Small Grants: Nounsify

What is the Nounsify?

Nousify is a service that notifies users about proposals / auctions, and other future stuff.

How does Nounsify work?

  1. First, you need to create an account on the Nounsify webpage or app
  2. Verify your newly created account
  3. Log in to your new account
  4. Set options on how you want to get notifications
    • Mail
    • Discord
    • SMS
    • XMTP
    • future staff
  5. Set what notifications you want to get
    • proposals
      • new
      • closed
      • countdown 3 days, 7 days, and 24 hours
    • auctions
      • new
      • closed
      • out bidden
      • highest bidder
      • new bid
      • countdown 12 hours, 3 hours, 1 hour, 5 minutes, and 60 - 0 seconds

What are the benefits?

  • Auctions:
    • More bids
    • Hopefully no high start bids anymore, because the user never misses an outbid event
  • Proposals:
    • More votes, because you never miss an event because of a lack of information

Are Monetizing possible?

  • For Nouns Holder:
    • Free Premium Service, a.k.a. SMS notifications, etc
  • For Premium Subscribe:
    • Monthly Subscription for ?$
  • Alternative: Money backflow to the Nouns treasury

How much funding do you need?

Why do you need this funding?
Currently, only the backend API is finished in a prototype state.
I planned the project with a bigger and more scalable software architecture.
So currently missing are parts of the front end and some parts for the notification service.
Also, there is some infrastructure for running the services and a new domain.

Update 2023-04-13T22:00:00Z

  • Proof of concept for fetch contract data finished
  • Pre alpha state for the discord bot
    • Currently supports the /auction command


    • More commands and features are also planned

      • /proposal
      • /floorPrice
      • Auctions / proposal notifications from nounsify via the discord bot (future main feature)

Hey @0xUnkn0wn, there are a few existing bots already in place like NermanBot, NounsBot (1), NousBot (2), couple governance widgets by ng, etc… maybe you could use some of the underlying architecture that’s already out there if you wanted!

I am not sure there is a huge appetite for email notifications to be honest (if you can set up notifications for above mentioned twitter and discord bots), but maybe that’s just my POV :slight_smile:

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I changed a bit the focus after i got some feedback on the lil nouns discord, now the focus is on the possibility to opt in notifications for any BuilderDAO DAO.

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