Small Grants: Nouns Wine Design Trial

Hi, I’m Jack, founder of – here’s how we can help expand the Nouns brand.

TLDR: “Casual high-end” quality wine, delivered to doorsteps in 41 states via Wine club. We bring a super-quick excellent quality roadmap because this isn’t a vision; it’s a pivot of accomplished and scalable systems already in place and working. This proposal will build/prepare the Nouns Wine Product Designs, the Nouns Wine website, and redirect back-end production systems. A Nouns Wine Production and Launch proposal would be forthcoming and scaled up. Visit and @yoonitwine for examples.

“Casual high-end” Nouns Wine in superior formats that introduce/educate about Nouns, direct to doorsteps in 41 states.

Experiential wine content marketing. i.e., Nounish cultural food/wine lifestyle experiences/inspo. (see @yoonitwine for some rudimentary social media examples)

Build/Prepare an online web funnel that introduces Nouns wine and wine club, which converts outside people into people that “get” nouns via cultural wine experiences.

Please note: this is only a minimum sufficient conversion mockup of our current product design into Nouns Wine Branding, not a professional Nouns Wine Product Design.


This Proposal is for Product design, website design, and wine club design. The Nouns Wine Production and Launch Proposal will be forthcoming (not included).

Order a few products from our store here to get a hands-on idea of our ability: Look all around the product. All the little touches, explore the flavor. Everyone is different. How is your experience?

Our formats are superior. Removing the bottle from great wine fixes spoilage, breakage, mobility, portioning, and environmental impact. It offers much more real estate for branding too.

The Nouns community should have the ability to easily deploy tasty Nouns introductions that make for good times with people you like and love. Consumable and repeatable cultural experiences that add value to a well-designed lifestyle. Wine Club members will receive wine, simple cooking techniques, pairing recipes, lifestyle inspo, and community highlights that inspire and assist Nouns in introducing the Nounish Culture and lifestyle.

We will build the web funnel, which converts new people into people that “get” what Nouns is via branded wine experiences. Club Members will be supplied route to some Nounish magnetism… damn fine articulations of the Nounish array.

We purchased nounswine.comthis proposal is to build that out (similar to and professionalize the Wine Product Designs.


Our accomplished systems that substantiate this proposal are already in place to deliver on this. Like Nouns can bolt on a digital winery here

Sample our ability for yourself, or suffice to say, with over 8,000 bottle-equivalents sold, thousands of people already love what we do.

Nouns Wine Product

6-packs of 187mL mini cans. One good pour in a can (6.3oz). 1.5 bottle equivalents in one six pack. “Casual High-End” quality/price, similar brand positioning as

Professional packaging/website designs will introduce/educate for Nouns and be awesome. Packaging design may feature individual Nouns. If interested in having your Noun featured, vote yes on this proposal and join the placeholder nouns wine club here:

Please note that this proposal is for funding professional and comprehensive product and website designs, not a design conversion of the one already in place (as in the mockup).

Web Funnel Design Overview

Sample Nouns Wine for $10-15, like Yoonit currently. Sampling automatically joins the Nouns wine club. No cost to cancel. Example here: It will initiate a light corresponding email marketing campaign with some fun Wine and Nouns info. Wine ships on the next club release date. Commence Nouns growth by good times!

Wine Club Details

Noun owners who join the Nouns wine club will get their first club shipment half off with free shipping, the largest discount our compliance systems can legally permit. Club membership will be as follows:

~$50/6pack. Four in each quarterly $200 shipment. Customizable. Wine price will boil down to roughly $33~/bottle equivalent plus shipping, with two bottle equivalents per month. Shipping is carbon neutral! Pairing ideas, lifestyle inspo, and recipes that include little bits of flavorful Nounish info and community highlights.

Wine Club Servicing

We will provide human and technological support for wine club members.

Shipping, Fulfillment, and Legal Alcohol Compliance

We have these taken care of and can ship to 41 states currently.

Probably early to mention but exciting… We’ve also recently sourced a very high quality wild caught salmon source, that we plan to include as a bolt-on pairing option for club members (with other creations down the road)

Design Trial Proposal Funding

9.6 ETH to build and make Nouns Wine packaging production ready.

  • 2.5 ETH for production-ready product design across 4-5 varietals. Six-pack boxes and mini cans design.

  • 7.1 ETH for website design. A Webflow website buildout similar to

The forthcoming production and launch proposal will be much larger due to production minimum order quantities and sufficient marketing expenses to launch Nouns Wine, i.e., make the product and get multitudes of people into the web funnel, which grows Nounish culture via “casual high-end” wine experiences. We anticipate costs of roughly 225ETH.

Great wine is like an experience that brings people together; Nouns should have this in holster . This trial proposal will create the Nouns Wine product design and web funnel. Back-end systems that will deliver this are not some dreamy visions; they are already here, accomplished, scalable and sample-able. Execution of this proposal will demonstrate merits and proofs before the more formal submission for production and marketing, which will turn the ignition key to produce and launch Nouns Wine Club: a cultural lifestyle experience that assists in growing Nouns. It will include the production of several varietals, a comprehensive end-to-end marketing plan, product fulfillment/shipping, compliance, and club servicing. Hopefully my company can be a great example in adding real lasting value to the Nouns brand. Much of the systems can be viewed and sampled currently at and @yoonitwine.

I’m not personally interested in this, but I don’t want to be negative about it either. A couple questions to help clarify and bump this.

What do you anticipate the sales would be on a product like this if it does similar launch numbers to your other brand? Is it the same wine that’s in yoonit, but in different packaging? It feels from the prop that it’s kinda just slapping noggles on something that already exists which I think is what feels off to me.

Also, maybe utilize the wine head somehow?

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Gm Andrew!
Thank you for your comments and feedback!

What do you anticipate the sales would be on a product like this if it does similar launch numbers to your other brand?

Historically, we bring the wine to a bunch of music festivals, the biggest one being Telluride Bluegrass Festival. We’ve actually doubled the prior wine sales records there! The online channel is new, it was our covid pivot. We launched the Yoonit brand online DTC with a $4,000 marketing budget, and have generated around $15,000 in revenue. One big thing we learned in that process is that we need a lot more marketing power behind us, so people can learn about how awesome the whole thing is, which is one reason why working with Nouns could be perfect. So much fun collaborative potential with other Nouns projects going on too! Can’t wait to spitball on those.

Is it the same wine that’s in Yoonit, but in different packaging?

It will not be the same as Yoonit wine. We can collaborate with Nouns during sourcing and production to procure and create ideal varietals. Generally speaking, each production run will be limited and unique to that run. It may be quite fun to poll the Nouns community to determine which varietals and which regions are most preferred (pricing considered).

We also offer strengths in product sourcing and creation. This comes from a decade of hard-knock experience being in the business. As noted, our wines are very well-loved, as our track record shows. Historically, we’ve made our products to be very easy to love, rather than nichey, snooty and complicated, hence “casual high-end”. Fun AND fine we say :slight_smile:

Also, maybe utilize the wine head somehow?

As noted in the proposal under Nouns Wine Product, packaging could feature individual Nouns.

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I really like the idea of being at festivals. That could be a really cool partnership with some of the IRL noggles. Buy a 6 pack, get some noggles? “Wine noggles, not beer goggles” :joy:

I don’t have a noun, so I couldn’t help sponsor for you, but if you don’t get much feedback here, I can put it up in Nouncil to gather some more comments and try to continue to work this idea. If Nouncil likes it, they have many Nouns delegated that could put it on chain.

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Cheffo at food nouns hosted me last night it was fun! We talked a lot about this proposal and those interested in more info can find some in the recording here:


“Nectar of Nouns” :wine_glass: :sparkles:

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@AndrewLaddusaw Lol @ wine noggles not beer goggles!
@vsvsvs “Nectar of Nouns”… fun/fine concept… though nectar is a liquid secreted by plants… but grapes are from their vines of course… would tend more toward something like “Masterfully developed, damn-fine-grape nectars within. A Nounish favorite; huge surprise.”

For those looking for more info, Art is my weapon hosted me on his show the other night! We talked some website stuff, some pairing stuff, some cooking stuff and more! It’s good vibes and demonstrates again some scalable content production and marketability! This type of content funnels into the proposed web funnel, which collects emails, and initiates educational/enjoyable email marketing campaigns. These campaigns can be sampled at our website by putting in your email into the popup.

Still, feedback and collaborations appreciated! <3

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