Small Grants: NounsMag is a magazine for the community

Hello community. I am glad to present you one of my ideas that I am working on for the Nouns community.


NounsMag is a magazine for the community. We decided to make all the most important and interesting in one magazine. We’re not talking about statistics - we’re talking about people!

Problem -
We have been in the community for a couple of months now, as much as possible confused in the abundance of information and structures. We started to go deeper and deeper. But we are facing a problem. All useful announcements, interesting discussions, links to projects from the community, interesting people, all this is in different places. And sometimes it’s hard to find something. Especially if you are a beginner.

Solution -
We ask for support 2 Eth once a month for the full release of the magazine, advertising, website, and all other expenses.
The release of the new magazine number takes place in the first days of each month, and shows the events of the previous month.
The first magazine number is almost ready, some of the pages you can see in this proposal, the rest we will keep secret.

About the magazine -
Each magazine number includes several main articles. Project news and further forecast. Information about useful links, proposal results, interesting small grants. Discussions, proposals, people, contests, forecast for the Ethereum cryptocurrency, forecast of favorable days for the month and much more that we have prepared. We’ve already planned everything.

In this moment we are making a convenient site for downloading the magazine.
The magazine itself will be distributed in PDF and Epub formats.
All design kit, code and all content will be available to everyone for free for use in any projects, for Figma and Adobe XD.

I will also ask you to make a separate tab in the «community projects» for the magazine in Discord. So that everyone can communicate with us directly. Shares his vision, talk about himself and his goals, projects and achievements.

I emphasize -
We have no monetization of the magazine, and there will be no advertising articles. We follow the community, but also anyone from the community can come to us with their idea or project, and we can write about it in the magazine.

Who are we?
My name is Gera - iOS developer, designer, author of three applications in the App Store.
And Anna is a professional astrologer and author of articles and content for the magazine.
Founders of the collection in OpenSea (3k supply sold out), if you need links to our projects, I can provide them.

You can write to me on Discord, we are open to questions.
Discord - octocity.eth#4859
I look forward to your support, and thanks for your time.

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Hey ClimbableCube5,

Totally thought the same thing to when first landing on Nouns. There are some other initiatives that are attempting to consolidate information so that it is more digestible. Nouns Center, Nouns News, Nouns Blog, etc.

I really like the design, but I think this may cause more confusion by having another stand alone information outlet. IMO teaming with the blog and nouns news may be a great place to start. You could still keep the design aesthetic and distribution methods. This would allow you to collab, ensure there is no content duplication and it would allow you to shine a light on the projects and events you find important.

Thanks for your reply. I am very glad that you have read my proposal.

But it seems to me that, on the contrary, it is very good when there is a magazine with the most important and relevant information that occurs in the Noun community. No need to run around different branches and sites. All in one place, in a beautiful wrapper.

But my grant is entirely up to the community, so if everyone decides it’s a bad idea and doesn’t require funding, I certainly can’t influence it. People are people.

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I think creating a magazine is a great idea. It is very convenient to see all the activity in one place and in a beautiful way. It will be very convenient to promote and distribute.

I hope the community will pay you the amount you are asking for. For such a small grant it will be a good investment for the whole community.

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Hi Gera, appreciate the well-written prop. I saw your Discord post asking if nobody liked your prop…while well written and presented, I think you have a couple big challenges that would probably lead to lack of interest:

  1. If you release a magazine early in the month about the events of the last month, everything will be way too outdated. Things move way too quickly in this space for a monthly magazine. This alone, I believe, would lead to this idea not getting interest or funding.

  2. Your idea is in a catch 22…you rightly state a challenge: There is too much info and we need it consolidated. Your answer: Another piece of information. While in theory that could solve the problem, the dao would probably only be interested if the person doing it was so obviously the right person to consolidate that it would be a no-brainer. If there was someone already doing it and so clearly doing a killer job that they did something like this. Short of that, I can’t see the dao supporting a new piece of content, claiming to solve the problem of too much content.

Again, appreciated your prop and the clarity. I think the idea itself has some serious challenges that have led to your question: “nobody liked my prop?”

Hope this helps you iterate and think about the idea.

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Thank you for your message, and thank you for looking into my proposal.

I just see that many people receive grants for simpler proposals.

The idea of a magazine makes sense since so many people don’t follow what’s happening in the community. The magazine allows you to see all the most delicious for the month, plus the magazine does not consist only of articles or reviews.

But I understand you.
And I have many more ideas that I will show if this proposal fails.