Small Grants: Nounish Furniture


Requesting for 8.85ETH funding for manufacturing, shipping, and distributing of Nounish Furniture.


Please note cost does not include shipping

To distribute Nounish physical goods to community members free of charge to them. Nounish furniture is the first of its type in the Nouns ecosystem.

Nounish furniture is the brain child of NounBNB a proposal attempting to bridge the gap between physical and digital worlds. The goal now is to get these physical objects into the hands of the community. Previous members of Nouncil have shown interest in the furniture, I would be happy to ship pieces to those who are willing to dox.



Have no idea about the pricing, but the furniture is coooooool

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This is so damn cool!
Proof of work and worthy of retro funding as well.
also the fact that they so cute af lmao

DrMints, as everyone is going to say, this furniture is :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: !

And the Nounish airbnb? Well, it’s very Nounish.

I don’t have a lot to add on the prop…my only suggestion if you don’t get a lot of traction or funding is the execution of the prop seems vague to me and therefore hard to take hold of.

First, I’d make it clear you are asking for retro funding. Second, “willing to send to anyone who doxs” is vague to me. Maybe you could figure out a clearer path to who you were going to give it to and how and why.

Last, a question that came to mind to me is: why wouldn’t he sell it and fund it that way? I’m not saying you should, but maybe explain why you are not and want to give it away.

Great stuff! Hope this all works out to get in the right hands.

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