Small Grants - Nounish Curriculum Content for Schools

Hey all, looking for feedback on the following

TLDR - Nounish curriculum content designed for use in classrooms around the world.

Over the years I have had a the pleasure of creating educational curriculum content that has been utilised all over the globe by PE Teachers and their students. As such I have assembled a large audience of educators whom receive regular resources from me and my team.

The Goal

We are looking to create a series of educational content designed to expose students from around the world to the nouns. This curriculum content would then be made available to our teacher databases FREE of charge.

Teachers are constantly on the look for new and engaging ways to teach content. This presents an opportunity to create nounish curriculum content that can be used in classrooms all over the world.

The Curriculum

Given our access to a network of 30,000 Physical Education & Health educators the curriculum content will be created to be used in these contexts. This will ensure that it can be accessed by the largest possible number of students with the biggest impact.

The aim would be to design 5 original curriculum content pieces that incorporate nouns

Example Content Ideas;

See below for examples of the types of content that would be produced with a nounish style.

PE Game Instructional - we would design a game that incorporates the nouns as a fundamental component to the game. This would include the creation of the resources that are used in the games and the accompanying video used to teach/promote

Worksheets - various printable worksheets that incorporate nouns around educational/health content


Once all resources have been produced we will develop a 30 minute webinar presented to teachers around the globe that shares the 5 unique resources and materials developed in this nounish curriculum. The goal here would be to onboard educators to the resources and teach them how all of the games/resources work. The webinar would be presented live initially and then be available on demand.


  1. 6 ETH for the creation of unique educational content of a nounish style in the Physical Education & Health Areas
  2. 4 ETH for promotion of content across various channels to ensure as many educators are exposed to the available free resources and can leverage them in their classes.

looks pretty cool… where is your network with teachers based? could you give a little more color on how you plan to distribute this? and how long it would take to develop this?


Our audience is truly global. This means that educators from all corners of the globe will be exposed to the content/resources and be able to play/use them in their classes.

Direct mailing list consists of the following 22,319 who’ve opted in for our content

Twitter - consisting predominately of educators

Mobile app - Our connectedpe mobile app & website will be home to the resources. There are currently 10,000 members

PE Games app - resources will also appear inside of the PE games mobile app

We will be able to produce and promote this content within 2 months an available in these various channels and platforms.


as a former educator this is cool! I just wonder if there is a way to ensure x amount of teachers use the game or be able to tell how many teachers use it. Right now it seems that there would be no way to tell how successful the initiative is


Sharp point. @mrrobbo is there any way to get a feel whether the people who subscribe to your list use the content? Of 22K, what % are actually actively engaged? Of the 10k mobile app users what is the engagement and how do you measure it?



Great question.

Our engagement rates are very high given the demand from educators for turn key resources. Open rates are typically 30-50% for our emails of resources. We then resend to unopened emails and continue engagement with multiple touchpoints.

Open rates are high because teachers are extremely time poor, so anything that can be downloaded and used is highly sought after - that would be the goal.

This would also be an ongoing promotion - meaning that people would be exposed to it via all of our channels on not just once off. This is made possible via marketing automation software; automated webinar software and more. Here’s an example automated webinar we started running recently that highlights how much engagement we get

Anyway, outside of this I did hope to launch the resource with a competition that required submission. In the past we have had our games be played as part of the submission that can the be used to showcase students from all over the globe playing our games - we then use these to cross promote.

eg students below using one of our mobile apps

So just imagine - a montage video of students playing a nouns game - featuring nouns - would be very cool


This is a great initiative for a small price imo.

Onboarding the next generation is important.
And for the price of ~10% of a single daily auction, a single new nouner, be it a teacher, parent or one of the kids (or even a group purchased noun) would be a 10x on investment.

I look forward to seeing more nounish materials being used in education.

I’d also like to see education specifically about NounsDAO among this kind of initiative if it can be tied in.

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Really great initiative!

Am intrigued to see educational material infused with nounish element/style.
@mrrobbo what age group are these curriculum made for?