Small Grants: Onchain Chat with NFT based verification

Hey there, so recently made a project where users can post onchain messages in a chat wall, where the messages are fully immutable and permissionless since theyre directly posted to the networks chains that the dApps on. This allows for a way to have people able to chat in a way thats fully independant of any third party, with users able to even self-host as the front ends fully open source.

Tag the Wall allows people to create, control and chat in fully onchain, self-sovereign, permissionless and immutable chats. The messages are wrapped as NFTs allowing them to be used to see activity/reputation/own their messages, with anyone able to create a Wall for their community with a simple button click, each one being unique (like a Reddit sub). Features include ENS support for all networks, multinetwork support (we currently support 5 different chains!), tipping, activity/tip balance, NFT wrapping for messages, unique Wall names with custom symbol for each wall, permissionless creation, support for optional moderation/ability to edit messages, chat to earn mechanic and more!

Can check out a preview here for the beta

The dApp allows not just people to post messages (which are also wrapped as NFTs), but even contracts! Activity can be tracked by NFTs collected, users can also make their own channels/walls, optional moderation, optional edits.

Why this matters
The problem
Platforms such as Twitter/Reddit decides who has the right to talk, can take away peoples platforms and has the liability to moderate communities. Free speech threatened by not just corportate interests but vocal minorities, affecting others ability to express differing views. This creates biases in communities and goes against the decentralized values in Crypto.

Data, messages, content and even identity are all owned by the corporation and central entity, where they are able to charge, manipulate and choose. No ability for people to create their own environments, implementations or even help build the services they use.

the Wall
ANYONE can create a wall, and decide if it will be able to have mods that can censor messages, as well as if users can edit the messages after posting. All messages are wrapped as NFTs allowing for a sense of ownership for message #1337 as well as allowing community creators to optionally mod and be responsible for the chat rather than a platform. This allows the community to have a sense of ownership for their data and moderate how they see fit for their community, without the bias from external entities. People are able to see who holders are and so who has stake in the discussion. Creating a platform whereby people can freely and permissionlessly talk in a way that fully decentralized is not only about neat tech but about freedom.

This would allow the Nouns community to

  • Have a space where they can talk in a way where only holders can talk as it’s fully onchain
  • Where the community is able to be free from any external parties
  • Where the platform itself can be hosted by the community on ENS and using IPFS
  • Where people can see who the stakeholders talking are and where they can interact in a way thats fully onchain and decentralized.

Am proposing the following:

  1. Create a nouns specific implementation for the community
  2. Create contracts that require NFTs from the protocol to be able to post messages (make it open so that other projects can adopt). Alternatively change FE to only show holders from the collection’s messages.
  3. Help nouns be the first DAO to post a message from the DAO fully onchain, the first DAO message, allowing a DAO to have an interface and official messages to interact with external parties in an easy to use way.

Requesting 15 ETH for dev costs/time, front end design, contract design and implementation as well as to try get someone to help with marketing the platform and get awareness. Could use this as a basis to create a relationship between the platform and community here, and potentially make it a venture later on.

Hey pr0, thanks for showing up and presenting your idea. A couple thoughts as I read it that might help you get some traction. 1) It may not be obvious to lots of readers why this is important and what the use is and how it helps proliferate Nouns. You’ve presented the “what” well, you may want to think about telling more of the “why”. 2) It would help people to know a little more about you…why this idea is important to you, how you got into Nouns, and why you want to bring it into Nouns. Hope that helps…

Updated. Tbh the about me dont really feel is important, my githubs @pr0toshi, my twitters @not_pr0, and have done a buncha dev, but tbh am not here with an idea looking for funds, have a deployed implementation and you can SEE with source that am capable to execute this, and the proposals not really about me, its about creating a tool that should be fully indepent of me and anyone else once completed, hell anyone can feel free to fork and implement if they want, all open source. The idea effectively would be that it’d allow Nouns to be the first community to have a fully onchain chat platform to use

Won’t it become “nounish just for nounish”? What real benefits will this platform bring? Why would people go for it so that it would glorify the nouns community? No blockchain messenger has become truly popular yet. Can you describe in a little more detail the realistic benefits and promotion concept?