Small Grants: Having Nouns part of the Augmntd Ecosystem

Hi Nouners,

We’re here to seek a partnership and funding with the nouns community.

So, Who are we?

Let’s start from the beginning,

The Augmented Age

At its core, The Augmented Age is a multi-disciplinary art and technology project. The reason for this project is because humanity is on the cusp of the next great era: The Augmented Age.

An era where humans and machines collaborate to achieve more.

Over time, great minds have built by standing on the shoulders of giants. With AI, it’s like humans are standing on the shoulders of machine giants—who are getting exponentially taller.

Throughout history, art has been the best medium for communicating various expressions. NFTs are a peculiar case of having the world of art and technology intertwined, which led us to exploring avenues different than what we know of traditional art.

This multidisciplinary project explores and forces you to redesign and re-imagine the current social, economic, and political dynamics in our world.

Through this project’s interactive experience, we wish no more than to show you that there will come a time where we will have no choice than to live with this technology.

For a compelling vision to become reality, it requires grit, passion, and more importantly hard work, especially in a field as nascent as NFTs.

We’re giving it our all and want you to be part of this journey.

Below, I’ll lay out the initial philosophical underpinnings and economic mechanisms of The Augmented Age.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1.1 Rationale

  2. Architecture
    2.1 The Founder Collection
    2.2 The Augmentation Collection
    2.4 The Hub

  3. The Augmented Age and Future Plans
    3.2 Summary

  4. Introduction

1.1 Rationale

The fast adoption of blockchain technology has seen new innovations happening at a rapid pace.

One of which happened to be an extremely transformative one: NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

The “Founder” collection, also called the genesis collection is the first step in this project.

The genesis collection is made of 1,250 “Founder” NFTs who will contribute to the project’s fruition into a true interactive ecosystem.

Unlike other collections, the genesis collection initially doesn’t have any traits or rarity attributes. We believe that rarities and attributes should be in the image of its owners, and we understand that owning something you like is essential to your success as a collector and contributes heavily to the longevity of a project.

There are 1250 images, each consisting of a “sculpture” and a gradient background. These have both been created in 3D with a generative approach. There are 25 different “generative” shaders for the “sculpture” used to create 50 different versions each. The 1250 gradient backgrounds are all different and due to how they were created, specific colors and combinations are either more common or rare.

As mentioned above, before the release of the “wear” collection, there won’t be any traditional traits and rarities because we want to encourage people to trade the “Founder” collection based on what they like and find visually appealing not mainly based on rarities.

The goal of this first release is for people to find their meaning and value within their “Founder” piece.

2.2 The Wear Collection

The second release of this project is called the “Wear” collection.

The “Wear” collection consists of accessories to the genesis “Founder” collection, and this is where you get to customize and equip your “Founder” NFT.

These accessories ranges from earpieces and masks to hats and much more.

As stated earlier, the NFT should be in the image of its owner, thus we should enable you to equip and customize your NFTs the way you want.

In a way, you are building your own rarities and traits.

As the project grows into a bigger and more ambitious project, we’d like to give people the option to integrate their own art into their “Founder” NFT. Many have built their digital identity by using other NFTs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cryptopunks, Clone X or Cool Cats. It will be important that our holders while owning the “Founder” NFT, keep the attributes and traits of the original NFT that allowed them to be who they are.

This will be the foundation for creating an all-inclusive NFT community and a playground for many artists.

2.4 The Hub

The final part of this project will be The Hub. The Hub will act as the final stage for The Augmented Age and tie all previous releases together.

It will act as a place for people to meet, interact and experience the short films, interactive stories, learn about The Augmented Age as a project and about web3 and NFT technology and culture.

Contents experienced by the NFT holders can range from static 3D scenes to interactive systems such as games and animated stories. The hub adds an immersive component as well as adjacency to other content, enabling physical and virtual clusters of communities.

This type of futuristic concept, called “Meta-universe” comes straight out of a science fiction novel by Neal Stephenson. Looking at society today, it seems that reality has caught up with fiction. The Hub promises to push the boundaries of the physical world until the real and virtual universes eventually merge.

This virtual interactive world must make it possible to achieve a lot of experiences that the average person is unable to experience in the real world. There is an idea of ubiquity behind this. Many video games offer online universes. They are, however, very limited. You just drive cars, cast spells on monsters, or shoot anything that moves.

In times like now, where getting together physically is more difficult, it is extremely important to have these virtual experiences.

Both “Founder” and “Companion” holders will have access to it and benefit from different perks.

Even though this will be the final stage of the project, it will be an ever-changing and evolving environment.

It will grow and adapt as the technology and culture of this space develops and advances.

3.2 Summary

The overall goal is to offer value to collectors and build exciting products for the community. The future releases and parts of the project mentioned above will still change as the technology of this space progresses, as the goal is to always offer the possible experience and be at the cutting edge of technology and culture. Therefore, the plans mentioned above are mostly to give you an idea of this project’s direction, but the results could differ. Specific dates for these releases will be announced as we go along.

At the time of this writing, we currently have a live demo of our Hub that is available and would be willing to show the user experience/gameplay.

We’re looking for Nouns to be our first partner and build out a part of our ecosystem dedicated entirely to the Nouns community where they can interact and socialize. We can potentially expand our partnership and create a wear collection for the nouns collection where they can augment their Founder nft.

Our trailers:

Our Whitepaper: The Augmented Age - Whitepaper — The Augmented Age

Our website:

For mockup concepts and other visualization, check out our twitter:

For the ecosystem demo and live experience, feel free to reach out to our team on twitter.

Funding we’re looking for to expand our universe: $10K.