Small Grants: Lil Goblins

Lil Goblins ( represent the counterculture in Nouniverse. Goblins reject conventional norms of mainstream. Having trivial and insignificant appearance, lil goblin provides a safe identity for experimenting on any radical ideas - both technical and artistic.

We’ve taken the original nouns glasses, and have created goblin parts. We’ve introduced a new layering system (background, body, ear, head, glasses, face) and already have implemented off-chain playground for generation.

Just like Nouns, goblins will be fully on-chain. No off-chain or IPFS links. CC0, in the spirit on Nouns.

NFT Details

  • 1 Lil Goblin Raffle Every X Minutes - Lil Goblins will be minted every x minutes through a raffle with a fixed ticket price. The pricing / raffle logic is still in consideration.
  • Forever - no supply cap, but the ticket price or the batch time can be adjusted, naturally regulating the inflation.
  • No Roadmap
  • Community of weirdos and bohemians. As such, we stand in direct opposition to the elitism rampant in NFTs. (borrowing words from @Degentraland)


2 Ξ total

  • 1 Ξ for contract development and deployment costs.
  • 1 Ξ for bootstrapping and maintaining the DAO

Who this?

  • happyhydra - Project Lead / Solidity Dev. ex-Uber web2 engineer. Working on standardization of NFT projects during the day.
  • ggomaeng - Frontend / Solidity Dev. Working on HUNT ecosystem during the day (ex,
  • MoryC - pixel artist leading an artist group size of 20.


2 weeks - First auction starts on mainnet


please disregard the copies


I love the raffle idea. Looking forward to the execution. :fire: :fire:

looks pretty cool. do the proceeds of an auction go into a communal treasury? how have you been thinking about the price/timing of the raffle?

Love this! If this doesn’t get funded I’ll fund it personally :smiley:

One thought is that you may want to raffle off multiple goblins per round. That way you can have a sufficiently long window for people to buy tickets while keeping emissions tuned to the rate you want. And over time you could even decay the quantity of goblins per round instead of the auction cadence which could be nice.


Yes! 100% proceeds go to the community treasury. and Lil Goblins DAO will operate on the treasury.
There are three factors:

  • g - number of goblins
  • p - price of the ticket
  • t - duration of the raffle

we’ll keep p free or very low (like 0.01), and adjust g and t as rounds go on.
We’re still discussing what the initial g and t is going to be like. Probably something like g=5~10 and t=1~4hrs
We’ll keep you posted!

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cool, would you need the ETH up front or could we reimburse you once it has launched?

Preferably 1ETH up front for paying deployment gas fees, another 1ETH can be reimbursed later!

Love that teaser. I’m also down to fund personally if it doesn’t get funded!

cool, please let me know when you guys have figured out all the design decisions and are ready to launch and Small Grants will pay for the deployment then :nerd_face:


After multiple discussions, we’ve landed on the decision

The initial configuration for the raffle will be 1 goblin every 1 hour at 0.02ETH ticket price.
(g=1, t=60min, p=0.02)

The main goal around this decision was to make it as simple as possible. And find a ticket price that does not attract abusers but still remain inclusive.

However, we will make those three parameters adjustable by the decision of the DAO to provide flexibility for the future.


It’s been some time since we made the proposal, but we’ve been fully committed to the project!
Internally, we debated if raffle was the best idea for long-term sustainability.

We settled on a hybrid approach: auction + airdrops to second and third place bidders.
Winner of the auction gets a lil goblin, and second and third place bidders will get lil goblin poops.

10 Lil Goblin Poops can be exchanged for 1 Lil Goblin.

It incentivizes participation of the auction and rewards people who participated in the auction.

You can view the full web experience from

Grant Request

We got 1 ETH small grant from Lil Nouns DAO and spent most of it on gas for deploying contracts.
We would like to ask for:

  • 1 ETH for bootstrapping the community
  • a discord channel under nouns discord server.

We haven’t decided the goal of the Lil Goblins DAO, but we’ve been thinking of collecting cc0 collectibles including lilnouns, nouns, cryptoads, etc.

congrats on the launch! im glad you were able to get a grant from Lil Nouns. that said, i’m not sure what you need a grant from me for now that the project has launched. unfortunately we do not offer dedicated discord channels to subdaos in the nouns discord

I understand, and thanks for the consideration.
The primary reason why we wanted grants from Nouns was to get blessings from one of the best stewards of cc0, since we’ll find a place in nouns ecosystem as cc0 collectors DAO.

Hope we can find opportunity to partner up in the future :slight_smile: