[Small Grants Request]: A MetaCartel Produced Movie


I’m making a feature film about an Uber driver who picks up an Assassin. This movie will be funded via a Mirror.xyz crowdfund and will be available on YouTube on completion with plans for a Netflix release after.

I’m reaching out to the Nouns community to fund part of the upcoming crowdfund (min target of 23 ETH) with 4 ETH and become producers of the movie.

I’ve made two short films on YouTube. I wrote, directed, shot, and edited them myself.

One of those films has 3k views organically on YouTube: Predator (2022) - Fan Film - YouTube

The Nouns community has already made waves for being one of the first DAOs to back a film (Calladita). Backing this project solidifies Nouns as a rising force in the #Film3 movement and pushes the boundary on what web3 communities can do.

Thank you for reading and I’m here to answer questions as they arise.