Small Grants: Podcast Producers


Ξ 0.75/pod (payable every 3 pods) to fund editing, producing, and distributing the Noun O’ Talk pod


Matthew and Brileigh are Nouns enthusiasts who have co-hosted and produced podcasts for Juicebox and RAW DAO. Past guests for The Juicecast include dropnerd from SharkDAO, Kenbot from StudioDAO, and Pablo and Kori from MoonDAO. They have also produced Web3 Galaxy Brain and Solidity Galaxy Brain hosted by nnnnicholas.

As writers they’ve also produced Nounish content like this article on the JB blog about SharkDAO: :shark: SharkDAO: A Sub-DAO Raising Funds to Participate in the Nouns Ecosystem



  1. Removing silence and dead air
  2. Manually removing filler words (”umm,” “like,” “you know,” etc.)
  3. Removing redundant or repetitive comments, phrasing, etc.


  1. For particularly noisy guest audio (e.g. street noises), cleanup with iZotope RX 9
  2. Add a noise gate to each track to help separate dialogue from background noise
  3. Add a volume leveler for each track to ensure that voices don’t trail off or get too loud
  4. Compress each track to lower the loudest peaks and make the episode listenable
  5. De-ess each track to reduce sibilance and “s” sounds
  6. Add resonance suppressor as needed to reduce harshness
  7. Match loudness for each track to streaming standard -19 LUFS (mono)


  1. Add music, intro, and outro
  2. Add keyframes to fade music in/out as needed
  3. Export in .flac and .mp3 for distribution


  1. Writing and formatting show notes: summary, topics discussed, chapters with timestamps, and credits
  2. Uploading files to platform


I (cdt) have a tremendous amount of work to do with Prop House, Nouns Center, and the podcast itself (I will still do all booking, question writing/preparing, and interviewing). I’d like to bring on help to offload the post-production that I have been doing myself but it takes a ton of time and is not my speciality. This is beneficial to the DAO because I’m freed up to work on the core Nouns projects on my plate, and in turn, we increase the production quality of our podcast. The podcast really seems to have resonated with the community and have no plans of slowing down. I’ve recorded 18 podcasts with 51 unique guests and had ~1,500 downloads.


cool, let’s do 0.75 E each for 3 podcasts and if we think they’re doing a great job we can do more


may be a “nouns funding secured” record

9 minutes flat :stopwatch:


@noun22 wanted to let you know that the producers (@brileigh & @matthewbrooks.eth) have finished their third podcast in this trial and have absoluetly killed it. they have not only taken a tremendous amount of work off my plate to allow me to work on my core work, but easily doubled the quality level of the pod overall via thier technical direction. just listen to the latest episode put out today vs. any from the past couple months.

so will let them coordinate with you about the Ξ2.25 payment (Ξ0.75 * 3 eps), and will be coming with a more fleshed out grant request to expand their work. would love for them to:

  • continue base work they’re doing (post prod & distribution)
  • tackle re-editing backlog of episodes before these 3 they worked on
  • YouTube upload (both full episodes & clips) to the Noun O’ Talk channel
  • updated prices for regular (~1h) and extended episodes (~2h)

sounds good to me. NSFW will fund this

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