Small Grants: Nouns mobile app series

There are over 2.5B daily mobile gamers.
Our vision is to create a series of mobile games for all ages and styles that will proliferate nouns to this enormous group of people. We believe young generations to be the future of our world. So we decided to start creating an educational mobile for kids

We are aiming to start a fully sustainable mobile gaming company around nouns and go full-time on it

We have started developing a mobile coloring game for kids to proliferate nouns through the younger generations. Education always comes first and we need to focus on the younger ages.

This far, we have almost everything ready to go and add some final touches to the UI/UX

We have:

  • Developed the logic of the game
  • Created a basic UI
  • Added 100+ noun pictures to draw

So we are now working towards fine-tuning the UI and starting marketing it.

Our marketing strategies are:

  • Marketing through socials (twitter, tiktok, etc.)
  • Ads on other apps
  • Campaigns and events
  • Collaboration with other noun projects

We would truly appreciate any feedback


We based our thought process on two pillars, parents, and children.


After conversations with some parents (and other users in general), we’ve realized that ads are a BIG issue. Ads are the main source of revenue for 99% of mobile games. So we thought that nouns could step in and resolve this issue, as we won’t host any sort of ads for revenue.

“So how are you guys going to get paid to improve the games?”
We propose to have an open relationship with nouns and simply ask for funds by pushing a discourse and being fully transparent, the team will decide if they like it or not and move forward.


We strongly believe in education. We consider an issue that all these games don’t have any positive impact on kids, so a drawing app is a great way to start things off. It’s designed in a way that will help kids learn colors and numbers and it will also have a tab with links to nouns websites and wiki

Look at Pixel Art on android or Color by Number on iOS to get an idea on how the game looks

Current UI

Funds Breakdown

  • App development (4.1ETH)
  • Assets for advertisement production (0.5ETH)
  • Deployment fees (0.1ETH)
  • Marketing (2ETH)
  • Push future updates, bug fixes, and maintenance (2ETH)

Future plans

  • Successfully launch our first game on iOS and android and target 10,000 downloads
  • Start working on the next app which will be a hypercasual game (like Helix Jump, Crossy Road, etc.)

Bubits (Team management & Marketing)
Gvan (Developer)
Lillia (Artist)
Bogdan (Developer)