Small Grants - Nouns DAO Activations at Blocksplit 4


  • Proliferating NounsDAO at the most esteemed and well-established Web3 conference in the Mediterranean / CEE Region.

  • Creating and establishing NounsDAO presence at the conference with numerous swag items and Nounish representatives available 24/7 to answer attendees’ questions.

  • Creating / Moderating a “What the f*** is NounsDAO?” Panel & Conversation.

  • The main objective is to promote NounsDAO at the Block Split conference and onboard the DeFi / Infrastructure and development native audience to the NounsDAO ecosystem.


Hello, we are RZLT ( a full-service web3 agency and innovation hub from Croatia. Besides building some cool projects for brands and startups alike we are also Nounish af.

In the past year we have attended multiple NFT based conferences (NYC, London, Paris, Miami) and helped Nouns OTG, 0xGami and other members to proliferate NounsDAO and Sub-DAOs to interested individuals across the globe.

As we started to think about possible activities in the mediterranean region an opportunity opened up to go full out and proliferate Nouns at one of the most established web3 conferences in the CEE. (Blocksplit)

Why BlockSplit?

  • The conference has been held since 2018 and has attracted attendees and participants from around the world.

  • Conference is attended by leading web3 native startups, founders and builders ranging from Infrastructure, DeFi & other web3 scopes.

  • BlockSplit is organized by the Blockchain Association of Croatia, a non-profit organization that aims to promote the adoption and development of blockchain technology in Croatia and the wider region.

This will be one of the first activations in the balkan region which is considered as one of the pioneers of the crypto scene where NounsDAO will be positioned side by side with the leading projects and companies such as: NEAR, Tenderly, RMRK etc.

Location: Split, Croatia:
Audience: 1000+ Attendees, 300+ Business, 60+ Talks

Speakers: Notable figures who attended Blocksplit in the past include Stani Kulechov (AAVE, Lens), Bruno Skvorc (RMRK), Gustav (1Inch, MakerDAO)

More information about the conference

Here’s some pictures of how it went last year. (And yes, we proliferated Nouns as well :D)

Benefits of BlockSplit (What are we doing?)

Our main goal is to establish NounsDAO presentence at the Block Split conference and onboard new and talented software developers and founders onto the NounsDAO Ecosystem. This will entail:

  • Branding: Logo on Web (Blocksplit) + Nounish Panel
  • Social Media mentions & promotional aspects through the Block Split & RZLT twitter profiles.
  • Booth: Throughout the event we will have the Nounish booth at the main square of the conferences where there will be someone available to answer any questions attendees may have about Nouns.
  • Swag: Swag will be given to all the attendees of Blocksplit in their official goodie bag (Stickers) + Custom NounsDAO x Blocksplit T-Shirts will be created for the conference (See photos Below)
  • There will be a Nounish Talk or a Panel held by Josip Vlah which will elaborate on the NounsDAO ecosystem and cover the mechanist as well as the successful projects building upon NounsDAO.
  • And you know we like the cut-outs, hence we will have 10 nounish cut-outs spread across the conference.

What will we do (It can be reshaped according to potential ideas from other Nounish Members)

1. Stickers

  • By distributing stickers to people from many different countries at the event, NounsDAO will be more permanent and spread to many countries. This will increase its visibility.

  • There will be 3 types of stickers: Rectangle, Rounded and Cube. A total of 300 stickers, 100 of each, will be distributed throughout the goodie bag for all the attendees.

2. T-Shirts (NounsDAO x Blocksplit Collab)

  • A limited edition of 125 NounsDAO x Blocksplit t-shirts designed exclusively for the event will make NounsDAO visible and special everywhere.
  • T-Shirt design is crafted in a way where it combines the Nounish Theme with the discovery of the city of Split where the conference is held.

3. General Booth

  • Block Split is crafted in a way where there is an open-air area for all the sponsors and companies to be. This is where we are also going to position NounsDAO.
  • There will be nounish members at the stand throughout the event to answer questions throughout the event.

  1. Noggles for the team (Nouns Glasses for the people on the booth)
  • Noggles is a great tool for everyone on the team to better understand the Nouns culture.
  • The team responsible for the proposal and the execution of Block Split activation will circle around the event with the Nounish Glasses.
  • Noggles will also serve as content pieces for NounsDAO on on-site activations throughout the event.

5. An amazing NounsDAO Panel / Talk & Discussion.

  • A NounsDAO Talk / Panel on a topic of “What the f*** is NounsDAO?” which will introduce the audience further to the NounsDAO Ecosystem.
  • Talk or a panel will elaborate on the possibilities both from the creative side as well as the technical side. Furthermore, it will also go in-depth about Prop-House, Sub-DAOs and other topics.

For a reference here’s me (Josip Vlah) talking with fellow Nounish members
about the possibilities at NFT London last year.

6. 10 Nounish Cut-Outs

  • We absolutely love Nouns on site as cut-outs, we have seen them in real life at ETH Bogota and we want to take them to Blocksplit.

  • 10 Nounish Cut-Outs will be created, 2 of them will be at our booth and the rest will be spread throughout the conference. (At the entrance, bars, parties etc…)

  • Here are the Playground Nouns which will be created as a standalone cut-outs (1m min in size)

Team Responsible for the project.

  1. Josip Vlah
  • Core at RZLT

  • Contributor at GnarsDAO, LilNounsDAO & SharkDAO

  • Responsible for: End-to-End Execution, Project Delivery & Nounish Panel

  1. Rankoo.eth
  • Senior Marketing at RZLT
  • Member of GnarsDAO, LilNounsDAO
  • Responsible for merchandise / booth prints and on-site coordination.
  1. Okan Agur
  • Junior Mrkt at RZLT
  • Contributor at GnarsDAO
  • Responsible for on-site activations.

Cost Breakdown


So…sun, sea, blockchain and Nouns. I’ve been last year to BlockSplit and this would a lit fit. And i want that t-shirt! :sunglasses: :palm_tree:


Excited to see this activation! I need to get my hands on those stickers :fire::heart_eyes:

Supporting this wholeheartedly! I’ve bumped Nouns folks across the world, would love to see it in Split


Very exciting idea! I’d love to see Nouns DAO x Blocksplit and learn more about the DAO and its activities.

Merch looks sick!

Forgot to mention: Transaction Details.
5.241 ETH send to 0x5f5D3986cd18Ac37D432E5E20073682aC01F9a11 (RZLT Cold Wallet)

Absolutely love this. Let’s bring some Nouns into Split :fire:


More stickers for my Mac, nice.

Awesome conference. Bring in more stickers!

Would love to see more Nouns stuff in Croatia — great initiative! :handshake::saluting_face:

Great project at a great conference!
I’ll hopefully put my hand on some Nouns swag while I’m there :grin:

That will be my first year on BlockSplit and the Nouns presence would make it soooooo cool! So def my fingers crossed for this to actually happen.

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Nouns needs to have more presence on regional conferences for sure. Cool work guys!

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great merch, great conference - what more can we ask for :eyes:

Smart marketing :slight_smile: Now I need all the merch!

It’s great that such activations are happening (hopefully) on the Balkans. Nounish Balkans!

Nouns X Blocksplit duo is super exciting! Will need to grab some merch :eyes:

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If this gets approved, would be cool to have more members from the DAO join the panel discussion.

I have had the opportunity to encounter some of the Nouns DAO contributors, and my impressions are that they are doing some very passionate and innovative work in the space.
I like that way that every point the grant is needed for is described, planned out, and it has it’s dedicated purpose.
Anyway, looking forward to BlockSplit and some hot Nouns DAO merch, cheers!

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Nouns and the Croatian Riviera it will be epic!

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