Small Grants: Nouns Taking Over Hollywood Films!

Hey Goldy, thanks for your feedback!

I wanted to clarify some things, for our Twitter series it’s an original story that is completely held up by our own storyline/IP and not propped up with a bunch of other NFT projects. As for the projects that were featured which was only 3, they were tastefully done and fit into our storyline as it’s metaverse themed.

Quick recap of our Twitter series: A Web3 developer named Marcus is trying to find his way into the metaverse, until one day a drifter alerts him that he’s already in the metaverse, and must find a way out before agents trap him in the dreamworld forever.

The reason why we chose to feature certain projects was to highlight NFTs as a whole to a much larger audience outside of Web3. Coming from a Hollywood background and understanding audience engagement habits, the narrative that we’re tackling is how do we on-board new users from web2 into the Nouns community in the most efficient manner? The answer is very simple, it’s done through short form cinematic content. Most new users are unwilling to buy ETH, create a metamask, mint an NFT, especially with the current state of the market. But if you showed a Web2 audience, Nouns NFT art that is tastefully incorporated into movies/TV shows that catches their attention, there is a much higher chance they will be more open to exploring the Nouns community.

I see that you’ve been in the community for quite some time now, if you’re up for it, I would love to discuss with you on how we can make this proposal even better? We are also thinking of adding in a Nouns trailer at the end of EP.3 to showcase all the awesome accomplishments this community has achieved so far.

Appreciate your time! Thanks again!

Hey @noun22 would love to get your thoughts! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey there, verrry coll project,

can you me more specific on how this “on-chain voting to live action content, we allow our holders to choose the hero’s destiny.” will work?

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Hey Yura,

Thank you for the kind words! On-chain voting simply means that in order to participate in the storyline direction of our content you would need to be a holder of our Genesis Pass. Once you have the pass and are verified in our Discord you would be able to submit your vote on the (storyline direction) polls we setup that are only accessible to Holders.

We’ll be updating the G Pass holders soon on how their passes will be implemented into something huge!

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Looks like an interesting proposal, and the team definitely knows what they are doing. I think this is a great opportunity to support a good group of builders.


Appreciate the love fam!

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