would be a good example of relatively lost cost bootstrap operation for nounish physicals. Profits from the store will be reinvested to source more materials and blanks to create additional units of product.

Many requests were received to produce custom PocketNouns so we would like to meet this demand by providing an interface to customize your own PocketNoun on the Shopify store.

We also hope that this will be a format that can be applied to other types of Nouns and inspire the community to explore more ways to create “nounables”, or particularly nounish physicals.

What We’ve Done So Far Leading Up To This Request
Samples were made to demonstrate the print technique and the memeability of the shirts:

“Bomb Squad” PocketNoun | Batch Zero | daylight.xyz PocketNoun

The initial batch were shared to some notable individuals such as Nouners Brennan & Gami (and featured in the latest video drop from Nounish!), @bobbyhundreds (Adam Bomb Squad & The Hundreds), and a few others:

IRL proliferation of “Bomb Squad” PocketNoun to @bobbyhundreds

Gami rocking “Noun 189” PocketNoun on latest @nounish drop

So far, the reception from those who have seen these shirts have been one of joy, delight and surprise, many times followed by a request to purchase more.

Cost Breakdown

  • Cricut Maker® 3 + Everything Materials Bundle ($479.99): Used to cut and pattern various materials. Includes accessories and tools to be able to handle a variety of use cases. Will be the main equipment needed to cut out printed designs with accuracy and precision. Most popular amongst creators on Etsy.
  • Cricut EasyPress™ 3, 9" x 9" + Essentials Iron-On Bundle ($249.99): This equipment will be used to heat press on the designs to the shirts.
  • Pocket T-Shirt Blanks ($700): This budget is allocating 50 shirts of various sizes at $14 apiece. This is typical price of the shirts for the quality we are looking for (super soft cotton blend). If we are able to get cheaper ones of comparable quality, more can be purchased.
  • Miscellaneous Materials (~$300): Heat transfer papers, color printer ink, etc.
  • 1 Year Subscription for Shopify Basic ($180): This is the subscription we need to open the store and begin receiving orders.
  • 50x Tab Locking Mailers ($130): Quality boxes good to ship single or multiple shirts.
  • Additional Packaging ($160): Noggle stickers on the box, QR code sticker linking back to nouns.wtf, and labeling for PocketNouns logo.
  • Customization of Shopify Site Design + Development ($1000)

Requested Transaction:
2.5 ETH to ratlabs.eth

Thank you for taking the time to read our first post! Very much looking forward to reading and responding to your comments and feedback.

The Rat Pack :rat:


I absolutely love my pocket Taco Supreme! great quality shirts and greater quality dudes.

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Appreciate the kind words Klim, we need more Taco Supreme!

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I dig it. How can I get one?!

Thanks @BaguHanto! We’ve completed our initial prototype batch and have already distributed them.

We’ve added you to the list so you’ll be the first to know if we are able to get things going. This request will be the kickstart we need to start making the next batch.

On launch, you’ll be able to order it directly from the store website.

Stay tuned!

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