Small Grants: Personalize Nouns with your EVM address

Dear NounsDAO,

I am writing to request a grant of 0.5 ETH to support the development and maintenance of Addressful, a web3 app that helps users discover the stories behind web3 addresses.

Addressful is a unique and innovative tool that provides a new level of insight into the world of web3 addresses. By decoding EVM addresses and translating them into something fun and meaningful. This not only makes the addresses more accessible and understandable, but also provides a fun and engaging way for users to interact with the web3 ecosystem.

Check out the live app at

The requested funds will be used to cover server fees for a year, allowing us to continue providing this valuable service to the web3 community. This will help us to continue growing and improving the app, ensuring that it remains a valuable resource for users in the future.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


This is the duck Noun decoded from vitalik.eth

Here is my duck Noun decoded from my address.

Create yours at